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Amita Singh?

Dear Lucky ji, WaKaFa! & sweet of you for extending your co operation, dedication & hard work to the cause of Chaddi kala of Sikhi first, & then any thing else. Why don't you come on e mail with me. For the time being here is the thing about my roots. Ours is a GurSikh line which my go back to Nanak's times & beyond. Nothing to do with any of those change over stuff . My Rajpoot sounding name , as I learnt from you , is the gift of Delhi Metro culture & martial 'Singh' instead of 'Kaur' added by my Parents . Here in Delhi it is not very uncommon for girls to have 'Singh' tagged to their Names.

  • Am I making the best of it on net ? May be!
  • About the meaning of my name; I never really ever thought about it. Still, as far as I understand Amita means.....

gurbani wy?

  • oh mry na thagy jahyy, jin ky ram bsyy mn mahyy
  • ....jis mrny ty jagg dryy myry mn anand....
  • ....suura so phichaniyy jo lryy deen ky hyyt(net dy utty nhee)

deen nu ta pqa he nhee ki internet k'hwe ciwe( i e chidi sparow), v is for 'vava', next letter 'W' for-->'dada' 'vava' to baad vala 'dada') da nau hyy)

Punjabi wy

  • maut nu massi nhee, ma ! kyyhn vala mrjeevda

naurml wy?

Invincible---One who can not be defeated ...... Now it is my turn to seek from you. Can you join hands with me is progressing & propagating GurDittee on net. It is very Simple, just write Punjabi only with the difference that you use English characters in stead of Gurmukhi for example 'k' for kakka 'b' for babba etc. Once the alphabet gets formalized Punjabi knowing people will straight away catch the idea. the moment it goes on 'take off stage' we will extend it to Hindi and all Indian & then to all world languages. I already have Tamlian, Telgu & Malyialam groups working on the project .The progress is slow & steady but TRUE.

I do not know nuch about softwares etc. if you join hands in writing this -->GurDitee Alphabet script it will be great. 35 akhree in english giving parallel punjabi characters . i tried picking up punjabi characters through copy pasting but found it quite clumsy.

stay in touch !.SatGurBani fateh User:Mutia 1207070935p --Amita Singh 'The Sikh '

Smiley Face 1.jpg
Hello, Sat Sri Akal, W.K.W.F. Hpt lucky Ji!

A warm welcome to Sikhiwiki and many thanks for your contributions so far - especially the articles on various interesting Gurdwaras. I hope you enjoy your trips to this website and that you will continue to help us enlarge it.

Please feel free to add to or amend any of the topics that you have knowledge about or access to. Don't worry about making mistakes, as these can be easily corrected.

If possible please add some brief details about yourself on your user page. Please do not give your full real name or full address or other precise personal details.

I hope you will make this a regular trip and that you will also let your friends know about this website and encourage them to contribute as well or at least visit this site.

I hope you will also visit this site regularly and that you may also gain something back from this site. I hope it will help you progress in some little way in your spiritual life and improve your understanding of Sikhi.

With Waheguru's kirpa, may you always keep in Chardi kala. Many thanks --Hari Singh 08:13, 18 December 2006 (MST)


# Jo Deesy (Sat).. Gur..Sikhda niv niv laga pau jeeo.....

Maan yog Khalsaji,

Wa ...Ka... Fa !

Welcome to the PATH of Gurmat & Wish you HAPPY Sikhi(wiki)ing User:Mutia19 Dec 06

Gurdwara Bhatta Sahib

Sat Siri Akal, Harpreet Singh,

Many thanks for your contributions recently and particularly the above article which I found very informative. I have made some cosmetic changes - I hope you don't mind. Thanks again. --WelcomingTeam 13:27, 19 December 2006 (MST)

Thanks for the great input and brilliant frames on the photos!!

Hi Harpreet,

Many thanks for the great work. It is much appreciated and I hope Waheguru continues to bless you with the dedication to continue with the Guru's mission. I love the beautiful frames on the pictures. Great graphics work as well. Best wishes, --Hari Singh 08:37, 21 December 2006 (MST)

Great Work - Well done!

Harpreet ji, SSA

Gussa kiss-laee? Appa saara Guru-dee sewa-ch laaga-hah. Koee gussa naee- why? I am just so grateful for all your help. It is amazing how in only a few days you have added so many great articles to Sikhiwiki. I have a quick glance at some of them daily and they all seem OK for now. In time, we will keep improving all the articles as we get time – but for now they seem just fine! I have made some minor edits - two minor points I can make based on these edits is:

  • It would be great if in future, you could please put the category of "Gurdwara" for all Gurdwara articles (see changes on Gurudwara Bahi Bhailon Sahib ie: Insert the text [[Category:Gurdwara]] at the bottom of all Gurdwara articles and
  • please don't put a full-stop at the end of the "image statement" at the top line of the article (I hope this makes sense!!)

The work you have done is amazing. Many thanks for such a wonderful contribution but please also attend to your studies as well. I am sure with Guru's help you will be successful there as well.

I will come up with a plan on articles that we should add in the next few days. You have done excellent sewa for the Guru and panth. May the Guru bless you!

