Bhai Lakkhu (Lahore)

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Bhai Lakkhu a pious Sikh of Lahore, lived in very poor circumstances. Because of his appearance, he was once denied entry to the feast which Bhai Buddhu, the brick manufacturer, had laid out for the Sikhs, seeking their blessing for the success of his venture. Bhai Lakkhu thereupon pronounced a curse. Bhai Buddhu begged Guru Arjan to cancel it. But the Guru said he was unable to do so. He had no power to undo what his Sikh had done. According to Bhai Mani Singh, Sikhan di Bhagat Mala, he sent one of his Sikhs, Bhai Laddha, to intercede with Bhai Lakkhu on Bhai Buddhu's behalf. Bhai Lakkhu, impressed by Bhai Laddha's humility, said, "I cannot take back what I said earlier; but rains this year are going to be heavy, and Buddhu's halfbaked bricks will be much in demand."