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Bhai Baj Singh (d. 1716), a Puar Rajput aka BAJ BAHADAR , and ex umrah of Bangash Subah , Baj Singh had received the rites of initiation at the hands of Guru Gobind Singh himself. He accompanied the Guru to the Deccan in 1708 and was one of the five Sikhs sent by him to the Punjab with Banda Singh Bahadur. He took part in all of Banda Singh's major campaigns. For his fearlessness in battle, he came to be known as Baj Bahadur (bahadur, lit. brave).

Early Life

He descended from the royal house of Malwa kingdom which on fall of Malwa ( Paramara dynasty ) established principalities in Punjab .

Family Tree

  • Raja Santal ( Emperor of Malwa Empire who shifted his capital from Ujjain to Dhar )
  • Raja Magh
  • Raja Munja
  • Raja Bhoja ( great polymath king of India )
  • Raja Jai Singh
  • Raja Sapta mukat
  • Raja Chatra mukat
  • Raja Udaydeep ( referred to as very learned man as well )
  • Raja Randhawal
  • Raja Udhar ( Last Ruler of Malwa Empire )
  • Raja Amb Charan
  • Rao Loyia ji ( Loyia ji was first in his line to use rao as title which was used up to Rao Ballu grandfather of bhai mani singh )
  • Rao Jagan
  • Rao Mala
  • Rao Radha
  • Rao Lakshman
  • Rao Jalha
  • Rao Haafa
  • Rao Chaahad
  • Rao Boodha
  • Rao Moola
  • Rao Ballu ( sikh general with guru hargobind sahib as quoted - "Rao Ballu ek beer bahadar , khashtham gur k raheyo saadar . Before joining guru ji Rao Ballu was very close to Akbar and strong rajput general of his time as quoted - "Ballu tu bharat k bheem jaisa , tujhe jaane shah chugatah ( mughal emperor )"
  • Rao Nathia

Sardar Baj Singh was second out of eight sons of Rao Nathiaji Puar . His elder brother was the legendary Sardar Bhagwant Singh Bangeshwar . Very famous sikh warrior , scholar & martyr Bhai Mani Singh was his cousin brother .

Umrah of Bangash

Sardar Baj Singh was an umrah of Sarkar-e-Bangash on whose throne was his elder brother Sardar Bhagwant Singh Bangeshwar . He was given a cavalry of 2000 horsemen . He was much acclaimed for his bravery and fierceness .

Titles earned

Sardar Baj Singh became famous as '' Baaz Bahadur " for his extraordinary bravery in war .

Attack on Sirhind

In the battle of Sirhind fought at Chappar Chiri in May 1710, Baj Singh was in command of the right wing of Banda Singh`s army. He faced Nawab Wazir Khan in the battle striking his horse down with a lance. As the battle was won, Baj Singh was named administrator of the town. Baj Singh was captured at Gurdas Nangal in December 1715 and taken to Delhi where he was executed in June 1716 along with Banda Singh and his other companions.


He was executed on 9th June 1716 on outskirts of delhi on banks of Yamuna river alongwith his seven brothers and Banda Singh Bahadur.

Brave feat during execution

Farrukhsiyar was the Mughal emperor then who asked tauntingly where is the brave Baj Singh aka Baj Bahadur whom whole Mughal army feared , where is his bravery now . Baj Singh tied in iron chains roared in his voice I am Baj Singh . Then emperor again made a taunt that where is your bravery now . Baj Singh replied ,you have tied my feet and hands in iron chains , open one of them i will let you know of my bravery . Then his feet were made free of chains on emperor's orders but hands still tied . It said by the writers of the Mughal court in their memoirs that Baj Singh with a blink of eye snatched sword of the nearby Mughal soldier and with a lightening speed killed 16 Mughal armed men on the spot . And the emperor had to run leaving his throne .