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Upon hearing that the seven year old Guru was called Sri Har Krishan, a proud Brahmin went to visit him. He complained, "The poet in the Bhagavad Gita merely calls God Krishan, but you call yourself Sri Har Krishan. If you are such a great guru, come and translate the Gita with me." Guru Har Krishan said to the Brahmin, "I have not read the Gita, and even if I had, you would say I was just some rich man's son who had a private tutor. Bring some ignorant peasant to discuss it with you, and when you have proved your superiority, I will speak to you." The Brahmin went out and got Chhajju, a simple water-carrier, from the nearest village. The Guru fixed his gaze upon him and said, "You are now a great spiritual scholar. Discuss the meaning of the Gita with this Brahmin." The Brahmin and the water-carrier discussed the Gita and Chhajju gave such learned replies that the Brahmin sat in dumbfounded silence. The Brahmin was convinced that Guru Har Krishan has infused his supernatural power into the water-carrier. He begged the Guru's forgiveness and asked to be his disciple. The Guru then taught him that the first value of spiritual importance is humility.