Sri Sant Ratan Mal

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SRI SANT RATAN MAL by Bhai Lal Chand, containing biographical sketches in Punjabi of the Sevapanthi saints, completed in 1919 Bk/AD 1862 at Amritsar, was first published in 1924 and reprinted in 1954 by Bhai Hira Singh Mahant, Sevapanthi Addan Shahi Sabha, Patiala. The voluminous work, comprising 563 printed pages, deals with the lives of prominent personages connected with the Sevapanthi sect, providing some incidental information about contemporary personalities such as Maharaja Ranjit Singh, Baba Sahib Singh Bedi of Una and Baba Vadbhag Singh. The accounts of the saints are hagiographical in nature. The book also includes Babek Sar, popularly called Bhai Daya Ram Addan Shah Prashanotn (pp. 223252). Tins is a philosophical discourse between two wellknown Sevapanthi saints, Bhai Daya Ram and Addan Shah, the former raising questions and the latter answering them. The points at issue mainly relate to Vedanta and 10 Sikh Gurus teachings and philosophy.