Asman Khan

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ASMAN KHAN or ASMAN KHAN (d. 1635), a Pathan who sacrilegiously appropriated the robe of honour, a sword and a horse bestowed by Guru Hargobind on his father in law, Painda Khan, and poached a hawk belonging to the Guru's eldest son, Baba Gurditta. When questioned, Painda Khan defended his son in law and denied the charges levelled against him. However, Bhai Bidhi Chand, at the bidding of Guru Hargobind, recovered the articles from Asman Khan's possession. Both Painda Khan and Asman Khan rose against the Guru, and enlisted the support of the Mughal faujdar of Jalandhar. A clash occurred at Kartarpur during the last week of April 1635. Asman Khan was killed in this battle with an arrow from Baba Gurditta's bow.