Guru Nanak in Uzbekistan

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Some sources said that Guru Nanak went to Uzbekistan on his return journey from the west. Two places Bukhara & Samarqand commemorate Guru Nanak's visit. Some give a date of 1517-1522 for the Guru's visit while othwers date the visit as 1514-1517.

There is a Dharamsala in memory of the Guru. It is said that the Sikhs installed the holy Granth in this Dharamsala in 1858. As far north as Bukhara several Sikh merchants are found, but beyond that the numbers grow few. Another town named Karmine was said to be visted by the Guru near the town of Vakand. The poeple of this place are devoted only to Guru Nanak Wali Hind and his discipline.

Then the Guru visited Karshi. The memorial of Nanak Qalandhar is situated to the south of the town. In Samarkand, the people of this place still hold him in veneration and worship the Asa (staff) of Nanak Kalandhar.

A village in the area named Narata was visited by the Guru there is a spring associated with the Guru at this place on a hill. The people remember the Guru mostly as Pir Wali Hind. Some of them remember him as Nanak Qlandhar. The keepers of this memorial say that in 1826 the Emir of Bukhara attacked the Emir of Hissar (in Uzbekistan) he was defeated in the first battle, but when he prayed at the teh (spring) of Nanak Pir, he was successful in his next attempt.

In the area around Ura Tybe people are disciples of the Guru and do not talk of any other preceptor except Wali Hind.