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Birth and Childhood

Baba Harnam Singh was born in 1897 in Dhasua Nagar in Hoshiarpur, Punjab, India.His father was Bhai Usher Singh and his mother's name was Narain Kaur. Usher Singh was a farmer (Kethi Barri) and both mother and father were very religious. Baba Ji had four brothers and two sisters.

Both mother and father remained very responsible in their family duties. He earned an honest living while Baba Ji's mother looked after the children. Narain Kaur would wake up very early, have her bath then go to the Gurdwara. On returning she used to remain absorbed in Mool-Mantr Jaap while carrying out her work.Usher Singh would also go to the Gurdwara every morning before going to the fields.

Baba Harnam Singh said in his own words that mother used to tell us to remain conscious of our feet while walking. This was in case we stepped on any insects. She taught us to respect animals and not break their eggs.And not to steal or to fight or argue with anyone. Before sleeping, our father would get all the children together and tell us a Sakhi (religious story or event in Sikh history) without fail.

In this way, both mother and father helped to form high morals which were acknowledged as of great benefit. From a young age Baba Ji would say "I will become a Sant and I will live by Dhan Guru Nanak Sahib's path".His father encouraged him to continuously repeat Mool Mantr. He would rarely play as most children of his age would.

In those days, a firm education was very rare. Schools were in distant towns, not in villages. Therefore he had no formal education. It was common for the Granthi from the Gurdwara to to teach the children. It was his wish to learn Gurmukhi and read Gurbani, so he did, from the Gursikh Granthi. He learned enough to be fluent at reading Gurbani and other religious books.

Chapter 2 Marriage In those days it was common for children to get married at very young ages.So his mother and father arranged for Baba Ji's marriage when he was 8 years of age.The girl was from Langan Booray Jattaa Jillaa in Hoshiarpur and her name was Bibi Gian Kaur. Baba Ji would constantly tell his mother; "Maataa Ji! I don't feel like getting into family duties. Please don't arrange for my marriage". But it was of no avail.It happened because it was destined to. Within a year, before Bibi Gian Kaur even returned to Dhugay village, she caught a disease (plague) and died.

Ushar Singh was talking with Gian Kaur's mother, father about arranging a marriage with their younger daughter. But when Baba Ji found out he told his mother with great conviction "Maathaa Ji! I will not go into marriage bonds! If like before, you arrange my marriage, then this Bibi will also die very shortly. You must forget about these thoughts of another marriage."After such persuading, his mother told Bibi Gian Kaur's mother and father that it would not be possible. From this point, Baba Ji remained absorbed in Guru Ji's lotus feet. He gained strength from his abstinence and earned the following Gur Bachan:

pr iqRA rUpu n pyKY nyqR swD kI thl sMqsMig hyq Par Tria Roop Na Dekhey Nethr. Saadh Ki Tehl Sant Sangh Heth. (Not cast eyes on another female's beauty and remain in Guru Ji's service through the Saadh Sangat).

Chapter 3 Company and Seva of a 'Sadhu'

As mentioned earlier, it was Baba Ji's intention from an early age to refrain from worldly affairs and attain God. In his village, two farmers left their homes in an attempt to become Sadhus. Both returned within a year. One got married and the other found a job. Baba Ji said that after seeing this, all the appeal of leaving home in a search to find God vanished. What was the point in leaving home only to return after one or two years? Instead of that, why not stay at home, do work and remain attached to God?

But still the love in his mind remained as did the need for an example. Whenever a saintly person came to the village he would go to visit them just to see what sort of life they were living. After a short time, a sadhu by the name of Santokh Daas (who had renounced family life) came to the village. But Baba Ji did not go to see him. The rains came, but the sadhu remained content in his contemplation. He remained sitting in the rain and did not come to the village to ask for food. It rained continuously for three days.

Baba Ji would watch him morning and evening from a distance just to see if he had left, but his peacefulness and poise had an effect on Baba Ji. Baba Ji humbly took dry wood and food and drink for him. He regained his appeal for this sadhu lifestyle. He began to do this seva every day. Not only that, he would also take buckets of water from the village on the sadhu's request. Then he would sit in his company for a short while and then spend the rest of the day working with his father in the fields. His efforts in the fields were a great deal more than his brothers. As Bhagat Naamdev Ji says in Gurbani

hwQ pwau kir kwmu sBu cIqu inrMjn nwil Haath Paao Kar Kaam Sabh Cheeth Niranjan Naal

Baba Ji would do his worldly duties and remain attached to God. Recognising sadhu Santokh Daas as a saint, he did his seva. But still he did not adopt these ways. He remained strong in Gurmat. He would do Mool Mantr jaap all day even though after a few years of seva, Santokh Daas had told him that if he did jaap for 40 days (Santokh Daas' own methods) he would attain Hanumaan and other deities who would be in his service. But Baba Ji said "My desire is to attain God. I don't want to get involved in spiritual powers because these take a person away from God."