Please email me your telephone and perhaps I can ring you. My email is [email protected]

Many thanks, --Hari Singh 02:09, 23 December 2006 (MST)

duplicate articles

Thanks for the message regarding duplicate work - I see the point you make. I will try and monitor this and will pass the message to the main contributors. Unfortunately, due to different spellings, this happens; but I will try and join similar articles. thanks again. --Hari Singh 10:54, 25 December 2006 (MST)

Hand written Hukamnamas

Harpreet, These are absolutely amazing! I wonder if it is possible to get a better resolution copy of these images. Are they available in a book or are the originals available for photographing? Your help would be most useful. Many thanks again. --Hari Singh 05:40, 27 December 2006 (MST)

Wiki setup

Harpreet ji,

The server for Sikhiwiki was set up by Gurumustuk Singh – He is on holiday at present – but on his return, I will pass your message to him. He will be able to help you install the software. However, in the meantime, look at the MediaWiki site as the software is available free from:

For installation see: You will require web server software – so Apache or IIs is required. More information available at mediawiki. Windows will work provided the server s/w is set up.

Try the procedure listed at this site and you may be able to set up the system. I am an administrator at Sikhiwiki so have knowledge of the actual day to day setting up of pages, etc. I could help you set up the mainpage, etc.

See how things go. Once you have the site going, let me have the url and I will try and help set it up. Good luck! --Hari Singh 08:06, 27 December 2006 (MST)

Spelling correction & deletion

To Delete

For the time being, just put 'delete this' as a edit summary on the page and I will do the rest.

To Move just do a cut and paste to the new article and mark the original article to delete as above. I hope this helps. --Hari Singh 11:55, 30 December 2006 (MST)

Aap ji ju Gurpurab dee-ya vaDae-ya

Harpreet Singh ji,

Many thanks for your beautiful message. With Waheguru's blessing, may the New Year bring you & your family the best of health, continuous happiness, peace and untold prosperity and also may you all have a most enjoyable dasmah patshah da Gurpurab! Sat siri Akal. --Hari Singh 07:00, 5 January 2007 (MST)


The complete message reads "Congratulations!!... to SikhiWiki Users on achieving over 300,000 hits on the Main Page in under 2 years." Unfortunately, the message is broken into 2 - at the top & bottom of the photo. I hope this explains. --Hari Singh 06:53, 11 January 2007 (MST)

Don't Worry - Please come back soon!!

Hi Harpreet Ji,

Many thanks for your message and your concern for your "duty". It is very few who recognise this. Please be successful in your studies and then come back soon - The Guru's cause awaits you. With His blessings may your mind excel in your studies and with His Kirpa, may you attain top grades. Waheguru je ka khalsa, Waheguru je ke fateh. --Hari Singh 22:08, 13 January 2007 (MST)

  • Harpreet Ji,

WJKK WJKF I join Hari Singh Ji to wish a great success in your studies and lovers of sikhiwiki eagerly wait for your coming back to sikhiwiki soon.--Guglani 04:29, 17 January 2007 (MST)

Duplicasy of Udasi article

Quote"Before making article first write in search box about that aricle then update if there is or create udasi, Gobindgarh etc there are many articles like this. you can understand wat i waana say. Sorry for poor english..... ".unquote.The point raised by user Hptlcky ji is of very much importance and no doubt should be taken care.But if you will see history of ,udasi, and ,udasi sikhs ,which is similar article then udasi has been strated earlier on 11 dec2006 and udasi sikhs has been started by hptlucky ji himself on 21 dec 2006.So harpreet ji himself also is to take care of this rule.I do not wish to discourage harpreet ji for pointing out this ; rather point is for everyone to consider as a sacred rule to search for similar articles in search command before putting up a new article and is appreciated.Thanks--Guglani 05:25, 17 January 2007 (MST)

use of user talk page

Hi Harpreet ji, WJKK WJKF you are doing very good and noble cause by writing informative articles in sikhiwiki.

Quote" YA i am sorry for that please correct articles like these. I and sikhiwiki will highly thankful to u.

Thanks for finding Out My Mistake. Find Mistakes in Everyone who is doing something wrong and alert him. Keep on man great. and i want your ful toss contribution. "Unquote

Normally you should have posted quoted message to myself on my user talk page or discussuion page and not on my user profile page.Any way i have undone your change to my user profile page. you will learn correct wiki way by doing changes only.I also suggest please read some Frequently Asked questions on wiki media software to avoid many undoings.--Guglani 02:15, 18 January 2007 (MST)

Template of Dances of Punjab & User page

Harpreet Singh Ji,

Template Ok yaar, got jour message - I bill do this template - bery, bery soon! OK. (with proper desi accent)!!

Hey on another point - Nice to see you back on the recent changes sheet. Absolutely loved your excellent articles on the musical instruments especially article and picture on Sarode. God bless you!

May be coming to India in late March/April with wife - would love to meet you and your family. Will you be around? Where are you based in India--Hari Singh 12:00, 18 January 2007 (MST)

User page

I am not sure what was said by Guglani - as the discussion is a little confusing and many changes have been made to various posting already - but if I understand correctly, then I think the following may make things clear:

  • 1. Every User on SikhiWiki has two pages allocate to him (or her). The User page and the Talk page (also called the discussion page).
  • 2. Only the User can add and change content of his (or her) user page (within reason; no insults or rudeness is allowed) .


  • 3. Any users can add to any discussion page (within reason) and can make amendments to their text on that discussion page (or User talk page).

I believe that you may have accidentally written a reply to Guglani's user page on 18 Jan 2007 - see here - This should have gone to his Talk (or discussion) page.

