Dera Baba Nanak, Kartarpur (Ravi)

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Darbar Sahib at Kartarpur (Ravi) is also called Dera Baba Nanak

The Gurdwara Darbar Sahib is situated in the town of Kartarpur (Ravi). The Gurdwara Sahib is better known as Dera Baba Nanak.

This is the place where Guru Nanak Ji departed from this world on 23rd Assu, Samvat 1596 (22nd Sept. 1529).

Dera Sahib Station is located about four kilometers from the Gurdwara on the Lahore-Narowal railway.

The Gurdwara is in Shakargarh tehsil, of Narowal district of Punjab province, Pakistan.

The Gurdwara was originaly built at a cost of Rs.1,35,600, from funds donated by Sardar Popindar Singh, the Maharaja of Patiala.

Information on situation

The Shrine is sited along the bank of the river Ravi.

It is in Kartarpur, Post Office Kajrurh, Tehsil Shakarhgarh, Distt Narowal, West Punjab, Pakistan

It is about 100 km. from Lahore and 180 Km, from Nanakana Sahib via Lahore. (Before Partition it was part of Distt Gurdaspur but later became part of Distt. Sialkot but then the Sialkot was bifurcated and Narowal carved out as Distt.)

On Indian side it is opposite to:

Village & Post Office, Police Station Dera Baba Nanak, Tehsil Batala, Distt. Gurdaspur Dera Baba Nanak is 54 Km from Amritsar, 35 km from Batala and 39 Km from Gurdaspur.


The Gurdwara after 9 years it was renovated (2004)

The Govt. of Pakistan renovated the Gurdwara in 1995 incurring an expenditure in lacs of rupees. It has a spacious and beautiful building. Its location beside a forest along the river Ravi makes its care difficult. A photo before the rennovations is shown below.

Estates owned by Kartarpur Sahib as per Land Revenue records

During a visit to Kartarpur, B.S. Goraya got the documents from a patwari.

Here a little comment from B.S. Goraya on the subject:

1371 Kanals 7 Marlas of Land in the name of Durbar Sahib Kartarpur.

Baba Guru Nanak was today extra kind on us when we went to Kartarpur for our monthly prayers for corridor. It so happened that when we were distributing a pamphlet on Kartarpur sahib while in our journey in a bus a gentleman asked a question. "you are a preacher of Kartarpur do you know how much land does stand in the name of Kartarpur?" We politely replied that we are the salaried people we don't know much. Later we came to know that he is an old patwari and possesses certified copies of land records of Kartarpur sahib. Today being the Lohrhi festival, with reluctance he agreed to furnish details without any cost with the condition that his name and photo be given on internet.

May Guru bless him health and long life.

Patwaris photo is also available at:-

  • Chakar Neech,
  • B.S.Goraya

The document he got was:

These pieces of land are as per Jamabandi of years variously 1922, 23 and 1924

Revenue of kartarpur.JPG

These are as per old killa measurements (1921-240 If we are to calculate exact area of land as per present scale in India we compute 1 killa = 9 kanals and 13 marlas. The modern killa is of 8 kanals.


An aged patwari S. Ajit Singh Village Khehra Near Palowali Fatehgarh Churhian, Tehsil Batala Distt. Gurdaspur. Tel. No. 91-1871-288742. He is in possession copies of old records which are also available in State Archives Patiala.

Ajit Singh was remarking that Guru Nanak Baba will be displeased if a poor cultivator is evicted (now after 58 years) from the above land of Baba Nanak. Only those who can afford may be conveyed that the ownership of the particular land belongs to Darbar Sahib.

Additional References

Kartarpur-Ravi - Sikh Inkalab da Sarot - Surjeet Singh Bhatia Tract No. 529