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Abdullah Khan or Abdul Khan or Ali beg was a Turkish chieftain and the Mughal Subedar (Governor) of Jallandhar who fought a battle against Guru Hargobind in 1629.

Abdullah Khan's war against Sikhs

Main article: Battle of Hargobindpur

The Battle of Hargobindpur was, the second battle in which Guru Hargobind and his Sikh Risaldari (comrades), fought the forces of Abdullah Khan. This historic war took place in September 1629 (however, some chronicles mention 1628).

The battle was fought near the village of Ruhela where Guru Hargobind and his army defeated the Mughal force commanded by Abdullah Khan. After the victory the area in which the battle was fought became the town of Sri Hargobindpur.

Abdullah Khan first sent 4000 soldiers to Hargobindpur and ordered the local chieftains Bairam Khan, Muhomad Khan, Balwand Khan, Imam Baksh, Nabi Baksh, Chirag Din, Akbar Khan and Sher Muhommad to ready their forces; they were to be his main pawns in his plan. He then divided these forces, sending them to eight different locations around the [Sikh] army.

Guru Hargobind gave command of his army to Bhai Jattu and selected one jathedar (leader) for each jatha (group). Those selected to lead the jathas were Bhai Piraga, Bhai Mathra Bhat (son of Baba Bhikha), Bhai Jagan Nath, Bhai Jagna, Bhai Saktu, Bhai Jati Mall, Bhai Paras Ram, Bhai Malooka and Bhai Kalyana. The Guru kept the jatha of Bhai Bidhi Chand in reserve so that they could add support wherever it was needed.

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