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Baba Mohri (b. 1539), the younger son of Guru Amar Das (the third Guru of Sikhism), was born in 1539 to Mata Mansa Devi at Basarke Gillan, in Amritsar district of the Punjab. Unlike his elder brother, Mohan, who lived a retired life, Mohri was of a more active temperament and spent most of his time looking after the Guru's household. He accepted without demur the nomination of his brother in law, Bhai Jetha, to be his father's spiritual successor as Guru Ram Das. According to Sarup Das Bhalla, Mahimd Prakdsh, Baba Mohri also rejoiced at the nomination of Arjan as the next Guru in preference to the latter's older brothers, Baba Prithi Chand and Baba Mahadev.