When you reply to a user, just click on the "Talk" link rather than the name of the user. If you get to the user page, then press on the discussion tab and then the "+" at the top before adding your comment.

This is a common mistake. Don't worry about it - Guglani realised your mistake and has amended things. just keep in chardikala. I have reverted your user page as this was fine. --Hari Singh 16:40, 18 January 2007 (MST)


Harpreet Singh Ji, WJKK!WJKF!You are contributing excellantly


It is an action learning process where some doing and redoing occurs.Thre is not so much to feel sorry about.At least we have the satisfaction that somebody is reading whatever we are writing.I also suggest that comments on talk page should be signed.In the editing sctreen(picture shown here) an easy way to put signature is given by pressing the signature tab at the desired cursor position in comments.Thanks for cntributing .Please keep it up.--Guglani 20:58, 18 January 2007 (MST)

Finding the Amb Gurudwara

Harpreet Ji, SSA

I don't understand why it cannot find this Gurudwara but I think it may be because the word "Amb" is not in the text for this article. So I added the name of Gurdwara at the top and I will try again tomorrow to see if we can search for this text.

As you do not have a mobile, is it possible to reach you on a landline number? I think the landlines are not so easy to contact but if you have one, then I can try tomorrow. It may be easier and quicker to discuss some of the things by phone. I could send you my last mobile phone if you can get an Airtel or other chip - Let me know.

What do you think of the new Main page feature Dances of Punjab? I hope you like it - Many thanks to you for your hard work it was possible to do this feature.

Which is the nearest big town to Mohali? Many thanks.--Hari Singh 01:13, 19 January 2007 (MST)

Aap ji dee message maanu meel gaee haah taa, Please try and get a phone if possible as it would help us to communicate more efficiently. I can send you a mobile handset when someone comes to Punjab from here. Yes, I now realise where Mohali is because of the cricket ground. I could have sent the handset with by Taaya and Bhua who only left on 11th for Punjab. Ok, next time we will try and send it. But please borrow from someone for a month or two and then I am sure someone will be going to Punjab soon. Keep in chardikala, --Hari Singh 13:02, 19 January 2007 (MST)
Thanks for the reply - hopefully, send me your mobile in the next few days and I will ring you and we can have a chat and sort out any problem on Sikhiwiki. ---Hari Singh 03:36, 20 January 2007 (MST)

How to Write in punjabi or Gurmukhi?

That's is an interesting question. I will try and do an article on this as I cannot find anything on Google at present.

There are two ways to display Gurmukhi text on SikiWiki - 1. to copy text from other sources like Gurbani and 2. to enter your own text.

1. Copying Gurmukhi Text:

If the text is not written in unicode format then it need to be converted from ASCII format to unicode. This can be done by using a utility called: Gurmukhi Unicode Conversion Application which you can get free from:

Once you have downloaded and installed this application, simply copy text into the top panel; press the convert button and the text appears in unicode format in the bottom panel. You can then copy this via the clipboard to any other application.

2. Inputting Gurmukhi text:

This is more involved as it requires you to "switch on" Gurmukhi language on your Windows xp system via control panel - Regional and Language option. User named Sukh on wikipedia has been very useful in this respect. I will try and get details of the data that he sent me sometime ago which allowed me to activate this facility on my computer.

Procedure for Windows xp: (Not Tested yet)

a. Select Control panel then select Regional and Language options. Select tab Languages.

b. Once you have the Languages window, under Supplementary language support, tick the first box - Install files for complex script ....

c. Also under the Languages panel, at the top select the detais button at the top under - Text services and Input lanuages,

d. Once the Text services and Input lanuages window is displayed, Install the Punjabi language option...

(this part to be continued...)

Try the first part and let me know how you get on --Hari Singh 03:28, 22 January 2007 (MST)

Please see this link: Enabling complex text --Hari Singh 17:23, 27 January 2007 (MST)

Nice to Talk

Harpreet Singh ji,

Sat Siri Akal, Many thanks for your kind and encouraging words and for your greetings to all here. With Guru's kirpa, as fellows Sikhs and therefore as brothers, we can have this wonderful experience, despite our different countries of birth and different countries of residence. It was also a pleasure for me to talk to you and I hope that with Guru's hukam, we will be able to come to Punjab soon and meet you one day – thank you for the nice Punjabi hospitality. Keep well and pass my greeting to your family particularly your father, who is organising the tournament. I hope your will be very successful in your studies. --Hari Singh 15:38, 24 January 2007 (MST)

Thanks for your message. Its good to know that overall you were 4th and 2nd, which is a good result. Hopefully, next time you will improve on these results! I tried to ring you after our initial talk but for some reason was not able to connect and then I had to be out for a few days - so sorry I could not contact you again on the phone. But it was very nice to talk directly. Hopefully, if we are able to come to Punjab in April, I will let you know and perhaps we can meet. Welcome back!, Hari Singh 06:08, 29 January 2007 (MST)

My thoughts on Radhasoamis

I think anyone who does not practise the complete message of our Gurus cannot be called a Sikh and in Kaljug will not get to a high spiritual state, without a mighty struggle trying to follow a path of purity. But as a separate "religion" or "cult", Radhasoamis have a right to practise their beliefs - I do not think that they can ever be classed as Sikhs. And I think this also applies to all other fringe "cults" like Namthari, etc. Also, as they do not follow any other major religion like Hinduism completely, they cannot really call themselves Hindus either – so I think they are just a fringe sect which cannot fit into any of the major religions of the world. I believe they appear to be a hybrid religion with a mixture of Hinduism with other faiths thrown in for good measure.

