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Shri Buta Singh Ji, Founder Sant Nirankari

In 1978 the Sant Nirankaris once a part of the Nirankaris were excommunicated by the orthodox Akal Takht for their belief that Guru Gobind Singh was not the last living human Guru and for maintaining that the Guru Granth Sahib was not therefore the final and eternal Guru of the Sikhs.

Baba Buta Singh Ji's use of alcholic beverages, being a lover of wine in particular, resulted in his actually being ousted from the Nirankari Darbar on the charges of intoxication.

A Co-founder of the Sant Nirankari Mission, this article was written by his followers

Baba Buta Singh Ji was born in the year 1873 at Village Headwal, Dist. Kaimalpur (now Pakistan) in the family of Shri Vishan Singh Ji and Smt. Mayawanti Ji. He had spiritual leanings from his early childhood and had developed a special aptitude for reciting Gurbani (holy verses from the Adi Granth). A good orator on Gurbani, he was equally sincere and serious in understanding it as well. This trait helped in paving his way to reach and realise the Truth. It is said that whenever he would recite or sing Gurbani, he would be so lost in it as to forget even his physical self. He was so clear headed and strong-minded in his concepts that nobody could utter even a single word to negate his view point.

One day, while singing, he repeated the following line four times:

"Mohan Ghar Aavo, Haun Karon Jodariya"
"O Lord, come home, I humbly entreat"

Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji poses a question

Those sitting in the congregation were enjoying the delightful recitation. One of them, Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji, who was also listening to Baba Buta Singh Ji with rapt attention, noted the repetition of the above line. After the programme, he could not resist approaching Baba Buta Singh Ji. He asked him politely,

"Bhai Buta Singh Ji, where is your Mohan (Lord) whom you want to meet?" and added hastily, "First know Him, otherwise your calling Him will have no effect."

These words had a piercing effect on Baba Buta Singh Ji. He clearly understood that this person did possess some spiritual secret. He followed him for knowing the Truth. Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji tried to put him off, but ultimately he had to yield to the former's humility and strong urge to know the Secret, but with a suggestion that he would not share it further with any one. Baba Buta Singh Ji pleaded humbly,

"Kindly don't impose any restrictions. The world is as thirsty as I am. People are suffering badly for want of God-knowledge. Let there be no conditions."

Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji explained that Truth is never readily accepted by the world. Intoxicated by materialism and afflicted by pride, the world would not listen to a devotee of God and believe him without reluctance. There would be criticism, there would be opposition, there would be resistance. Vested interests would always create hurdles in the path of Truth. He, however, appreciated the keenness on the part of Baba Buta Singh Ji and revealed the Secret with a practical hint. To his utmost delight, Baba Buta Singh JI found himself surrounded by the omnipresent God.

'Mohan' did come 'home'!

At the time of receiving Brahm Gyan (God Knowledge), Baba Buta Singh Ji was 40 years old. For about 15 years he remained quiet, assimilating what he had come to know from Bhai Sahib Kahan Singh Ji and comparing it with the vast knowledge of Gurbani he had. Thereafter Baba Buta Singh Ji started revealing the Divine Secret to whosoever was found interested. The approach was, of course, cautious and selective.

He Worked with his hands and Lived a Simple Life

Baba Buta Singh Ji and his esteemed wife led a simple life having few demands. They had no children. Future, therefore, was never a cause of worry for the couple. Even otherwise, being a staunch devotee of God, Baba Buta Singh Ji gave little thought to worldly requirements beyond what was necessary for the 'present'. For livelihood, he depended on his skill at tattooing. It enabled him not only to maintain the small family, but also to serve his guests, mostly God-loving people.

Baba Buta Singh Ji would spend most of his time in discussing spiritualism with friends and other acquaintances. He would not mind even visiting them. Those who had the occasion to meet him bear witness to the fact that he had to labour hard and even face trouble while trying to convince people that whatever he sought to convey was reality, the Truth. It is said that he had a providential escape when someone tried to kill him by poison. Baba Buta Singh Ji was, however, always kind and forgave his opponents and the critics.

Baba Avtar Singh Ji and Baba Buta Singh Ji Founders of the The Sant Nirankari Mission

The Sant Nirankaris began their Mission formally in May, 1929, when Baba Avtar Singh Ji received God-Knowledge from Baba Buta Singh Ji and joined him in taking the spiritual light to as many people as possible. The two formed a spirited team until Baba Buta Singh Ji breathed his last in 1943 and the Satguru manifested himself in Baba Avtar Singh JI.