Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh Shaheed (Solkhian)

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Gurudwara Baba Deep Singh Shaheed

Gurdwara Baba Deep Singh (Solkhian) is a historic gurdwara at the site where Baba Deep Singh ji once stopped to camp with his army. In 1968 the stone was kept by Baba Niranjan singh and this place was found by Sardar Thaan Singh. Baba Saroop je then tookover the sewa of the gurdwara later turning it over to the care of Baba Nihal Singh Tarna Dal.

Gurudwara Solkhian (Picture taken through Bus window)

Gurudwara Solkhian, It was here that after the victory at Sirhind and the defeat of Wazir Khan, when the fauj ove to chapan shiri with Banda Bahadur, Deep Singh came here with the tarna dal. After the fight at Chapan Chirhi Baba Deep Singh moved towards Takhat Kesgarh Sahib. Along the way he and the Tarna Dal stayed at the site of this historic Gurdwara for a day.

Traveling from from Chandigarh towards Anandpur Sahib one always passes this Gurdwara.