Dharamshala Bhai Harnam Singh Ji (Buccheki)

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Buccheki is a well known town on Lahore-Jaranwala road. The old city is about one km from the main road. The Dharamsala of Bhai Harnam Singh is in the old town and in a locality which goes by the name of Mohalla Dharamsala. It was a very beautiful building but now many refugees have established their residences in it. They have marred its beauty to the extent that it is difficult' to recognize it even. Bhai Harnam Singh Ji was a devotee of Guru Arjun Dev Ji and it was for to his affection and devotion that Guru had set his foot and stayed here for a while. The spot where he stayed became a place of worship. In the Bhorey, a locality outside the village, there used to he another place where Guru Ji had stayed. A girls school has been built here now. A fair used to he held on 10th of Chaiter.