Chapter 4 Leaving Santokh Daas

Baba Ji did selfless seva for this Sadhu for eleven years. One day while working in the fields a question came to his mind. He questioned himself as to who he 'really' was. He stopped working and sat down. 'I can't be just a body.' he thought to himself. There is another power within me which is making this body work. He hought he should ask the Sant. He left his work half done and went to meet the Sant. He bowed down then humbly sat by him and asked his question. After a pause Santokh Daas said "Harnam Singh! If you want an answer to this question, go and put dirt in your head and become my servant.". Harnam Singh had regarded him as pure saint who saw everyone as equal. That was the only reason he was doing his seva. Baba Ji told him that he was a Sikh, and that he was not prepared to put dirt in his head and become a servant (chelaa) to any living person. All high hopes of fulfilling his desires through Santokh Daas' seva had dissolved. Now the only hope that remained was that of God Himself.

Darshan I was reading Se Kanehaa last night about Baba Harnam Singh having darshan of Jesus, Mohammed and Priggu (I'm not sure I've got this last name correct, but he was some Rishi/Muni/Yogi) while in samadhi.

These were their comments: Mohammed: Guru Nanak has achieved what no one else could achieve in this world, but the Sikhs are not taking advantage of this great achievement.

Rishi/Muni/Yogi: Our Panthh is wrapped up in Jap Thap an continues to attain spritual powers but we have never attained Amrit Ras which is what Guru Nanak gave to the Sikhs

Jesus: My only wish is that all my Panth go and follow Guru Nanak's teachings.

Chapter 5 The Search for Sikh 'Saints'

Following the 'Udhasi Sadhu' disappointment, a search for Sikh Sadhus was made in an attempt to find the way to God. Baba Ji wanted to meet a saintly person to who had attained God and who could show him the way. But all that these 'Sants' would say is that they were prepared to tell him about Guru Ji's Baani under the condition that he must become their servant (chelaa). Many days would be spent trying to explain through Gurbani that this was wrong, but they remained firm in their 'mortal' (dehthaari) guru ways. Baba Ji always thought that if he did adopt this way, then if this 'guru' died then he would have to find another one. And considering that Guru Gobind Singh Ji has given us the Guru Granth Sahib and the order that 'Shabad is Guru' there is no need to look elsewhere.

After Ardaas we read Giani Gian Singh's verse (Dohiraa) from Panthh Parkaas with love and affection:

'Aagiaa Paee Akaal Ki, Thabai Chalayo Panth. Sabh Sikhan Ko Hukam Hai, Guru Maanio Granth ................'

This is a command for us. If we don't follow this then what do we follow? As Guru Raam Dass Ji says: 'Baani Guru Guru Hai Baani Vich Baani Amrit Saaray. Gurbaani Kahai Sevak Jan Maanay Parthakh Guru Nisthaaray.' And there are many Shabads which also confirm this. Baba Ji believed in total equality between Sikhs and was totally against this 'guru-chelaa' (dehthaari style of course! We are still Chelay of Guru Granth Sahib Ji) reeth/way. So he experienced even more disappointment with the Sikh 'Sadhus'. Now there was definately only ONE way.

Chapter 6 Taking Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Shelter All directions were totally fruitless which led to a feeling of despondency. Two or three days passed in this way. Finally he decided to go to the village Gurdwara. In great sorrow and anguish he did an Ardaas (supplication).

As our fourth Guru, Guru Ram Dass Ji says : Ab Hum Chalee Taakhar Peh Haar | Jab Hum Saran Prabhoo Kee Aaee Raakh Prabhoo Bhaavay Maar | Rahaao | Lokan Kee Chaturaaee Upmaa Te Baisanthar Jaar | Koee Bhallaa Kaho Bhavai Buraa Kaho Hum Than Dheeo Hai Taar | Jo Aavath Saran Taakhar Prabh Thumree Thiss Rakho Kirpaa Thaar | Jan Nanak Saran Thumaree Har Jeeo Rakho Laajh Muraar |

Satguru Ji! I have given up faith in all other things and I have come to your shelter. Please bless me and assist me, I will never leave your Door for any other. Baba Ji said that he didn't know how long he stood there with love and affection doing his Ardaas. Suddenly he heard a voice: "Harnam Singh! Take the Guru's Amrit and become one of the Guru's followers, only then will you attain this spiritual state. Don't get upset."

