Gurdwara Kund Sahib, Rehsema (now known as Salehpur)

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Gurdwara Kund Sahib has been completely destroyed. A tapashtan (Meditation quarter) at the edge of Kund Sahib is still standing today.

This village once known as Rehsema is a border village of the district and tehsil of Sialkot. There were three Gurdwaras built in the memory of a visit to the village by Guru Hargobind Ji. Now part of Pakistan the Gurdwaras have ceased to be used as places of Sikh worship.

  • Kund Sahib, now completely destroyed
  • Gurusar Sahib
  • Tahli Sahib.

This village is called Salehpur now. There is an embankment near Chaprar and the village can be reached by crossing this embankment.