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Special page crated for users to ask their questions and doubt on any topic of Sikhism. ____________________________________________________________________________

Q:1 - Which guru compiled adi granth? Why adi granth was not given the seat of guru by that guru? Question by user:paapi
A:1 - Answer please

Q:2 - Guru Gobind singh said Guru Maneo Granth. He also wrote Dasam Granth. About which granth he was saying guru maneo granth, Adi Granth or his compilation Dasam Granth Question by user:paapi
A:2 - Answer please

Q:3.Why there is a rise of Cultism & sectism in Sikhism.Question by user:sarbjeet_1313me
A:3 - 1: Well sarabjit a theory arises that due to negligence of som people like schedule caste, tribes, illetrate or poverty these kind of people fall in these kind of faith and a person wether educated if comes in contact with these kind of people he also started accepting sects or cults. In punjab or places nearby sects are main problem like radhaswami, deras etc. Radhaswamis have made deras in several places and occupies land in every city of punjab. Another point, our sikh commites like sgpc akali dal etc not propogating religon and these sects and cults are propogating their teachings and force people to leave intoxicants and bad manners. the leaders of Sects and cults are preaching more then SGPc or any other sikh committe. Even kirtanies need money to propogate gurus teachings. Politics is another baqwaas. Politician have contact with these all babas for votes and go and touch there feets. All sects and cults have base sikhism and some teacings from other religon but sikhism is main base used all over. You can comment on my answer and can add more information. Tried by user:paapi