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This is a very simple and basic Dhamala Sikh turban. This is the most popular turban among young Sikhs of the Akhand Kirtani Jatha and also quite popular among those of Damdami Taksal in countries such as America, the United Kingdom and Canada.

Baba Fateh Singh!

Baba Fateh Singh was just like Guru Gobind Singh when Guru Ji was a child. One day the Guru said to the Sangat, "can any respected member of the beloved Sangat show me the form of Akal Purukh?" A very knowledgable Sikh replied, " Master, the true One is formless". The Guru was pleased with his answer. The Guru became silent, the Guru then repeated his question again. At that moment Baba Fateh Singh had just entered the Sangat after playing martial games with his friends. He came to the front of the Sangat, touched his fathers holy feet, and said, "Dear father, I can show you the form of Akal Purukh, if Akal Purukh allows me to do so, father give me permission". Guru Ji granted permission, Baba Fateh then bowed to Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji. He left the court of the Guru. Which stands on the present site of Keshgarh Sahib. He went to Manji Sahib where the Adi Guru Granth Sahib was parkash. He performed Ardas to Akal Purukh. In an instant his formed was changed to that of his fathers. He had blue garment, a high turban, quoits, swords, a fighting stick, a khanda, and a farla. He went back into the Diwan, he shouted a Jaikara, it seemed to shake the universe! The Sangat was amazed at this new appearance, and also amused, as Baba Fateh Singh's dumalla was so high for such a little child! The Guru said to the Sangat, "Baba Fateh Singh has revealed the form of Akal Purukh, this is the Khalsa". From that day on the site where this occured was called Dumalgarh Sahib. Baba Fateh Singh was now full of even more courage, and warrior spirit he said: I am an Akali, an immortal, our way is to serve all. Our way is unique and distinct. We fight the war of truth with our Broad Swords. We do not flinch and keep a battle club with us. Our turbans are like towers that reach the sky, adorned with round quoits. The great Timeless being is our protector. Guru Nanak Guru Gobind Singh our heads belong to you. The symbol of the Khalsa is the Farla, given as a blessing by Guru Gobind Singh, our father, the one who gives freedom to all.

The Guru Khalsa Panth read the exact words of Guru Ji and Baba Fateh Singhs conversation everyday as well as other bani from Guru Granth Sahib Ji, as they tie their dumallas, and adorn themselves in their Bana, and Shastar.