Bhai Kattu & Guru Hargobind

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BHai Kattu & Guru Hargobind

Guru Hargobind Jee was on the Journey to mountains of Kashmir. There he met Bhai Kattu Shah, a faithful Sikh who had advisited him at Amritsar. He spent a night in his house and then proceeded to Srinagar, where Sewa Das was meditating and waiting for him. His mother said that she worshipped the very ground on which the Guru would tread. He was received with great respect and enthusiasm and he asked Sewa Das's mother to bring the dress she had made for him. He put it on and blessed her. Overwhelmed with devotion for the Guru, she recited the following Sabad:

"Who but Thee, my Beloved, could do such a thing? Cherisher of the poor, Lord of the world, Thou hast put over my head the umbrella of spiritual sovereignty." (Rag Bani Maru Ravdas, p-1106)

After this she and her son both drank some of the water in which the Guru had washed his feet, and the remainder she sprinkled over her house.

Crowds of Kashmiris both from Srinagar and the surrounding villages paid homage and many embraced Sikhism. A very interesting story a company of Sikhs came to behold the Guru from a distant village with an offering of honey. On the way they met Kattu Shah who requested them to let him have some of the honey, but they refused saying that they could not offer him Kattu Shah's leavings. Guru Sahib then turned to the Sikhs and said, “Every penny you spend on the needy would reach me” When the Sikhs reached the Guru, the honey was found rotten and full of worms. The Guru remarked,"This is the result of not having given to my Sikh in whom is the spirit of the Guru." He ordered them to return and satisfy Kattu Shah. It is said that the honey became fresh and sweet when they returned to Kattu Shah. 'Hungry mouth is Guru's treasure.' The Sikh begged for enlightenment. Guru Ji told him by pointing towards Bhai Kattu, the poor Sikh, who was hungry and was refused when requested for the honey while accompanying the Sangat. Guru sahib further enlightened him, saying, "Gharib Da Muh - Guru Ki Golak." (Feeding the poor is actual feeding the Guru)