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Why call this "Riots".Riot is the quarrel between two communities. Please call it "1984 Sikh Carnage" as only one community was attacked. 3000 is Govt figure, more than 10000 Sikhs were murdered.Kindly correct it. Dont praise RSS and BJP in this article,everybody knows at that time who attacked Sikhs. The praise of RSS and BJP has been removed.

Well nanavati ton baad Dohta wati commision aaoo gee, Te tuanu kee lagdaa insaaf karoogee, Yaara adhee sadi beet jaani ae aapae bhul bhulaa jaoongae

Sardaar naal dhakka hoyaa see, tae sardar manmohan singh hath jor rehaa see

wah wae gandhiae family, eh kaisie insaafi, sardaaran naal hoya dhakka, tae sardar hee mangan maafee

Will this be made the Featured Article for the anniversary of this 1984 Sikh Carnage, Massacre, and Pogrom?