I believe that in Kalyug, only Sikhism provides me with the best tools to reach my spiritual destination and so I am unable to recommend any other religion to anyone, except Sikhi!! I hope this helps. Hari Singh 10:36, 1 February 2007 (MST)

Bhagat Bhikhan

I agree - these cults can't be gurmukh.

Happy Ravidas Jayanti to you as well - I didn't realise that Bhagat Ravidas was born on the 3 Feb - As they say - you live and learn all the time!!

Bhagat Bhikhan page is fine - My reading speed of Gurmukhi is very slow - I read the first column of page 1 and it looks fine. The way you have set it up is good fit for this article. If the article was larger then we would have to put it as a small image to be enlarged by clicking - but as the article is not very big, this is fine. Also, the image is added to the end of the article so it does not obstruct the original text. However, if have to add such pages to other articles, I would add them as small images rather than full page display. Also, I think we need to be aware that only a small minority can read Punjabi at a reasonable level.

The Naamdev files appear corrupt - I loaded them into firework program then exported them as jpg files - This fixed the problem. It may be that they are a different type of image renamed as jpg i.e bmp files renamed as jpg. Hari Singh 09:10, 2 February 2007 (MST)

punjab state carrom association article

If anyone takes panga on any article - we will ban them - so don't worry about it. We could protect that article but then no one can change it - except admin.- which will be another panga. So don't worry and we will deal with it if someone tries to be too smart. Further, if anyone changes the article, we can very easily - just by pressing one key - "roll it back" to the previous version - so don't worry. "Bay fikaar rahoo!" Keep in chardikala, Hari Singh 09:24, 3 February 2007 (MST)


I am wondering if you would like to help me out with my wiki Wikireligion? There are a lot of articles that need to be made. It is a wiki that I made on December 27, 2006. Answer me at wikireligion. My User Name is Sir James Paul. Thanks for reading this. --Sir James Paul 10:59, 3 February 2007 (MST)

Template:Sects & Cults

Barnstar.png Aslee Taara - The Original Barnstar
"Harpreet, Many thanks for setting up the series on Sects & Cults - Yaar, Harpreet - tu ta kaamal he kar de-tee! Wonderful job! Kaamal-ha kaamal! Well done. I like the template with the many related articles - wonderful addition to Sikhiwiki. Ma tah-nu As-lee Taara paash kaar da ha. I hope you like it!" Cheers, Hari singhtalk 18:25, 3 February 2007 (MST)

3 Questions

Harpreet, Further to your message:

  • 1a. You asked, "Guru Says no to idol worship and here in punjab the idols are guru nanak had been made and sold. is this ok?" To produce images of holy Gurus or God is not wrong - If the image helps you remember Waheguru - it may even be of benefit - What is wrong is to worship these images or idols and think that the image or idol can do anything to help you in your life.
  • 1b. Regarding making a film using actors for Guru ji - It is good that it is not allowed. Aaha chan'gee gal-ha keeo-ka, if people were allowed to use actors, a lot of Manmat would be propogated by the film makers. Animation of Guru are also not allowed for the same reason - ONLY still pictures of the Gurus are allowed as these are easier to control and monitor. If someone makes an un-acceptable picture of Guru ji, it will be rejected by the panth. It is more difficult to control actors and animations - so it good that this is banned. Still pictures are easier to monitor - so it is good that still images are used to promote the message of Sikhism - It enforces the saying that a "picture is worth a 1000 words"
  • 2. You said, "Guru gobind singh jee dee 3 wives dasiyaa jaandeean han but i think he had one wife" - You are correct! Mate Sundri ji and Mate Jito ji are the same. Guru ji did not "marry" in the proper sense, Mata Sahib Kaur. see the article at
  • 3. You said, "What are the first words of guru granth sahib..... 'Ik onkar' or 'Ik o' it means we pronounced it wrong" I see your point - but I think that we have to accept that in any culture, there is a written tradition and also an oral tradition. How we pronounce each word was mainly carried forward by use of the oral tradition - Our Gurus taught maha-gianis like Bhai Buddha ji, who then taught others about how to pronounce each word and this is how a lot of the traditions that could not be properly documents then moved forward from one generation to the next. You do not find any alternative way of reciting this symbol, so it has to be assumed that our Gurus used to say "Ik-onkaar". I may be wrong but I think logic dictates that in 1708, Guru Gobind Singh before going to his heavenly abode said "Ik-Onkaar" and not "Ik-O" otherwise someone would have remembered and the alternative way would have propogated to us through the generations.

    Also, when one reads Gurbani one visualise the concept and the concept of the first words is - "One creator". So, some people may say "Ik-O" but visualise the concept of "one God" another may say "Ik-Onkaar" and remember the same concept of "one God" - So the message is the same.

I do not object or get hurt in any way in discussing these matters. Please feel relaxed and its good to discuss these matter at times - But the most important thing is to follow the message of the Guru. That is paramount!

