Bassi Pathana

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Bassi Pathana is a small town located between Sirhind and Morinda .It is believed that this town was founded in1540 by an Afghan Malik Khan, who settled here during the reign of Sher Shah Suri. After the sack of Sirhind by the Sikhs in 1763, it was occupied by Sardar Diwan Singh of the Dallewal Misl. Later on ,it became the head quarters of the Amargarh Nizamat of the Patiala State and on the formation of PEPSU ,it was amalgamated with Patiala and Bassi became the headquarters of the Fatehgarh Sahib Subdivision. But with the construction of District Administrative Complex at Fatehgarh Sahib, it is now a subdivisional/block head quarter. This town is also a Block as well as Tehsil Headquarter having a cluster of 86 villages (Revenue Estates) covering an area of 19,907 hectares. Irrigation facilities are adequate in the block. Paddy and wheat are the main crops. Bassi Pathana town is famous for the manufacturing sewing machine parts and mining machinery.

A 220 KW Power station has been established at Fatehgarh Sahib which will help in the industrialisation of the block

All the villages of the block are allocated among 7 branches of commercial banks. Apart from this, there are 2 branches of Fatehgarh Sahib Central Coop. Bank Ltd. and one branch of Primary Agricultural Development Bank at Bassi Pathana which are also serving the people of the block.