Bhagat Kabir And The Brahmans Of Banaras

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When the Brahmans of Banaras heard that Bhagat Kabir Ji had given hundreds of mans of corn to holy men, but not even one grain to themselves, they went in a body to his house and thus addressed him: 'Weaver, you have become very proud of your wealth, since, without any intimation to us, you have distributed provisions among low caste faqirs and Sudars. Leave this city at once, and take up your residence elsewhere.'

Bhagat Kabir Ji asked why he should leave the city. Had he broken into any one's house or committed highway robbery, that they sought to exile him? The Brahmans replied that, since he had served and done honour to faqirs instead of themselves, it was an offence sufficient to merit expulsion from the city. ' Say no more,' they continued, ' it is better for you either to make us an offering or depart hence.' Bhagat Kabir Ji replied that his house was all he had, and they could take possession of it. Thus saying, he escaped from them, and again concealed himself in a distant forest.

Upon this some admirers of Bhagat Kabir Ji's sanctity, and sympathizers with his troubles, distributed among the Brahmans such an amount of money and provisions that the name and praises of Bhagat Kabir Ji resounded throughout the whole city, and the Brahmans were highly delighted and gratified on finding their stomachs filled to repletion.