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This is an article uses several languages: English, Hindi, Punjabi, reprinted from Labana Sewak a monthly informational magazine on Sikhi.


Balwinder Singh Fidda, also called Fiddu, Rustm-e-Kabaddi, Kabaddi da Betaaz Badshah(Crownless King Of Kabbadi), Bakan Khiladi, Kabaddi Da ladla puttar (Son of Kabaddi), was a great kabaddi player who won the Arjuna Award for the game of Kabaddi.

Fidda was born on the 23rd of March in 1956; he was the son of Charan Kaur and Sardar Banta Singh a farmer in the village of Tandi district Kapurthala.

Growing up on a farm build a strong body, in childhood, when he would (chaar the majhan), he always dreamed of kabbadi his heart felt desire was to become the best kabaddi player. He had gundwaa and heavy sareer. Later as a player his coach's name was Sarwan Singh Ramildi.

During his first tournament of kabaddi; the punjab state kabaddi tournament, noless!, he was not allowed to play, but in the finals his coach allowed him to play for some unrecorded reason. He was no sooner in the game when he attacked the opponents with a hahahah and ahahaha— and fidda's team had won the finals and the Punjabi Gold Medal. Some southern coach came and thap thapa the peeth of fidda and said "good beta, play isi taranh and you will be the history of kabaddi. Those words put josh in him and they, 'nae kade fiddu nu ahparvah tae avesla nahin hon ditta' .

Fidda studied at nadala and the sports college at Jallandhar and won the all India University Kabaddi championship from Guru Nanak University at Amritsar and its Gold Medal. He was to do that many times more. Shivdev Singh, his captain, always hollered, 'shehri Fidda' and he played great everytime. Fidda do izzat of shivdev singh that jehri agwai, siyaanap, anushahshan shiv had given to kabaddi nobody can give. He was always selected for the senior national championships. Because of fidda, the kabaddi association even changed the rules of kabaddi in an effort to handi-cap Fidda.

Negative steps aimed at Fidda and his teams by KFI

Kadi ground de lambai wadhaundi, kadi chodai ghataundi, kadi bonus line paida hundi, kadi productive raid system lagoo kardi and kadi kujh hor when fiidaa was in punjab team they did many changes in rules against the team punjab. Never the less, everytime team punjab won due to Fidda's game. Fidda never compained about the changing of the rules, his passion was kabaddi and he played-- whatever the rules.