Sant Kir­pal ­Singh

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Sant Kir­pal ­Singh ji

Sant Kir­pal ­Singh ji (1894 – 1974), a ­great ­saint of ­the twen­ti­eth cen­tu­ry ­needs no in­tro­duc­tion ­for ­the ho­ly ­work that he did ­for hu­man­i­ty through­out ­the ­world.

He ­was ­the dis­tin­guished ex­po­nent of ­the Di­vine Sci­ence of ­the Soul, ­and hav­ing ­the mas­tery ­over it, He ­gave ­the prac­ti­cal ex­pe­ri­ence to ­all ­the yearn­ing ­souls ­and ­was ­thus ac­claimed as ­the ­most ad­vanced ­and ­the on­ly com­pe­tent Mas­ter af­ter Ba­ba Saw­an ­Singh Ji.

He ­was ­sent by ­God as ­the sa­vi­our, ­and He ­brought ­the mes­sage of ­hope ­for re­demp­tion ­and sal­va­tion to ­the re­cep­tive ­souls ­and ­taught ­them ­self-pa­tience, ­love, ­and in­ner yearn­ing. He ­taught ­the ­world ­over ­the vir­tues of for­bear­ance, pa­tience, for­give­ness ­and god­li­ness ­with ­deep rev­er­ence ­and be­came ­the ­head-­crown of ­kings ­and pau­pers, ­rich ­and ­poor, sin­ners ­and ­pious.

­His teach­ing centred be­tween ­God ­and ­man by de­vel­op­ing ­man ­and serv­ing ­man, ­and re­mind­ed ­the hu­man be­ings of the re­la­tion­ship be­tween ­the ­two prac­ti­cal­ly. He ­blessed us ­with high­er val­ues of ­life, ­and ­the ­very hid­den vir­tues to ­the great­est ­heights ­and ­asked ­all who ­were in­i­tiat­ed in­to ­the mys­tery of ­the be­yond to tell Him, if ­they ev­er ­could get any­thing high­er ­than ­that. ­But so ­far no ­one ­turned up to ­tell some­thing high­er ­than ­that.

­His ­way of teach­ing ­was ex­cel­lent. De­spite He ­was ­the sa­vi­our ­and pro­tec­tor of hu­man­i­ty ­and ­God-in­to-ac­tion Pow­er, He ­taught us ­the ba­sic ne­ces­si­ties of ­truth eter­nal as ­man to ­man, ­but ­more prac­ti­cal­ly as Fa­ther to ­son. ­Wherever He ­did so, He ­looked love­a­ble, com­pas­sion­ate, ­and ­very ­kind. We could ­feel ­His pris­tine ­and il­lus­tri­ous beau­ty in ­our ­heart.

­His ­talks ­with ­His chil­dren through­out ­His so­journ ­were ­from ­heart to ­heart. He dis­pelled ­our ig­nor­ance, ­the ­very ­root ­cause of ­our ­faulty ex­is­tence, through ­His ra­di­a­tion ­full of ­all hu­mil­i­ty ­and ­love, ­thus re­mov­ing ­the fet­ters of at­tach­ment, il­lu­sions ­and ­sense of du­al­i­ty.

­When look­ing con­stant­ly ­and love­a­bly in ­His ­eyes ­and on ­His fore­head, He ­changed ­from ­one mo­ment to an­other ­and ra­di­at­ed ­our ­heart dif­fer­ent­ly at each mo­ment. ­This prac­ti­cal feel­ing, ­though be­yond ex­pres­sion, ­lives ­with ­the ­life of ­the dis­ci­ple ­for ­all ­the ­times. By look­ing in­to ­His ­eyes, ­one ­could over­come ­one’s short­com­ings ­and ­was ­helped to ­pledge to ­live a ho­ly ­and har­mo­ni­ous ­life.

­Alas, we ­could ­not re­mem­ber ­Him as ­much as we ­wish ­now. On­ly af­ter ­His phys­i­cal de­par­ture we ­could ­know ­the in­ten­si­ty of sep­ar­a­tion ­full of ­sweet re­mem­branc­es.

My Mas­ter, ­You ­taught us to ­love ­the ­source of ­give, ­give ­and ­give, ­and for­give ­and for­get, ­but on­ly af­ter ­Your phys­i­cal de­par­ture we ­could ­know ­the mean­ing of ­love.

Oh, my ­sweet ­Lord, ­since ­You ­are hold­ing ­the ­seat of ­the Crea­tor ­bless all, car­ing ­not wheth­er ­they ­are wor­thy or ­not.