Bhai Nagahia (son of Kala)

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Bhai Nagahia, son of Bhai Kala, was, according to Giani Gian Singh, Panth Prakdsh, elder brother of the revered Bhai Mani Singh. Nagahia, led all of his seven sons to Amritsar to visit Bhai Mani Singh, then high priest of the Harmandar Sahib. All of them received the rites at his hands and were admitted into the order of the Khalsa. Nagahia's sons, Aghar Singh and Tharaj Singh, proved fearless warriors and took part in many a campaign, including the battle of Sirhind against the Mughal governor Zain Khan (1764). They had earlier slain Mufti 'Abd ulHanan, who had ordered the execution of BhaiMani Singh, and 'Abd ulRazak, the executioner.