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Atam Purayan Teeka is a book written by Bhai Santokh Singh. The date of this work is unknown. This book is a translation of "Atma Purana" into Sadhukari prose. The word "Teeka" means a translation and explanation of a literary work.

Before the birth of Guru Nanak, the Sants, Bhagats and Pirs expressed their beliefs not in the classical Sanskrit language, but in a language which was closely related to that of the common people to whom they addressed their teachings. The basis of this dialect, which has been called Sadhukari was Khari Boll, mixed with old Rajasthani, Braj, Panjabi and Purvi Boli spoken in what is now eastern Uttar Pradesh.

This language seems to have evolved from various similar "dialects" which, with minor modifications, had been used by the holy Saints all over northern India for many hundreds of years prior to the birth of the founder of Sikhi, Guru Nanak.

Bhai Santokh Singh, (8 October 1787 - 19 October 1843) the noted author of six important literary works - Naam Kosh, Guru Nanak Parkash, Garb Ganjni Teeka (teeka means translation and explanation of a work), Balmik Ramayan, Atam Purayan Teeka and his magnum opus, Sri Gur Partap Suraj Granth aka Suraj Parkash, was born on 8 October 1787. He was the son of Bhai Deva Singh and Mata Rajadi, professional cloth printers of Nurdin village, also known as Sarai Nurdin, 7 km northwest of Tarn Taran in Amritsar district of the Punjab.

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