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Bhai Teja Singh (1896 - 1921), one of the Nankana Sahib martyrs, was born in the month of Assu 1953 Bk/ September/October 1896; he was the son of Bhai Mihan Singh and Mata Prem Kaur of Thothian, district Amritsar. The family later migrated to Chakk No. 10 Thothian in Sheikhupura district (now in Pakistan). In the village, he had learned enough Gurmukhi to be able to read the Guru Granth Sahib. He had also received the vows of the Khalsa. He also served the army for a brief period. He was among those from his village who had volunteered to take part in the liberation of Gurdwaras in Nankana Sahib. As a member of the group of Bhai Lachhman Singh Dharovali it was his privilege to lay down his life inside Gurdwara Janam Asthan on 20 February 1921.

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