The yearning to meet the Guru was now fulfilled. A few days later, he took Khandey Dhaa Amrit at Kesgarh Sahib (Anandpur Sahib) and set foot on Guru Ji's path. Now the desire to meet God remained firm in his mind. He arose early (at Amrit Velaa) took a bath and did his Nitnem and then he would do his worldly duties. Although he was only around 10 years old, this was necessary because his father had passed away. Through work he would repeat Mool Mantar. When he lost concentration he would repeat the Gur Mantar. He would try to use every breath to remember God. Every moment was a desire to meet God.

As Gurbani says: Har Jeeo Thudh No Sadhaa Salaahi Pyaaray Jichar Ghat Hai Saasaa | Ik Pal Khin Visareh Thu Suaami Jaano Baras Pachaasaa |

The pain of being separated was becoming unbearable. Oh Great One! If I could meet you, then all these pains would disappear immediately and be replaced with pleasures. Bless me. He kept all hope in meeting God.

Chapter 7 Baba Ji's Control Over His Mind

Baba ji said that when he was with the 'udhasi sadhu' he was told very firmly that when an individual reaches maturity (jwaani), his eyes should remain constantly down.Those who let their eyes wander will experience some sort of downfall some time or another. On the way home he saw a woman walking towards him . On seeing him she covered her head and face. He realised that she did not regard him as a boy, that's why she covered herself. 'Now I must keep my eyes down' he thought to himself.

The next day while in the fields, a wise man from the village called out to him. He said: "Harnam Singh! I'm going to give you a word of advice, don't get angry!" "Please do. You will only tell me something for my own benefit." said Harnam Singh with great humility. "The prime of life is like a tornado. Once you get caught in the storm it is very hard to get out. You are very pious considering you are in the prime of your life, but be very careful. Never look at anyone in a lustful way, this is the way to be shielded from sin." These words had such an effect that even though he stayed at home, in a village for 34 years, not once did he cast lustful eyes on any woman. He constantly kept a low profile which never let any impure thoughts come to his mind.

As Bhagat Naamdev says: "Pardhan Pardaaraa Parharee || Thaakay Nikat Bassay Narharee || (Bhairo Naamdev Ji, Page 1163) Also "Parthria Roop Na Pekhey Nethr || Saadh Kee Tehl Sant Sang Heth || (Sukhmani Sahib, Page 278)

He moulded his life around Guru Ji's words, which led to a very high spiritual state. It was his firm belief that in order to control the mind, control of the eyes played an important role. Whatever a person sees during the day will have an effect on the mind. Whatever ever he sees is what his mind will run after. The more control one has over what he sees, the easier the control of the mind becomes. All advancement in spirituality centres around the control of the mind. In order to achieve this, control of the eyes is most important.

Chapter 8 Whole Family Moves to Sargodhe (Pakistan)

At this point he was 21 years of age. His oldest brother, Bhai Taaraa Singh had bought some land in Sargodhe and was now living there. In order to look after it, all the family moved there. He spent all day in the fields working with his brothers (four). On returning home he would eat then go to a nearby river and do Rahiraas. After this he would do Mool Mantr and Gur Mantr jaap. If he felt sleepy (because of the hard days work) he would splash water into his eyes in order to stay awake. If he still felt sleepy he would stand in the flowing water and continue his meditation. When he felt cold he would come out of the water and sit down and continue. At 12 o'clock he would come home and go to sleep. After sleeping between two and a half to three hours, he would awake, have his bath and do his Nitnem. Then he would get ready for work again.

Baba Ji said that there was not a day where he would wake up after his brothers. After some time, Guru Ji showered so much grace that if while sitting down he fell asleep for a short time, the need for additional (formal) sleep would disappear. And there was no effect on the body or the mind by doing this. At around five o'clock, they would all go to the fields. He would not get into any conversations with anyone. A maalaa in one hand and a haalee (tool for farming) in the other he would continue sowing the seed of Naam in his mind.

As Guru Nanak Ji says "Mann Haalee Kirsaanee Karnee Saram Paanee Than Kheth | Naam Beej Santokh Suhaagaa Rakh Gareebi Ves |"

He would repeat a Shabad 125,000 times (32 maalaas for 40 days). Then he would do an Ardaas and then begin on another shabad. He would always repeat Mool Mantr (upto "Nanak Hosi Bhee Sach"). Here are some of the shabads he would repeat:

Gauri Mahalla 5 Thir Ghar Baiso Harjan Pyaaray Satgur Thumre Kaaj Savaaray.................. Page 209

Sorath Mahalla 5 Gaee Bahor Bandhi Shorr Nirankaar Dhukhdhaaree................... Page 624

Vadbhaageeaa Sorhaagnee Jinaa Gurmukh Miliaa Har Raae..........Page 1421

Chhaachri Chhand Gobinday || Mukanday || Udhaaray || Upaaray || Hariann || Kareeann || Nrinaamay || Akaamay || Jaap Sahib

