Brigadier Pritam Singh

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Bust of Brigadier Pritam Singh MC

Brigadier Pritam Singh , who earned the title 'Hero of Poonch' when Poonch town was under siege from September to October 1947. The Brigadier with his troops of 1 Kumaon reached Poonch on 21 November 1947 after crossing the Chhanjal nala. He quickly organised the defence of Poonch town, executing attacks on the hill features surrounding Poonch to recapture them from the invading tribals.

He virtually administered the entire town restoring law and order, as his forces restored food supply, medical care and shelter for those whose homes had been destroyed, as well as the refugees fleeing from the areas taken by the tribal attackers. As if this wasn't enough, he also built an airstrip and maintained Poonch for one full year until linkup took place with the main forces from Rajori on 20 November 1948. The elders of Poonch popularly called him "Sher Baccha" (Tiger Cub) .