Jaimala in Sikhism

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Jaimala , A ritual done by max. sikhs is not allowed

Modernity is weighing heavy on the shoulders of the Sikh youth of today making them succumb to the so-called "Hindu rituals and rites" and in the process losing the identity blessed on them by The Ten Sikh Gurus and Guru Granth Sahib. Since a long time now it has been noticed that the Sikh Community is adopting some superstitious rituals like 'Jai-Mala' (flower garland) in their marriages. 'Rehat-Maryada' (the Sikh Code of Conduct) is now only a superficial document for some of them. The major incidents of 'Be-Adabi' (disrespect towards the code of conduct) have been noticed in the higher strata of Sikh community i.e. the rich and the privileged Sikh families. Incidents like these are tainting the pure, true and simple image of a Sikh in particular and of the Sikh community in general. Let us all join our hands for a fight against these bad elements raising their heads despite constant efforts made by many, who are the dedicated followers of 'Gursikhism'. The struggle to uproot these evils is our own and each one who finds solace in sikhism should join it.

By: Parminder Singh

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