Along with many others. Even then, he still took time out to learn Gurbaani (santhhiaa from Bhai Hardhith Singh, of the whole Guru Granth Sahib). On the way there and on the way back he memorised Asa Di Vaar and Sukhmani Sahib from a Gutkaa and made them part of his Nitnem. In the evening he would listen to a Saakhi from his youngest brother, Bhai Takhur Singh. So not only was he making full use of his time with Gurbaani and Gursikh Sangat, he was also taking advantage of learning history and got a deep knowledge of other religious books. Although it is important to learn from religious books and other important resources, nothing is comparable to our Guru Granth Sahib. This is the true knowledge of God and the True Path. No 'worldly' religious book could ever come close. Therefore it is imperative for us all to mould ourselves into Guru Granth Sahib Ji's Message.

Chapter 9 The Poisonous Snake and Guru Nanak Dev Ji's Vision

Sitting by the river (as he would every day) Baba ji was deep in meditation when suddenly he heard some movement in the dry leaves on the ground. In the moonlight he saw a pure yellow snake about two feet long. It would lift itself up slither a short distance then leap forward about two-and-a-half feet. It was getting closer and closer. He watched it take four leaps and he thought that the next jump would surely make it land on him.

Suddenly, in his mind he thought that this snake also has God's light in it. Perhaps Guru Ji was testing to see how attached he really was to his physical body. His mind quickly settled. When the snake took it's next leap, it landed on his shoes, which he had taken off, and just lay there. This snake, which the whole neighbourhood had recognised as dangerous, circled around Baba ji and then slithered off in the direction that it came from.

Baba ji began to thank Satguru ji in his mind, from the deepness of his heart for protecting him from this poisonous snake His mind was deeply expressing gratitude and his meditation was getting stronger and stronger. Then all of a sudden, it felt as if there was light pervading everywhere. The peace, bliss and tranquility his soul was experiencing cannot be explained in words. The light got even stronger. Dhan Satguru Nanak Dev Ji blessed him with His vision and placed His hand on Baba Ji's head. It felt as if Satguru Ji was revealing himself inside and outside. Every iota of doubt was removed from the mind. It was bliss beyond bliss, happiness beyond happiness. As Bhagat Kabir Ji says:

Kabir Charan Kamal Kee Mauj Ko Keh Kaisay Ounmaan | Kehbe Ko Sobhaa Nahee Dekhaa Hee Parvaan |

This bliss can never be described, it can only be experienced: Kabir Dekh Kai Keh Kaho Kahay Na Ko Patheeaae | Har Jaisaa Thaisaa Ohee Raho Harakh Gun Gaae |

In this ecstasy, he did not realise when Satguru Ji disappeared. He only realised when the noise of a passing train distracted him. But the calmness, taste and bliss remained the same. At around 11 o'clock the next morning he returned home because it was getting so hot. After having a little food, he returned to this spot and continued his meditation. There was great delight and the simran was vibrating inside, although it was a slightly less than the feeling Guru Ji had given him the night before. Still, he could feel Guru Ji's presence everywhere and there was light pervading inside and out.

Even in the night, the light being projected was like that of many suns. But a thought crossed his mind that if people saw this light pervading around him , they would begin 'worshipping' him which will lead to conceit and arrogance in his mind. Bhagat Kabir Ji' warns us in his shabad : Chaalay Thhe Har Millan Ko Beechay Atkio Cheeth |

He did and Ardaas to Guru Ji, the protecter of the helpless. He asked for the outer light to be hidden and for his mind to remain attached to Guru Ji's lotus feet. On hearing the Ardaas, Guru Ji took away the outer light but left the inner blessing that he had provided intact.

Chapter 10 Guru Gobind Singh Instructs Eldest Brother in Dream

Baba Ji would put all his efforts into helping his brothers. The simran/meditation inside was continuing effortlessly. His meditations at the river bank had become routine. On returning from work he would go there and become intoxicated. About fifteen days after the mystical experience, his eldest brother (Sardar Taara Singh) saw Guru Gobind Singh Ji in his dream. Guru Ji said : "Harnam Singh should refrain from work now. He is expending a lot of energy. His duty lies elsewhere."

The following morning, Bhai Taara Singh gathered his brothers around and told them of the night's events. He told them that whether they regard it as a dream or reality, this is what he was told to do by Guru Ji. He had no doubt that they should accept this as Guru Ji's command. All three brothers agreed that it was too difficult for Harnam Singh to do work during the day and then do his simran during the night. They decided that Harnam Singh should be free to do whatever he wishes. Baba Ji advised them that since there was a lot of work, they should get a helper. And that as soon as one is appointed, he will stop working. So a few days later they got a helper to take over.

