Dera Baba Beeram Shah

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During 17th Century, the 6th Guru Ji had sent number of Saints from Punjab towards the mountainous ranges and foothills of Peer-Panchal for spreading of Sikh-ism and teachings of Guru Ji. One of such Saint was Baba Beeram Shah Ji Dutt of Sialkote (Pakistan) who established his Dera at Jhangar and remained visiting Nowshera, Dharamsal (Kalakote Tehsil), Rajouri and Poonch and NWFP areas. The Deras of Baba Beeram Shah are still existing in these places. The number of followers of Baba Beeram Shah Ji Dutt is in lacs.

The Dera Baba Beeram Shah Ji Dutt is located on a mound. Apart from Gurudwara Sahib, a yatri house has also been constructed. Recently, a road has been approved by a local MLA, which will connect the Dera Baba Beeram Shah Ji with the main road. The followers of Baba Beeram Shah Ji are visiting the Dera every day. The main function is organized every year on the following Sunday of Baisakhi.

Hindus and Sikhs from all over Poonch and Rajouri areas are visiting the Dera and participate in the mela. The people of the village are having blind faith on Baba Beeram Shah Ji. They say that though the actual line of control is passing through the village and every day the enemy is shelling on the village but due to the blessing of Baba Beeram Shah Ji, people are safe and no loss of life has taken place.