Please accept these as my humble offerings, I am no expert on Gurbani - Like you, I am also a learner - hence the word "See-khh or learn". I hope this has helped and not hindered your understanding. --Hari Singh 06:25, 6 February 2007 (MST)

More on 3 questions

Bhagat Dhanna: This Sakhi is about a person who has extreme love for God - a bit like Bhai Kanhaiya. These are exceptional humans and their devotion cannot be matched by most mortals. Bhai Dhanna's dedication was exceptional. Most of us cannot display such devotion and so cannot reach the heights that they did – We don't have that much love and humility. I don't think Bhagat ji worshipped the stone – he was told that the stone would give reward and he believed it – If he had been told that a piece of cloth would produced results, he would have followed the same path – So to him it did not matter what the physical object was – but his dedication was to God – remember that when God appeared in human form, he was not disturbed by that – he accepted the human form as God and asked him to help with various jobs. His love was for God not for the physical object – He cared only for God – the physical form did not matter one little bit. In a similar way, the Sikhs worship the Shabad not the paper or book.

I agree, probably Guru Gobind Singh did look like the picture that we see. But, I don't think it matters how you visualise the Gurus as long as it encourages you to become a better person like them.

I will speak to a few educated people about 'Ik O' & 'Ik Onkar' and come back to you in a few days. --Hari Singh 09:19, 6 February 2007 (MST)

Searching in Sikhiwiki ...

I think there is something wrong with the searching - I will send an email to Gurumustuk Singh who is the expert on Wiki software. I will let you know how this develops - Chardikala, Hari Singh 17:35, 8 February 2007 (MST)

Harpreet, I received this email from GMS as a quick initial observation: "at first glance it seems like words that are three letters or less don't show up for search results...." Gurumustuk Singh Khalsa (posted by, Hari Singh 10:00, 9 February 2007 (MST))

Sheran De Ijjad nahin hundy

Bhedan de hundy han.. Lucky ji WaKaFa !

  • Aapan ko jo jany neecha ta ty ganiy sab ty uchha......
  • Akhan jor chupy nahin jor...
  • Jor na Mangan Den na jor...
  • Jor na Surti giyan vichar...
  • Jor na jugti Chhuty Sansaar...
  • Jis hath jor kar vakhy soy...
  • Nanak uttam neech na koi...
  • 1 is with you.
  • I am 1,
  • all are 1,
  • Only 1 makes one a sachiara,
  • SabKuch apy Aaap
  • 'ham' 'tum' nahin, to 'ham' kia 'hum' Hain ?
  • 'tum' 'ham' nahin to 'tum' kia 'tum' ho ?
  • 'ham tum' 'ham' nahin to 'ham' kia 'ham' hain?

1 1 nahin to kis myn kia dam hai ? WaKaFa ! Stay in touch Amita11 Jan 07

Sadky Mery Sher De. You are nothing but KHALSA, that is all I Said.

My Mobile No-- 94 40 48 41 62 9 speak to me NOW user:Mutia

Sheran de Ijjad nahin hundy , Ijjad Bhedan de hundy han,
Lucky Sher is Yaar Da , eh yaar Bhedan nun, katt ke Khandy han.

Yaran de Piaar da nahin, Yaran dee Dutkaar da yaar Mutia;
Dushmana dee maar da vee, ih Dushmana da yaar Mutia;
Dushmana de piaar da piar Mutia
Dushmana uty Bal Balihaar Mutia
Dushmana nun paar utaran wala kartaar Mutia
( Dushmana de vi galan da Haar Mutia User: Mutia
Na Airy Nathuu Gyry Da, Sirf SatGurBani daa satkaar Mutia;

PS: Mery Dushmanon, Tuhada vi main yaar han,
Mainu Lucky Khalsa mil Gaiya, tuhada main Ghud swaar Han.
{Sanyog Viyog doy kaar chalawy....)

On Paapi Ji's Page

Harpreet ji,

for my sins - aah ek english-wich ka-ha-vat ha - "for my sins (British & Australian, humourous) - something that you say in order to make a joke that something you have to do or something that you are is a punishment for being bad. Example: I'm organizing the office Christmas party this year for my sins. I'm an Arsenal supporter for my sins." from

ehara mat-lab ha ka (it means that) for my past bad karmas, God has punished me now to be administrator for SikhiWiki (it's a joke; a humourous comment!) --Hari Singh 15:35, 11 February 2007 (MST)

Lucky Jee you are doing good job continue your job........... who is in pic on ur user page(i know it must not talibani)?? its nice to read page music of punjab i am editing some pnts user:paapi

Good profile

Good profile! i like that quotes, Gurbani tuks & family history you had given. user:Mutia also have great profile.


Khandy de Dhaar Khalsa..... Darda Ni daary ton. Pahilan Sir Dena keeta..... Marda ni Mary ton. KHANDY DEE DHAAR KHALSA!.....KHANDY DE DHAAR KHALSA!

  • All earlier User Mutia:Mutias Ran away
  • Some are scared and are Shivering.
  • Some are dumb. Can't even Speak to God

Oh meriya Shera! ih sir kisy kamm da nahin. Tu Mardaany da Naank hain. Teri photo naal mainnu Vishnu Bhagwan dee yaad Aunndi hai.

Fook is nu hun. Sikh Shabad da Pujari hai. Ghar dy wichon we lah sutt sarian kagaja deeyan gandiyan tasveeran.

Khali jaga utty Sachy Nanak nu SAAJ de.

Wadian nu naraj nahin karna, Aukha kamm hai par Khalsy wasty nahin.

Kar dy chadai!

Jo boly so Nihaal (Koi ni bolda) Sirf Sava Lakh Lucky ny jabbab ditta. Sadky Khalsy de

Sirf rabb he bolda hai. Manmukhan de sir jora amar hai....nit devy Bhala. SatGurBani nahin hor hi kujh mangdy han.

