Creation of Anand Sahib

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One day a Sidh Yogi went to see Guru Amar Das and said, "O Guru, ever since you have been enthroned, I have longed to see you. Today I am blessed to have my longing fulfilled. I have fasted, I have undergone great hardships, yet still I have not found peace. Iwish to have peace of mind and to know that when I leave my body I will be reborn into your family." The Guru said, "Happiness and peace are not found by fasting and enduring hardships, but by loving God and singing His praises. You shall be reborn into my family; you shall be Mohri's son and my grandson." The Yogi then went to the side of the river Beas and left his body.

In time, a baby was born to the wife of Mohri, the Guru's younger son. The baby was the Sidh Yogi. Without delay, the Guru sent Bhai Ballu to bring him the tiny child. The Guru gently cradled the infant in his lap and named him Anand. He began singing and composed the whole Anand Sahib on the spot. Bhai Ballu climbed to the rooftop and sang the song to the entire village. This Anand Sahib, the Song of Bliss, which is sung in Gurdwara, at weddings and other special occasions, was first created in honor of the Sidh Yogi who became the beloved grandson of Guru Amar Das.