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Daljit Dhaliwal was born in 1962 in London, United Kingdom, and is a British newsreader and television presenter .

Dhaliwal is best known for presenting Wide Angle, which includes one-on-one interviews, and for her occasional newsreading work on BBC World News programs. Daljit has been working on and off for BBC World News since December 2005, mostly as substitute for Katty Kay. She has also been a presenter for ITN's World News and World Focus, CNN International, and also CNNfn.

She was born in England, grew up in Southall (west London) to Punjabi Sikh parents of the Dhaliwal Jat family who both emigrated from Punjab, India.

Dhaliwal started her career as a field reporter for BBC Home TV News, them became anchor at ITN World News.

When ITN started the ITN World News she regularly presented the evening bulletins until the end of 2001. She presented with Andrew Harvey with each alternating each hour throughout the evening. Later in 2001, Dhaliwal's ITN World News broadcast was cancelled due to lack of corporate funding, (PBS switched from ITN World News to BBC World News which has late breaking superior news reports) Daljit also was co host of Wide Angle's inaugural season in 2002. She returned as sole anchor in 2006.

Dhaliwal left London to work in Atlanta, Georgia, to work at CNN International and CNNfn. She was invited on The Late Show With David Letterman but was only interviewed for a short five minutes and announced she was engaged. She became a temporary replacement newsreader on BBC World in December 2005 to replace Katty Kay who was on maternity leave. She had co-anchored primarily from WNET's studios on West 44th Street in Times Square, New York, but usually reports now from the BBC World News studios in Washington, D.C. Dhaliwal has also done voiceovers for PBS promos that air on co-owned New York City market stations WNET in New York and WLIW in Garden City, New York.

Dhaliwal returned to anchor and host Wide Angle on July 11, 2006. Her interviews as host of Wide Angle that are now her main work. Dhaliwal still does occasional reports on BBC World News from Washington D.C. or New York. She lives in New York City with her husband, Lee Patrick Sullivan.

She has an active life hosting at private ceremonies for different news organisations.

She was named one of People magazine's "50 Most Beautiful People in the World" in 1999. Also in August 1999, Esquire Magazine named her one of the magazine's "Women We Love" list. She has become very popular in America and now has high ratings. She has been nicknamed The Audrey Hepburn of Asian Newsanchors by fans on the Internet and has achieved a cult following of sorts and David Letterman has publicly admitted he is a fan.[4] She appeared on his show for about 5 minutes and announced she was getting married and was getting a new show. He also promised he would have her back on. PBS has renewed her show for a second season with more hard hitting investigative reports. It is unclear if she will do anything else, but present the show and conduct an interview at the end, as she always does.