Now, the time he would normally spend in the fields would be spent in the small mountains nearby in meditation. He would return at midday for a small amount of food, then go back to the mountains. He would then return at 9:00pm, eat and then rest. At 2:00am he would awake, take a bath and do his Nitnem. He would then bow down, ask for Guru Ji's blessing and then return to the hills. He engraved Guru Ji's command in his heart through love and affection : Japo Tha Eko Naama || Avar Niraafal Kaama || and Saachi Kaar Kamaavni Saache Naal Pyaar ||

Chapter 11 Guru Gobind Singh Ji

The family had built a small hut in the fields to watch over the crops and to occasionally stay over in. Whenever Baba ji had time he would come and sit in this hut to do his meditation. Baba ji told us of one June when it was very hot. He was doing Mool Mantr jaap in the hut. The door suddenly opened and a Gursikh with very glowing features entered. They both greeted each other with Guru Ji's blessed Fateh. The Gursikh then said that the Tenth King is on his way to bless you. Harnam Singh was overjoyed. They both rushed outside. At a distance, Guru Ji approached on his horse along with four other Gursikhs. Guru Ji got close and His horse stood still. With great humility, Harnam Singh bowed down at Guru Ji' feet. Satguru Ji smiled very slightly and then continued walking further on and then suddenly disappeared. Harnam Singh was astonished.

The 'mysterious' Gursikh remained standing next to him all the way through this experience. He said 'Harnam Singh Ji! You should be absolutely ecstatic but you seem dismayed. What's the matter?' He replied that Satguru Ji had blessed him with Darshan but he said nothing. The Gursikh told him that Satguru Ji was very happy with his spirituality which is why he blessed him. But, he remained silent because when you do Nitnem, you don't recite Jaap Sahib. Baba ji replied that he found it difficult that's why he didn't do it. He did Sukhmani Sahib and Asa Di Vaar every day. But the Gursikh said that it is Guru Ji's COMMAND to a Gursikh; it is imperative. Gursikhs who does not do their full Nitnem can do as many other prayers and Baanis as they wish. They will never be granted with Guru Ji' s full happiness. But, Sikhs who do as the Panj Pyaaray have told them and then do more prayers/Paat/Baani on top will obtain Guru Ji's true happiness. Those who remain sluggish and negligent towards Guru Ji's command will fall short of his full blessing. From that day, he made sure he did his Jaap Sahib daily, no matter how long it took. And slowly he memorised it. Gurbani tells us over and over again about accepting and implementing GurBani into our lives:

'Hukam Manniai Hovai Parvaan Tha Khasmai Kaa Mehal Paaisee||' Vaar Asa Ang 471 and 'Hukam Rajaaee Jo Chalai So Pavai Khajaanai ||' Asa Mahalla 1 Ang 421

It is quite clear. As our third Guru Ji states: 'So Sikh Sakhaa Bandhap Hai Bhai Je Gur Ke Bhaanae Vich Aavai || Apnai Bhaanai Jo Chalai Bhai Visharr Chotaa Khaavai ||' Sorath Mahalla 3 Ang 601

Guru Ji's teachings give supreme precedence to obeying the command. Those who listen to it and follow it will rise to great heights. The whole essence of the religion is to obey : 'Hukam Mannae So Jan Parvaan ||' Basanth M:3 Ang 1175 'Gursikh Hukam Mannay Seh Keraa Hukamay Hee Sukh Paae || Hukamay Sevay Hukam Araadhay Hukamay Sammay Samaae ||' Salok Mahalla 4 Ang 1423

Just like Lehnaa Ji followed Guru Nanak Dev Ji's command. Anything Satguru Ji commanded he obeyed heart and soul. After doing that Satguru Guru Nanak Dev Ji infused His own Light into Baba Lehnaa Ji and made him Guru Angad Dev Ji. Guru Ji' s whole history is our perfect example. Those who obeyed were (and will be) raised to great heights :

'Hukam Mannay Soee Sukh Paaey Hukam Sirr Shaahaa Paatshaaha Hay ||'Maru M:3 Ang 1055 'Hukam Maanay Tha Har Milai Tha Vicho Houmai Jaae ||' Vadhans M:3 Ang 560

For a Gursikh, the instructions he/she receives from the Panj Pyaaray at the Amrit Ceremony are Guru Ji's command. Any idleness/lethargy in practicing will leave an individual wanting and they will never obtain Guru Ji's happiness.

Chapter 12 When Should 'Chandi Di Vaar' Be Recited?

Baba Ji would also do Chandi Di Vaar in his Nitnem every day. But a question arose in his mind. When should this Baani be recited and how often? He would often wonder. He asked many religious and saintly people but nobody really gave a firm answer. One day, while in the hut, he began reciting Rahiraas Sahib after which he did Chandi Di Vaar. He then finished off with Sohilaa and was preparing to go to sleep. The moon was shining outside and the door to the hut was open. He had just lay down when all of a sudden, he saw two men approaching from a distance. Baba ji thought to himself that if they are travellers then he will provide them with food and clothes and offer them a place to rest for the night. But if they are robbers, he will be prepared to confront them.