.Mangdy han .. .Mangdy han ... .Mangty Han ... .Katian moorakh Khahin Khahyn..

...Sab kush boldy han par Sheran di Boli wich nahin Bhedan di wich} Phitty muh is Angreji de tere mery wich aundi hai. Karangy kuj ajj nahin ty kal (uh 'Kal' nahin jehda kady nahin aunda, oh jyhda Awyga).

  • ih sirf ANN De, DHANN dy, RANN aty .... DE hi hann Guru de Nahin.

Main Khalsa han ehnan nun patt dianga, katt dianga. badh dianga.

  • Mery koly kalam hai.
  • Mery kol mera Guru hai
  • Mery kol lucky hai.
  • Mery kol Khanda Hai.
  • Mery kol Khady dee Dhaar hai.
  • Mery kol rabb di Bhasha hai.
  • Maunu Khandy dee Dhaar ty Turna nahin Nachna aa Gaia hai
  • Jis Marny ty jag Dary mery man which ANNAND Hai

Baki Pher WaKaFa !

Dushmana da vi Yaar 13 Feb 07

Hello i am saying this on your face

Try not to pick up copywrited material. Other sites are making their articl;es from various sources. But Sanu taan banea banaaya maal chahidaa. Man you can take idea and create an article yourself with your wordings by inserting gurbaani in it. Be a Creative Man. These administrators and other users got angry bec they dont know wat i want to say. Try to insert gurbani in every article. You are a khalsa. and khalsa is symbol of creation. Your profile is good but it looks like its also copypasted(kiddin!). take a bit time on a article try to correct and insert new points. You just copy paste and publesh. i have done the same in previous article but it feels quite amazing. Know i will make a kaim article then submit it. try to insert gurbaani(where it is appropriate).

Well Sikhism is not the religon of rigidity, you should have devotion toward your guru

Love you user:paapi

You got angry

are u got angry..???? hoi jaa mera kee pat lavengaa

Well my name is................ its secret

Khalsa aakhda hai apnae aap nu -

1.) Jhooth, kaam(Tere ch kaam hai), Krodh(Tere jawaab naal pata chal geya mainu), lobh(tenu articles chaap chaap lobh hai wadiya comments da, Moh(Eh taan tenu hee pata hona adha time te sikhiwiki te baitha rehndaa am i rite??), ahnkaar(tere zawaab naal eh wee pata lag gaya)

2). Kinnae jhooth bole nae, kineaa nall dhoka kitta hai??? Confuse...Khalsa aakhda hai apnae aap nu

3). where are your 5 kakkar, Khalse akhwande te kehnde 5 kakkar is nothing for me, Main taan Waal katwaa kae apnae aap nu khalsa akhwawaan, keho jeha laggooo??? Well physical look khalse wali chahidee. user:mutia tenu vishnoo bhagwaan keh gaya, teri shakal nahin pasand aayee.

4). Mera yahoo id hai [email protected] meet me there i want to show you what is khalsa.

Mutia is somewhat brahmgiani you had seen his language is gurbaani. wats yours but i find some negative aspects of user:mutia also. well i will talk with him.

Main Sikhiwiki ton nahin dardaa kyon kae ithey main jinnae marzee id create kar sakdaa haan, mere ithey kaee roop nae

Paapi hoye behrooopiyae, Ek roop hai tera 
kahe paapi sun re mana, paap da ghana haneraa

How will you safe from me??.Paap

Har har desh ch, har sehar chm har gali ch, har ghar ch ek paapi hunda e

Har vesh ch, khushi ch keharch, har sah dee nali ch, har waar ch ek paapi hunda e

Har dil ch, har jism ch, har man ch, har deemag ch ek paapi hunda ae

Main haan paap, main sab ch waseaa,
Khalsa Saccha hou taanhi jaavan naseaa
Nahin taan khaa jaoon tuanu
kyon kae tuade khoon ch main raseaa

Paapi nu pehchanana taan asaan hai, But paap nu nahin

This is paapi. Full of evils.

Eh sab parh kae gussa aagaya naa(krodh), baakian nu wee aaya hona. Meri jit ho gayee naa

Paapi Lives a long life let us see how will you face me.......???I think administrator will fright of me. Khalsa akhwaande nae apnaae aap nu

hahahahhahahahahahaha user:paapi

Rules are decided by SikhiWiki and not anyone else

Harpreet Singh Ji,

In this world everyone wants to become important but a Guru's Sikh is not interested in that. For a Sikh, the Guru and the Guru's Bani is everything and the promotion of this is the goal of every Sikh. So don't let others decide how much good you do in the world. Only remember your duty to the Guru. You have done a marvellous job in bringing to SikhiWiki users many interesting articles. Some think that we should create each page ourselves but in Sikhi, we are all working for the Guru - So to re-invent the wheel makes no sense.

What you have done has been very useful and everyday, with Waheguru's kirpa, over 1000 users surf this site and gain from the work done by many other Users like you. I respect your decision but If I were in your shoes, I would not let others decide my way of life. However, I am aware that your studies are very important and so I will let you make up your mind yourself but don't let outsider influence have a bearing on your decision. Please concentrate on your studies but don't entirely forget your duty to the Guru.

