When fake Singhs killed Mughal soldiers...

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Once Ahmad Shah Abdali and Zakariya Khan were talking. Abdali was an afghan invader and Zakariya Khan was, the governor of Punjab.

Abdali : I was attacked by some people in your kingdom!

Zakariya : Huh!? ... No sir, they can't be my people!

Abdali : Then?

Zakariya : Sir, they must be Singhs.

Abdali : Singhs? who are these Singhs?

Zakariya : Sir, I can't show you a real one, but we have actors, who can perform and show you what they look and act like.

Abdali : Ok, thats fine. Show me. I'm very curious.

Zakariya arranged for some actors, the leader of the group was an old man. They were asked to show a drama depicting Singhs.

Zakariya : So you are going to act like Singhs and show us?

Leader of group : Yes sure, we will show you, Sir.

Zakariya : Thats fine.

Leader of group : Sir can you do another thing please? Make your soldiers launch a fake attack on us. We can even act how Singhs fight.

Zakariya : Thats fine.

These actors went into the jungles and sat there. One actor sat on top of the tree to look out for enemy assault... Someone was doing paath... A few of them sat and did (gurbani) vichaar... But the common thing was that they all were saying something in their mouth (reciting WAHEGURU obviously).

When the soldiers attacked, the actor on the tree said "Singho! the army of frogs has attacked! get ready!". The Singhs got up and geared up to fight... But before that, they acted as though they were doing ardas... Towards the end, they said "Guru Gobind Singh jee, please give us the might to fight and win"... After this, they raised the jaikara 'WAHEGURU JI KA KHALSA WAHEGURU JI KI FATEH and jumped on the battlefield to fight.

What happened, was that these few actors, actually killed a large number of soldiers. Abdali and Zakariya khan had to run for their lives... Later on these guys were captured somehow and brought before Zakariya khan and Abdali. Zakariya khan couldn't look into the eyes of the leader of the group, who was in chains, who had the fierce expression of an actual Singh in his eyes. Someone threw water on his face and he came back to his senses and looked around.

leader : Huh?! What happened?

Zakariya : You don't know what happened? You killed so many of our soldiers. And now you are asking what happened?

Leader : Sir, we were only acting... But when we did the ardas, it turned out to be true... And when we raised the jakara, that also turned out to be true... After that we dunno what got inside us...

Moral of the sakhi/story

If a fake Singh, an actor, can have so much might, after doing true ardas and raising the jaikara whole-heartedly, imagine what a real Singh can do!