While he was still thinking they both pinned him to the ground.One held him down from the head and the other from the feet. They couldn't be travellers or robbers because they arrived at such incredible speed. They were Shaheed (martyred) Singhs. He began doing Mool Mantr Jaap. He had just completed two Mool Mantrs when the Singhs released him. He sat up. The Shaheed Singhs explained to him that they didn't come to hurt him.. They came to remove his doubt and confusion about the recitation of Chandi Di Vaar and when to do it, how much to do and how to do it. It was the fact that he thought that he would confront them that the wrestled him to the ground.

They explained that if Chandi Di Vaar is recited after the sunset, then it must be continued all night non-stop. It is alright for two or more Singhs to do it in turn. If an individual can recite it all night then that is alright as well. A clean cloth should be spread underneath where you're sitting and you must have your bath first. There are no strict rules about reciting in the day time. Whether it is recited one or more times, it should be done with love and affection. After saying this, they left the hut and then suddenly disappeared.

Chapter 13 Six Months Mool Mantr Jaap at Anandpur Sahib

Anandpur Sahib is the city where where the Khalsa was born. It is where Satguru Ji furnished the perfect human being (the Khalsa). Guru Ji said

'Mai Hou Param Purakh Ko Daasaa Dhekhan Aaiyo Jagat Tamaashaa'

and in the service of the Great One he blessed the human being with perfection. It is on the dust of this divine land that Baba ji had a great desire to meditate on.

After a few days he informed his family of his desire and set out to fulfill it. He left Sargodhe and arrived at Anandpur. He visited the great shrine then he went to Anandgharr Kilaa (about a kilometer away; it was built by Guru Gobind Singh Ji to protect Anandpur Sahib from attack).Baba Ghanayaa Singh Ji was doing the seva at that time. He gave Baba ji a small room in which to stay. The following day he began fulfilling his mind's appetite. After his Nitnem he would complete 32 maalaas of Mool Mantr every day. He would eat one meal from Guru Ji's langar each day. In the remaining time, he would help in the ongoing seva and conserve it in Guru Ji's service.

He continued this for six months with the grace of Guru Ji's lotus feet. Satguru Ji showered His blessing. He then did the Degh Di Seva at Anandpur Sahib and returned to Sargodhe (Pakistan) aftervisiting other Gurdwaras in Punjab on the way.

Chapter 14 Avtar Singh Dhaler Overcomes Disease through Gurbani

Avtar Singh was Baba ji's nephew and had become very ill. He had Arthritis which had stiffened all his joints. His body was in agony and he spent all day screaming in pain. The screaming got to such an extent that even his parents got fed up which resulted in his in-laws taking him to their house. After trying many medicines (Ayurvedic etc which had no effect) his family took him to Mio Hospital in Lahore. But six months treatment actually made the situation worse. As Gurbani says

'Bipath Paree Sabh Hee Sangh Shaadath Kouu Na Aavath Nerai ||' Sorath M:9 Page 634 (in pain, nobody comes near) and now even his in-laws gave up and he had to return to his home. Baba ji had just returned from Anandpur Sahib when his mother informed him of Avtar Singh's ill health. So he decided to visit him. As he entered the room, Avtar Singh experienced a certain amount of comfort and he even felt better physically. Baba ji returned home after a short while. A few days later, he visited him again. As with the previous visit, Avtar Singh felt a lot better and they conversed for some time. As Baba ji was leaving, Avtar Singh requested his help. Baba ji advised him to say 'Vaheguru, Vaheguru' instead of 'Hai Hai'. But he just replied that he wasn't able to do this. Baba ji left for home. Avtar Singh told his mother that if she wanted him to get better, she would have to ask his uncle (Harnam Singh) to help. His mother approached Baba ji's mother and asked her to persuade Harnam Singh to help her son. All the doctors had given up saying there was nothing they could do, so he was the only hope. Narain Kaur discussed the situation with Harnam Singh. She said 'Son! If there is anything you can do to help him then do it. Avtar Singh's life could be saved.'. Harnam Singh accepted and said 'Mother. I cannot refuse your request. I did not want to, but because you have asked me to I will do it.'. As Sukhmani Sahib tells us:

