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Teporal System ??

  • What is A Temporal System ??
  • How is it objectively defined ??
  • An example of the temporal system ??

"....temporal systems cannot claim sole understanding of the one transcendental Truth....."

Look forward to source of the above expression ??

any views !!

User:Mutia 15 Mar 07

PS: jo Boly so Nihal !!!

User:Mutia 15 Mar 07

  • Sikhism is not a Temporal System.
  • Sikhism is Lord TRUTH's System.
  • All Sikhs are Mr. TRUTHs
  • Khalsa is a clan of such dare devils which only a daredevils can comment upon.....

Iqubal Sahib' s following lines say nothing but TRUTH to a would be sikh loud & clear.....

Kude ko kr bul.d iqna ki hr qdber s' p"hl' Kuda b.d' s' Kud pu$' ki bqa q're rza kia h  ??????

hua kia jo tUfan n' J.jkor dia, lo hmn' fir bna lia aSi.a apna....y' baq ja k' kise quf.a s' kho......

baaq he ku$ e"se h" ki hsqe mitqe n.he hmare vrnva sdi.o s' duSmn rha h" zmana hmara

Try posing the above query to a TRUE Sikh......before you open your lips he hits back

hukm rzaae cllxa nank liKia nal...!!!!!!

jo (sc) bolyyyyyyyyyyyy so nihaaaaaaaaaaaaaal !

freda bur' da Bla kr gussa nm na h.da..........

jo na boly so ve nihl !

--Mutia 13:55, 6 October 2007 (EDT)