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Guru Panth or Panth: Literally means "Guru’s path" or way; it refers to the path to salvation obtained by using the Guru's advise or Guru's word - ie: by using Gurbani. However, today, it is a word used commonly to describe the worldwide Sikh community -it refers of the global community following the Guru's path; ie: the community treading the path set by the Sikh Gurus.

Sometimes used to stand for Khalsa Panth as well but generally refers to a much bigger group or community. Panth is a word which refers to any group or community or society that follows the path established by the Sikh Gurus. "Panthic" is a reference to any matters relating to the "Panth" or "path of the Gurus" or "society of the Gurus".

As is well known, although the Gurus fought and won many battles, they never "conquered" any area or state or nation. All communities that existed were independent, secular and self-governing; the Gurus never enforced "their" rule on the community; everyone was free to become a Sikh or not depending on their own free will. The Gurus established the "Panth" - "the moral and spiritual code or way".

However, these communities that lived voluntarily in association with the Gurus formed part of the "Guru's panth" or "Guru's nation"; the word 'nation' is not a good translation as there were no borders; no concept of "legal" restrictions. However, the citizens of the panth had a sense of belonging; they considered themselves "citizens" of this community without borders; they acknowledged that they were certain rules and regulations that were excepted and required to adhere to, etc.

What is Guru Panth or Panth?

Guru Panth or Panth is a group of people, a community or society that lives under the spiritual and moral umbrella of the Sikh Gurus; it the moral and spiritual code established by the Sikh Gurus. The members of the panth are not necessarily fully fledged Sikhs but will people who will be stepping onto this path or will have loving lies/inclination with/towards Sikhi. The panth consists of people who will respect the Gurus ways and will make an attempt to follow this path laid down by the Gurus.


The word 'panth' or ਪੰਥ੝ s  appears many times in the Guru Granth Sahib - follow this links to read all the tuks: Occurrences of the word - panth in SGGS