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Sikandar Lodhi (14??-1517) (born Nizam Khan, died November 21, 1517) was the second ruler of the Lodhi Dynasty (1451-1526). He became Sultan upon the death of his father, Bahlul Khan Lodhi, on July 17, 1489. His rise to power was troublesome, with his older brother, Barbak Shah, the viceroy of Jaunpur, also staking a claim to the throne despite their father's nomination of Sikandar. However, he was able to claim the throne through delegation and was able to avoid massive bloodshed. In fact, he allowed his brother to keep governing Jaunpur, while also settling differences with an uncle, Alam Khan, who was also suspected of usurping the throne.

Sikandar proved to be a capable ruler who was kind to his subjects, and expanded Lodi territory into the regions of Gwalior and Bihar. He made a treaty with Alauddin Hussain Shah and his kingdom of Bengal. He was able to bring his native Afghan nobles under his control, and encouraged trade across his holdings. In 1503, he commissioned the building of the present-day city of Agra.

His death in 1517 was a loss to his people, as evidenced by his elaborate burial tomb that resides in Delhi.

The Sayyids (1414-1451) and the Lodis (1451-1526) Dynasties

Timeline Ruler
1414-1421 Reign of Khizr Khan
20 May 1421 Death of Khizr Khan
1451-1489 Reign of Buhlul Khan Lodi
1489-1517 Reign of Sikandar Lodi
21 Nov 1517 Death of Sikandar Lodi
1517-1526 Reign of Ibrahim Lodi
1526 Ibrahim Lodi killed by Babur army