Bhai Maha Singh

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Bhai Maha Singh, Puar Rajput Sikh by caste , son of Sardar Rai Singh Puar (Brother of Shaheed Bhai Mani Singh , Diwan of the Tenth guru and Jathedar of Amritsar during tenth guru ) , one of the martyrs of Muktsar, collectively called Chali Mukte, the Forty Liberated Ones. He, in addition to Mai (Mother) Bhago, was the only one among the wounded who had some life still left in him. As the Guru went across to visit the site of the battle, he asked to know his dying wish. Mahan Singh humbly requested for the cancellation of the deed of renunciation he and some of his companions had signed before leaving Anandpur. The Guru immediately granted the request and tore up the piece of paper that was still in his possession. Mahan Singh died in peace with his head in the Guru's lap.