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August 15 - India gains its independence from the United Kingdom. A largely sikhs & Hindu but secular India and a Muslim Pakistan are created by partition of the subcontinent, with Punjab and Bengal divided along religious-demographic boundaries between the two.Hindu - Muslim riots break out along both the western and eastern borders.Mass tranfer of refugees takes place from India to Pakistan and vice-versa.The monarch of Kashmir signs instrument of accession with India in the face of heavy attack from Pakistani tribals and troops. Jawaharlal Nehru becomes Prime Minister of India. Nehru unfurls the Indian tricolor on the ramparts of the magnificent Red Fort, symbolically marking the end of British colonial rule.

September 13 - Nehru suggests transfer of 4 million Hindus and Muslims between India and Pakistan.

October 20 - The Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 begins.

On 10 - th Oct. 1947 the Sikhs were declared a tribe of cruel dacoits and looters (Jraem Pesha Kaum) by the so called iron man, the Home Minister Mr. Patel of free India and they were to be maltreated under a secret circular to all the Deputy Commissioners.