Never worry about people who cause distraction – only worry about people who care about you and your mission. I will look forward to seeing your name on the "Recent changes" page. May Waheguru be your protector in whatever you do daily – Good luck with your studies, Hari Singh 17:07, 14 February 2007 (MST)

Dear Bal Khalsa Lucky WaKaFa !

  • je main hunda varia mita aiada jeara jaly heth ty uppar Anggara...
  • Bahuta nahin Bolna.....
  • Sab Kush apy aap...
  • Man jeety Jag jeet....
  • Aap na kary auran updeshy...
  • Simer mureeda Dhadia SatGur Bakhshinda....
  • First battle of Khalsa is with his ownself. Start climbing up the Jap(u) steps then Universe is Yours. Happy walking up. There you go with 1!!
  • Live up to fourth step (say 1 to 2 Hrs of Study During Amrit Vela), pause a bit and then press on without any break. Two Hrs of Study through Amrit Vela is Equal to 8 Hrs during day time.
  • I am sure you know what TRUTH god expects you to do. Just climb & truthfully spend 1 to 2 Hrs for study during AMRIT VELA I repeat AMRIT VELA. You will be rewarded with 'Khady Batty da Amrit' & No 1 position in the Exams.

This is TRUE.

  • Staying 3 hrs awake through amrit vela committed to any positive mental activity (Amrit vela Sach nau vadiai veechar...) (studies for a student) is TRUTH god's commandment to all students of the universe.
  • It is also our only return gift to TRUTH god for his having given us a life to live the way 1 want us to live as per his commandments. Nothing else we can offer him because all belongs to him only.
  • Learn SatGurBani as a language so that in future you do not require a translator. For a punjabi speaking peson it comes natuarally. All that is reqired is Kripa of SatGur

Remember SatGur's hukum is

Sab Kush Appy Aaap.... and Hukum Razai Chalana....

if one decides 'not' to fight with his ownself, it ammounts to going against the orders of SatGur. TRUTH god knows that you are TRUE but you have to go through the exam. Every human being Has to. Just jump into yourself & you will be done with.

Just have faith in 1 & keep walking only on THIS path for your entire life. You WILL meet 'TRUTH god'. as Sachiara Khalsa.Once you become Saciara (to no ONE but to 1) all problems disappear & what one becomes is one with 1. Will be with you SatGur Fateh ! User:Mutia

Ji Ayaa Nuu - Most Welcome

Harpreet Singh ji, Sat Siri Akal,

Bo-hht khusi hoee aap-ji da naam recent changes tA da-keh-aa. Study vee karoo ta 20-30 minnt Guru-dee sewa vee karoh. Both studies and Guru's sewa are important haana! Hah, dah nal thhora jaha connection hah-ga - paar, only small connection. Sikhnet wala-lia-nay ees site nu setup keeta. Pher aapaa SikhiWiki-da user-a-nah sab khus input keeta. So really Ahay apnee site hah - this is our site -na-ka Sikhnet dee. Sikhnet wala Ese site dee maintainance (dakh-phaal) kaar dah na, but all the content is from Sikhiwiki users. Sikhnet has no editorial control on Sikhiwiki. Sikhiwiki independent hah.

Study is very important and less than 2 months is very short time - so, work hard 4-5 hour daily - concentrate ta vadeea grades laa-ao. I will do ardas for you - but I am sure you will be successful. Waheguru baksish kaaran-gay. Waheguru-dah assarh laa-na. Maan noo maanh-aoo. Waheguru does everything in life. Remember Him and focus your mind on Him - Everything will come to you. Have no doubts - believe in our Gurus. Assarh raakh-ho. Everything will be OK!

Naee, Harpreet apaa saraa contributor naa. All of us play our part and with Guru's help many people in the world will gain from this effort. Great tah appnaa Guru nay - keena-nay ene-ya kurbania dhete-ya. We are all contributors and may Waheguru keep giving us the energy to continue this service for the panth. just give a few minute daily - But must study - deel-la-kay - It will help you in the future. Raab-raakha, Hari Singh 12:55, 16 February 2007 (MST)

Uploading Pictures

Badshaho Harpreet Singh Ji,

Got your message about the error due to the size of file being over 150k - You did the right thing to click on "save picture". That's the correct way to save large pictures.

Life thek jah rahee hah. How about you? Carrom de koee competition nehee ho-raee? How your dad? I hope he is arranging another competition.

Fighting seems to be in fashion these days - Hopefully, everyone will see sense and calm down. I think we have arrived at a realist situation. Anti-Sikh organisation do exist in the world and it is Ok to give a little information about this but we cannot support anti-Sikh propaganda.

You keep busy with the studying and we will talk later. Thanks for your good wished; I too hope that this site becomes "the best encyclopaedia of Sikhism in the world. Look after yourself. kind regards, Hari Singh 11:41, 18 February 2007 (MST)

Hey man

Baara paran Lageyaa kee chakkar Kitaabaan paar deniyaa kee :))

Its nice to see article ganjnama thats great update. We deal with gurbani not history. Its bani deal with guru but not written by guru but its great to see these pages keep it up.

Tae baai tension lain de lor nahin tenu ethey eh kush chaldaa...

Have move Azaadistan

I think it is an imaginary place which is independent and free. I don't think Paapi or Mutia will like your new names for them - but I see what you mean! I think tu butter chooper-na chaad dah! Too much praising is also against Gurmat.

