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The Dallewalia Misl, was first led by Sardar Gulab Singh Rathore Dallewalia it had a strength of 9,000 regular horsemen.

The Misl was founded by Sardar Gulab Singh Rathore Dallewalia (d.1759).[1] He hailed from the village Dallewal near Dera Baba Nanak on the left bank of River Ravi, 50 km northeast of Amritsar. The Misl ruled in the Manjke Region of Punjab Rahon, Phillaur, Bilga, Nakodar areas.

After the Death of Sardar Gulab Singh in 1759 his Successor was Sardar Tara Singh Ghaiba (1717–1807) who Ruled and further Expanded his Misl up to Ambala Area (Haryana Region). With other Sikh Sardars he Sacked Kasur city of Pathans and Joined the Sikh Sardars in the sack of Sirhind City in 1764. in 1807 after the death of Tara Singh Ghaiba His Territories were annexed to The Kingdom of Ranjit Singh. The Dallewalia and Nishanwalia Jathas were stationed at Amritsar to protect the holy city.


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