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THe main building Of BMSL Bhawan

Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundation Bhawan is situated in Sector - 30 A Chandigarh. THere weekly magazine is Labana Sewak. They win many prizes including best bhawan in chandigarh, Best phulwari in chandigarh. There is a beautiful Gurdwara on the top of the Bhawan and hall.


It was in 1974-75 that sonme of the dedicated members of the Baradari considered it necessary that it was essential to preserved this heritage for inspirations of present future generations and through their delibrations the institute of Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Foundati on was constitued and registered with its headquaters at Chandighar.

It was decided by the Foundation to raise a suitable Memorial as a befitting tribute to the legendry Sikh Baba Makhan Shah Lobana who is well know in the Sikh history for his role in discovering the True Guru, Guru Teg Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru from amoungst several imposters at Baba Bakala in Oct, 1664.This great event which reset Sikh history on the right course and is known as "GURU Ladho RE", is of great historical importance

With tis in view and for fulfillment of this cause the founder members of the Foundation Lt.Col Partap Singh prominemt amoungst S.Sardara Singh Chief Engr (Retd), S.Jagmohan Singh Addl. Director Account Retd, Sardar Balwant Singh Lalia, S. Bhaghat Singh IAS, Bawa Naranjan Singh,S Swaran Singh,Manoj Ranjit Singh,Giani Hem Singh,S Harbajan Singh SE(Retd) and S.Sher Singh, with greate deals of effors got 1.5 acres plot alloted form the Chief Commissioner UT, in sector 30 Chandighar.

Aims and Objectives

  1. To Promote the educational, social and cultural welfare of all the weeker sections of the Indian Society irrespective of case, creed or race.
  2. To set up in the first instance at Chandighar Baba Makhan Shah Lobana Bhawan,which also serves as headquaters of the Foundation.
  3. To set up centers for the promotion of the objectives of the foundation as outlined at selected places within the country.
  4. To bring out the biography of Baba Makhan Shah and other eminents personalities in Indian History.
  5. To instiitute and offer prizes, awards, scholarships, stipends etc, and to give grants for futhering the objectives of the founadtion.
  6. To found an institutions of learning at suitable places for advancement in various pursuit of the objects of The Foundation.
  7. To acquire, hold and dispose of property,both movable and immovable, in pursuit of the objects of the Foundation.
  8. To open branches of the Founadtion at different places in India
  9. To establish a subordinate trust or a body or to associate.
  10. To establish a suibordinate trust or a body or to assiciate with any other trust or body for futherance and achievement of these objects and take action appertinent thereto.
  11. To approach the Central and the State Government including the Union Territory of Chandighar, Govt. and Semi-Govt undertakenings, charitable and religious bodies and other such organsations as may help in the futherance of aims and objectives of the Fondation.Membership of the Foundationis is open to every sane and solvent person above the age of 18 years or to any organisation constitued under law. The Foundation has at present 750 members. Giani Hem Singh of Tanda Ram Sahai is the chief Patron . All the members of the Foundation constitute the general body. The control and management of the Foundation is vested in the Executive of various administrative functions and activities a working committee consisting of the President, General Secretary and 4 other members of the executive, nominated by the President acts as an administrative organ of the executive.

In 1975, Chandighar Administration convinced of the stature of the Baba Makhan Shah Lobana, alloted a plot of about 12 kls. To the foundation against the norms of 2kls. from Bhawans. At that time as a very special case Giani Zail Singh, the Chief minister, gave grant in aid of Rs.1 lakh form Govt. in the year 1976. With the help of this grant and public donations the residendial wing of teh building, with two halls and 10 rooms for public use was completed in the year 1983. Thereafter, the construction activities stopped because due to the disturbed conditions in the region, no donation could be collected for six-seven years. Subsequently there was a stead flow of funds from the year 1991 onwards and construction of the main building with estimated cost of Rs.1 crore was started with public donation's in November 1996.

We have constucted basement measuring 35300 sq.ft. and a conference hall, small meeting hall, foyer and kitchen with total covered area of 8200 sq.ft. at a cost of Rs. 55 lacs. It has been only possible with the generous donation nfrom our brothers in India and Abroad. The foundation gratefully acknowledges the contributions/donations of our Indian and NRI brothers.

The best phulwari ever in chandigarh

Foundation Facilities

The Unique Mulifaceded Monuments has been designed by prominent architects and constructed by reputed firm at at the low cost of approx. Rs 2 Crores.Its Featured are:

  1. AUDITORIUM: The Auditorium is centrally air conditioned with 450 chairs is fitted with most modern and sophisticated lights and sound system supplied by Harness, a German Company. It has a 60*40 wooden floor stage with green rooms, suitable for theatre, film screening, holding seminars, lectures etc.
  2. MAIN HALL: It is a 90*60 centrally air conditioned hall and can be used for exhibitions, meetings, cultural shows, kirtan darbars, spirutual discourses and other congregations.
  3. LIBRARY:It is modernaly stocked with literary, religious and historic books and magazines. It is going to be expanded in due course of time.
  4. CHARITABLE DISPENSARY: This dispencary has been started in the Bhawan where services of eminent specialists are being provided.
  5. CLINICAL LABORTORY: A modren lab on No Profit No Loss basis has been set us to carry out all types of tests needed for diagnosis.
  6. PHYSIOTHERAPY CENTER: This is being run by a qualified physiotherapist rendering free service to senior citizens.
  7. BASEMENT: There is 3500 sq.ft. basement in the premises which can be used for small functions and as dining hall
  8. RESIDENTIAL WING: There are 10 double Bed Rooms with attached baths. Four rooms are air-conditioned. These are alloted to the members and other on nominent rent and free in case of students.
  9. FIRE FIGHTING: The entire builing complex of the kendar is fitted with most modern fire detecting and fighting equipments by a Delhi based firm - Capital Fire Engineers.
  10. GURUGHAR: Above all we have seperate Gurudwara where Kirtan Darbars, Gurupurabs, and Other religious functions are celebrated.

It is pertinent to mention here that the money spent on the building has been collected through generous donations given by the people living in India and Abroad. All accounts are maintained by professinals and are regularly audited by internal and satisfactory conditions.

In addition to the development of this Bhawan the Foundation give scholarships to different categories of students to the tune of Rs.2 lakhs per year.We also give monetart help to deserving patients on demand and in certain cases to The Parents of poor girls for their marriages.

We have free Legal Aid and Social Reforms Committees who help the needy people ans also solve thier problems.

The Foumdation has appointed Regional Presidents in the country and abroad to broad-base and coordinate its activities and promote aims and objectives of the organisation.

We also assist any organisation who is engaged in setting up similar institute at other places like Sant Prem Singh Lobana Welfare Society, Jalandhar and Bhai Lakhi Shah Lobana Bhawan, Mukerian.