Bhai Hema (son of Lakkhi Shah)

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Bhai Hema, a devout Sikh of Guru Tegh Bahadur, along with his brother, Bhai Nagahia and father, Lakkhi Shah and another person by the name of Bhai Naik, son of Kahna, managed to take the Guru Tegh Bahadur's headless body from the clutches of Aurangzeb's men who had been ordered to quarter and display the Guru's remains as a lesson to any who would dare to stand up to him. Bhai Hema used his home at Raislna (Delhi) to cremate the Guru's body. Any cremation in the open would have alerted the authorities, so the Gursikhs brought the Guru's body into Bhai Hema's home, to which they then set fire.

This happened on Maghar sudi 6, 1732 Bk/AD 1675.


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