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I think this seems to be three different tellings, just yet to be combined into one. The only difference is that their is no mention of a friendship with the Guru, yet he has a soft spot (corner?) for the Guru.

I for one have always wondered why the Guru would go to a Hindu shrine inside Gwalior Fort to do prayers for the Emperor at the bequest of Astrologers (he unlike Ranjit Singh has no documented admiration for astrology.)

And where does the story of the trespass on the Royal hunting preserve by the Guru's Sikh's, who have their master's hawk and steal or capture or knock down the Emperors white hawk, and refuse to return it because of rude words, occur. A susposed friendship with Jahangir and then attacks by Shah Jahan over the hawk? See, another fact I must research. I guess there is the rasing of a daughter in there.Allenwalla 23:48, 11 July 2008 (UTC)unclear i am.

are there printed historic versions of both stories?

New photo

at bottom is excellent the included figure adds scale nicely.