Guru Tegh Bahadhur Ji In Amritsar

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Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji spent some time at Bakala communicating divine instructions to his beloved Sikhs. In the month of Magh, Sambat 1722, Satguru Ji went to Amritsar to bathe in the sacred tank, and behold the paradisal temple of Satguru Sri Guru Ram Das Ji Maharaj, the king of kings and the saint of saints.

Maharaj bathed, but the ministrants of the sacred edifice closed the doors of Sri Darbar Sahib against him. The miistrants turned away the ninth Nanak from his own House. Satguru saluted it however from without, then went beyond the precincts, and rested on a spot where now a stone platform dedicated to him. It was hear that Maharaj said it was they who were rotten within, who had through greed of offerings entered the temple. Guru Sahib then went and sat on a common near the spot where now is a cattle-market, and on which a damdama, or resting-place, has been built in his honour.

When the inhabitants of Amritsar heard what had occurred, they went in a body to him, and with great humility all bowed before their beloved Guru Sahib. They then in one voice begged Guru Sahib to return and revoke his prophetic curse, because it was his holy ancestors who had founded the edifice.

Maharaj smiled at his beloved sons and daughters and denied that his words bore the significance of a curse. He had merely stated the condition in which the ministrants then were, and in which they should remain.

Meanwhile a company of Sikhs came from the village of Walla, and with great humility begged their dear Guru Sahib to go and live with them and bless their village, a prayer to which the King of kings graciously acceded. When Guru Sahib's children come before his with complete faith and devotion, how can such a Guru how loves his children so much, say no to them?

On leaving Amritsar Guru Ji was escorted by the women of the city. On seeing their devotion he said, 'Waheguru's love and devotion shall ever abide among you.' In commemoration of Satguru Sri Guru Tegh Bahadhur Sahib Ji's visit a fair called the Kothe da Mela is held yearly at Walla on the day of the full moon in the month of Magh.

Having communicated religious instruction to the inhabitants of Walla, Guru Sahib then returned to his favourite Bakala. Here too he was not allowed to abide in peace, for the old jealousy and enmity of the Sodhis had revived.