Bhai Lachhman Singh Granthi

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Bhai Lachhman Singh Granthi (1867 - 1921), one of the martyrs of Nankana Sahib, was born in 1867, the son of Bhai Nanak and Mai Ganga Devi. His original name was Lachhman. As he grew up, he enlisted in the army as a cook. There he underwent the rites of Khalsa initiation and received the new name of Lachhman Singh. While in service, he learnt Gurmukhi well enough to be able to read the Guru Granth Sahib.

On his discharge from the army, Bhai Lachhman Singh settled down as a Gurdwara officiant at Chakk No. 83 Dalla Nangal, in Sheikhupura district. He was drawn into the Gurdwara movement for the reform and management of Sikh shrines. He registered himself as an Akali volunteer and attained martyrdom along with Bhai Lachhman Singh Dharovali's jatha inside the compound of Gurdwara Janam Asthan on 20 February 1921.

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