'Brahmgiani Parupkaar Umaahaa' Page 273 and

'Apnaa Bigaar Biraanaa Saa(n)dai ||' Page 875

Baba ji would go to Avtar Singh's house every day. He would spread a clean cloth on the floor and he would ask Avtar Singh to lie down next to where he was sitting. He would then recite the following shabad, doing 32 maalaas: 'Sirr Mastak Rakhya Parbrahman(g) Hast Kaayaa Rakhya Parmesvareh || Aatam Rakhya Gopal Suaami Dhan Charan Rakhya Jagdheesvareh || Sarab Rakhya Gur Dayaaleh Bhhai Duukh Binaasneh || Bhagat Vashal Anaath Naathay Saran Nanak Purakh Achutheh ||' (Salok Sanskrithi Page 1358) Baba ji said that after a few days of doing this, he was reciting and had just completed two maalaas. Suddenly, a Shaheed Singh abruptly grabbed him from behind by the neck and just below the base of the spine and tried to pin him to the ground. He tried a second time. When he tried the third time Baba ji said 'Why don't you come in front of me and tell me what your problem is?'.

The other Shaheed Singh who was standing to his right told him that the manmukh(atheist) that he was helping was not worthy of it. He had stood on the stage and slandered Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, and the things that he said were so detestable, they cannot be repeated. We would have killed him right away, but we thought it more fit to make him suffer miserably, yet you pray for his life to be saved! Baba ji requested that they allow him to repent by asking for their forgiveness. They replied 'Bhai Harnam Singh! He was cursed with this disease for his grave sin, but now we will leave him. We need no apology. In reality it was not forgivable.', after saying this they both vanished. The bruising and the pain at the back of Baba ji's neck (from where the Singh had manhandled him) remained there for three days afterwards. From that day there were great improvements in Avtar Singh's health. On the 40th day, the Bhog and Ardaas were done. Now the same Avtar Singh who could not get out of bed at one time was up and walking. He had fully regained his health.

Baba ji questioned Avtar Singh about what he had said and also told him what happened. He told him to never do anything like it again and to remain in the love and fear of Satguru Ji. For a short period, while he remembered his pain, Avtar Singh began reciting Gurbani. But after a short while, he stopped again. Ideally he should have continued and been saved in the next world, but as Guru Ji says: 'Binn Bhaagaa Gur Seviaa Naa Jaae ||' Page 1065 Baba ji constantly tried to make him walk on the right path. When Avtar Singh was in Bhoongay Block in Hoshiarpur working as a B.D.O he took Amrit after Baba Ji's persuasion. But his previous misdeeds made him take a heavy fall (he broke his Reht). Nowadays, he lives in Livingstone in America and is currently doing Pardhaan Di Seva in the Gurdwara. In this seva, he is trying to get forgiveness for all his misdeeds.

Note Just before the release of the second edition of 'Se Kinehaa', Avtar Singh died.

Chapter 15 Colonel Pyaaraa Singh's Eyesight Gets Better Through Guru's Hukam

When Avtar Singh had fully recovered from his disease through Naam, all his relatives and friends began to question how he had recovered when a year of medical treatment had failed. They were all becoming desperate to know. When they got to realise that it was not medicine but simply the power of 'Guru Shabad' they were even more astonished and they were filled with the desire to see Baba ji. Pyaaraa Singh was one of Avtar Singh's friends. He was a teacher in the King George Indian Military School in Ludhianaa and was selected as Second Lieutenant in the British Army Artillary Unit. Before being commissioned he had to go through a medical check up. The specialist doctor doing the check made a decision to fail him on the grounds of poor eye sight. Because of this failure, he had to continue service as a regular soldier. Within two years he got promotion and was moved to Lahore. Pyaaraa Singh met Vadhaavaa Singh there and asked him whether Avtar Singh was still alive. He was totally bewildered when he was told that Avtar Singh had regained full, normal health through a pious man called Bhai Harnam Singh who had used Gurbani, Naam and spirituality to cure him. He felt a very strong urge to meet Baba ji. The day was young so they both left for Sargodhe to meet Avtar Singh. When they got there, Avtar Singh enlightened them on all the events that had happened. They all decided that they should see Baba ji and make a humble request for his help in making Pyaaraa Singh's eyesight better. Avtar Singh and Vadhaavaa Singh went to Baba ji and told him about Pyaaraa Singh and that the Board had agreed to give him a second medical. If the Board passed this test, then he would be instated as Second Lieutenant. After being informed of the matter, Baba ji told them that everything was under Satguru Ji's command. He told them to come to the Gurdwara the following morning at 7:00 am. After having Parshaad, they will supplicate to Satguru Ji who is forever willing to shower His blessing. The next day, they arrived at the Gurdwara. Baba ji had also arrived as he did every morning, to pray to Satguru Ji. After doing so, he did Ardaas to Satguru Ji and then read the HukamNaamaa. Then he said 'Pyaaraa Singh! Our Father, Satguru Ji has fulfilled your request.' He got up and walked to the area of the floor where the holy congregation passed everyday to pray to Guru Ji. He reached to the ground and touched the dust on the floor. He then rubbed it on Pyaaraa Singh's eyes and said 'Now go! The board cannot fail your eyesight now.' They paid there respects and left. The following week, the Board Chairman, who was an English Doctor, re-tested his eyes. Pyaaraa Singh read the test with relative ease. The Doctor went throught it again to make sure and informed him that a foolish Doctor had wrongly failed him the first time and had wrecked his career. He told him that his eyesight was absolutely perfect. The Chairman of the Board wanted him instated as Second Lietenant as soon as possible. After processing the report, Pyaaraa Singh got his promotion. He was later promoted to Colonel and retired a short while later. Where all worldly paths fail, Satguru Ji's blessing gives us guidance and company and an Ardaas to Him fulfills all desires and ambitions. When Satguru Ji and the Sangat look down on us with grace, it is as our Fifth Guru Ji has described in the following Shabad:

