Bibi Rup Kaur

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Bibi Rup Kaur, commonly believed to be the adopted daughter of Guru Har Rai, was however, according to the Bhatt Vahi Talauda, his real daughter born to Mata Sulakkhani on 8 April 1649.

She was married, on 3 December 1662, to Khem Karan, son of Bhai Per Mall, a Dhussa Khatri of Pasrur, in the present day district of Sialkot (now in Pakistan). The young couple settled at Kiratpur in the house now known as Gurdwara Manji Sahib, where some of the Bibi's personal articles are preserved as sacred relics.

Bibi Rup Kaur had a son, Amar Singh, whose descendants are now living at Dialpura Sodhiari, in the district of Patiala.