Akali Baba Natha Singh Ji Shaheed

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Akali Baba Natha Singh Ji Shaheed
Shaheed Ganj Shaheed Natha Singh Shaheed (Sialkot)

Shaheed Akali Baba Natha Singh Ji (d. 1784), was an 18th century, Sikh Warrior and martyr of the Sikh faith, belonged to the famous Bhatt Sikh family, of Punjab, according to the Bhatra Sikhs.

He had joined the regiment of the Misl Shaheedan, founded by Shaheed Baba Deep Singh Ji (1682-1757), the great Sikh Warrior, and Martyr, and the first Damdami Taksal Jathedar, based at Talwandi Sabo, in the Malva region of Punjab. In 1781, at old age, Baba Natha Singh Ji, succeeded by Baba Karam Singh, and became the Jathedar of Misl Shaheedan, for three years he served the Khalsa Panth, as the Leader of the great Misl Shaheedan.

Shaheed Baba Natha Singh Ji, along with Baba Dyal Singh, were appointed as the administrator of Sialkot, after the Sikhs took over the area of Sialkot, from Pathans. The Bhangi Misl, one of the 12 Sikh Confederacies, had secured all of the Sialkot District, of Punjab. Baba Natha Singh, looked after the Sikh Shrines of Gurdwara Bair Sahib (Sialkot), and Gurdwara Baoli Sahib, Sialkot (City). He also, managed the Gurdwara Tham Sahib, Patshahi Panjvin, at Kartarpur, in Jalandhar District of Punjab, and was also in charge of the Jalandhar area. He was succeeded by Akali Baba Naina Singh Ji (d. 1800), who made Amritsar, his main seat.

In 1784, Baba Natha Singh attained Shaheedi, the Sikh Misldars (Chieftains), built, a Samadh on the spot, It was managed by the Sikh priests, The Prakash of Guru Granth Sahib, used to take place until 1947 partition took place, The Samadh is a very rare Sikh Heritage about 228 years old, building, constructed during the reign of the 12 Sikh Misls.