Darbar Baba Sri Chand (Bhuman Shah)

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The Darbar of Baba Shri Chand Ji is displaying its splendour within the complex of Dera Baba Bhuman Shah. It is a double storey building with a Beautiful Diwan hall. Inside the hall the domed Prakashasthan is captivating. The walls are decorated with beautiful frescoes depicting peacocks, birds, tigers, elephants, sarangis and tablas. Rhymes from Guru Granth Sahib are also inscribed at different places. This darbar was built by Mahant Harbhajan Das in Samvat 1967 (1910). The inscriptions on the Darbar's plaque reads:

"Darbar Baba Sri Chand Ji Aali Qadar Janab Mahant Harbhajan Sahib ki tajviz say bana. "
Darbar Baba Sri Chand was built at the proposal of Honourable Mahant Harbhajan Singh

There are a number of samadhs of many Udasi Sadhus around Dera Baba Bhuman Shah. The darbar of Guru Gobind Singh Ji is in front of these Samadhs where "Dassam Granth Ji" used to be recited. The main gate here is towards the Samadh, a door from the other side leads towards the inn. With the passage of time everything is becoming a heap of dust. The time is not far off when the whole complex will only be found on the pages of history books.