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Bhai Bagga Singh (1893-1921), was born during Assu 1950 Bk/September-October 1893, the son of Bhai Ganga Singh and Mai Mallan, a peasant couple of Chakk No. 38 Deva Singhvala in Sheikhupura district, in the newly developed canal area in western Punjab by the British. He learnt reading and writing in Gurmukhi script from the village granthi and took the initiation of the Khalsa at the age of 18. He was of a lissom athletic build interested in village sports and was also a member of the village holy choir. He attended the Akali congregation at Dharovali on 13 October 1920. Impressed by the fiery speeches of Akali reformers there, he became a member of the Dharovali Akali Jatha led by Bhai Lachhman Singh, and attained martyrdom in Gurdwara Janam Asthan on 20 February 1921.

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