Bilaaval M:5 (Page 809) Pingal Parbath Par Paray Khal Chathur Bakeethaa || Andhulay Thribhavan Sujhiaa Gur Bhet Puneethaa || Mehmaa Saadhu Sang Kee Sunho Mere Meethaa || Maill Khoee Kot Agh Haray Nirmal Bheay Cheethaa || Aisee Bhagath Govind Kee Keet Hasthee Jeethaa || Jo Jo Keeno Aapno Thiss Abhay Daan Deethaa || Singh Bilaaee Hoe Gayo Thrinn Mayr Dhikeethaa || Sram Karthay Dham Aad Ko Thay Ganee Dhaneetha || Kavan Vadaaee Keh Sako Beanth Guneethaa || Kar Kirpaa Muhe Naam Deho Nanak Dar Sareethaa ||4||7||

God is ever present and the Giver of All. In the Service of Guru Ji what cannot be attained? Everything is attained. Those who are not worthy of desiring anything, even their desires are fulfilled. He is the cure for the diseased. God gives his Bhagat the great gift of praise (gift beyond gifts).

Paashan(g) Karoth Agrneeveh Niraasan(g) Aas Puraneh || Nirdhan Bhayan(g) Dhanvantheh Rogeean(g) Rog Khandaneh || Bhagthan(g) Bhagath Dhaanan(g) Raam Naam Gunn Keertaneh || Paarbrahm Purakh Dhaathaareh || Nanak Gur Seva Kian(g) Na Labhethay || Salok Sehskrithi Page 1355

Chapter 16 Invaluable Writings Thrown into the Fire

A wealthy individual usually doesn't disclose all his wealth to everyone. He only shows the amount that it required for his everyday living. In this way, Baba ji would not disclose his spiritual wealth. He kept the bounty he had attained through meditation and Naam Jap hidden (with Guru Ji's help) and under Guru's command he behaved very much like and ordinary person. At first, when Guru Ji would explain or order him to do something, he would record it in a diary which he kept under lock and key (the objective of doing this was that if he died, then somebody would find this diary and read it. This would inspire them to become a Sikh of Guru Ji). But he was forced to burn the diary because of an event which happened in Sargodhe when someone stayed over one night. Baba ji awoke early and went to the river bank as was his daily routine. The cupboard where the diary was kept accidentally been left unlocked and the diary was read by the person staying in the room. About four hours later when Baba ji returned, the man said 'Bhai Sahib ji! Satguru ji has spoken to you on many occasions but you have never given any sign of this.' Baba ji asked him how he had found out, to which the man answered that he had read the diary. Baba ji told him that what he had done was immoral. He was willing to accept what had happened but he humbly requested that he should not tell anyone about what he had read. But he could not keep to his word and he told many people. These individuals approached Baba ji and asked him to narrate all these happenings to them. But he blatantly refused. The following day, he thought about the situation. If someone else gets hold of this diary, then they will also tell others and even more people will start coming and asking what the experiences were. To continuously refuse people is morally wrong as well, because they will get upset. On the other hand, if tell someone, then others will also come asking me to tell them too. Baba Kabeer Ji's shabad is and everlasting warning to us:

'Kabir Sikh Saakhaa Bahuthay Keeay Keso Keeo Na Meeth || Chaalay Thhe Har Milan Ko Beechay Atkio Cheeth || Page 1369

The whole point of this simran and meditation is to take the soul to the highest state. Not to get people worshipping you. One cannot afford to get side tracked on this path. After thinking long and hard, he decided that keeping a diary was by no means an option, so it was only right to burn the diary. He stopped writing from that day. If all these events could have been recorded then they would have been invaluable. But this was obviously contrary to Guru Ji's will. On the 23rd September 1970, at the age of 73, a cassette was recorded of all the events at that time. The cassette is still available today.