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Calendar - A contribution of Punjab and Sind Bank to Sikhism

Punjab and Sind Bank is one of the leading banks in India. It has been known for its strong ties with Sikhism, Sikh beliefs and the worldwide Punjabi community. It has been involved in various activities to showcase the sikh heritage including a collection of paintings by renowned painters and the famous Annual Calendar depicting Sikh moral values and the Gurus' preachings.

In continuing with the tradition, the Bank has this year come out with a calendar describing the 12 months of the Calendar or "BARAH MAHA" on the occassion of 400th year of Guru Arjan Dev ji's martyrdom.

"BARAH MAHA" is an established genre of poetry linked to the seasons. There are two different compositions of the BARAH MAHA in the holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib. The one rendered by Guru Nanak Dev ji is in Rag Thukari, while the one composed by Sri Guru Arjan Dev ji is in Rag Manjh.

The calendar depicts the months with the help of different paintings. These paintings have been created for Punjab and Sind Bank by the famous artist Sardar Devinder Singh from Chandigarh.