I don't have contact for Paapi - but leave a message for him, I am sure he will reply. I agree Gurumustuk Singh has help spread the Sikhi message to many corners of the world. He is doing a great job. Uthal puthal is gone and peace has returned for the time being. Let's hope it stays this way. Great name - Hard working, Copypaster! Keep in positive spirits, Hari Singh 21:46, 20 February 2007 (MST)

Loading large images

Harpreet Singh Ji,

I don't think loading large files will create a problem. I have loaded many files which are over 150k for over 1 year and there has been no difficulty - so I don't think we need to worry yet! --Hari Singh 11:19, 21 February 2007 (MST)

thats great

good work copypaster u copied my idea and pate it over net well good work

paapi returns over here

haan Luckiaa aaja hoon competition okha ho gaya hoon. Paperan daa ke banea tere hale taan maheena peaa. Sala kade kade yahoo tae aa janda is ton wadiyaa ethry aajaya kar. yahoo tae kuriyaan fasai jaao Paap nu chadai jaaoo, Paapi daa maan wadhai jaoo


SikhiWiki dha Birthday

Harpreet Singh

Aap hi da bohot Sukreea, Aap ji noo vee SikhiWiki dha janam-deen dee vadhyee.

  • User page paapi ji na change kaar deeta seeh - A-hay page pheer restore kaar deeta gaeeya. Maa aap ji dha "punjab state carrom association" walA article daa pura khayaal rh-kha-ga. Aap bay-feekar raaho
  • Manuu ahay user dhee kuush samaj nahee aandee - Is he a kid or is it a disguise? Maharaja aap hee deekhavan-ga.
  • Waheguru ji dee mahar Hah. Sabh bhali bahss rahee hai. Sukh hai! Soocha raha-hai kay April wich sha-he-d Punjab ayee-A, but I will let you know. Plans are not finalised yet. Many variables exist?
  • Please concentrate on your papers tA wadheea results pass hoona. I am expecting top grades - deheel(slack) nahee karnee. Waheguru baksish kaaran - Hah-rose Waheguru daay Agah Ardas kaarnee tah saheeta maangnee. Maharaj phalee karanh!
  • Look after yourself and good luck; kind regards, Hari Singh 16:59, 25 February 2007 (MST)


Harpreet Singh ji, WKWF

Look don't worry and don't be angry. I was not available when all this happened but please don't get upset. We will come back with even better articles then before so there is no difficulties at all.

I have checked about 7 articles and restored them as there was not copyright issue with Sarbloh. Some of them were from Wikipedia which is free for all. But unfortunately this Teja Singh was very 'Tej' on that day. He frightened a few people with legal action and rest as you know is history. I will go through all the other deleted articles to check if there are any issues with Sarbloh. I will also write directly to that site if I can find their address.

As you know, it only takes 1 click to get the article back. I just want to give everyone a bit of time to calm down and the dust to settle so we can see clearly what is happening here.

I have no intention of deleting you. If there is a copyright issue, it needs to be dealt with in a proper manner - See Copyright violation for the procedure to deal with copyright violation.

Gurujot Singh deals with the adminstration of SikhiWiki. He was under a lot of pressure and he did try to contact me but unfortunately I was not availaale and in another country from him. So, unfortunately we could not deal with the matter quickly. He felt he needed to take action instantly to calm things down. That is why the articles were "deleted". I am trying to understand why these articles were deleted so quickly in the first place because 7 that I checked have no relation to Sarbloh!

The person who complained has the email: [email protected] . See these articles: Sarbloh copyright which I have created - also see the discussion page.

Remember - if you do a search at Google on anything to do with Sikhi, SikhiWiki is well above Sarbloh - And we have nearly 2000 articles - How many does Sarbloh have?

Search Result:

Search for SikhiWiki Sarbloh
Sikhi 3rd 15th
Gurdwara 5th not found in the top 500
Waheguru 6th only checked 100 - not found
Sikh 19th not found in the top 800
Sikhism 22nd not found in the top 800

Now don't worry and keep in Chardikala, Waheguru will assist us. Hari Singh 22:27, 1 April 2007 (EDT)


Harpreet Singh ji

I also checked Google search for 7 of these articles and none showed up on the search. So there was no way of realising if there was a copyright issue and it is not easy under the circumstances to know if there was a breach of copyright. I have written to Nihang Teja Singh for clarification but have not received a reply but in any event, I will be working through all these articles to see if there is any breach. You do NOT need to worry but in future just check for copyright from this site by going a Google search if at all possible. I am also writing to other Sikh sites to get their explicit permission and I will post their replies on SikhiWiki. Then we can work without checking Google all the time.

As we have already deleted the articles that were requested to be deleted, please have no worries. Just work hard for your exams. If required, my legal advisors here in the UK will take care of matters. Please remain bay-fikar on this issue.

Who said you will be prosecuted - please send me the communication urgently to my talk page. There is no danger at all. You have my details - please post everything on my talk page or send me an email. Guru bhalee karan gay. --Hari Singh 21:02, 3 April 2007 (EDT)

Thanks for the copy of the Email

Harpreet Singh

Thanks for the copy of the email. Are the bits in brackets on the copy email done by you? Please clarify.

Please keep calm amd just concentrate on your exams. Don't worry, I have substancial contacts in Delhi and Punjab and I have already contacted Kishore ji and we have a direct line to lawyers in Delhi. Just concentrate on your exams. Why are you letting this have an adverse effect on your future - Put this on one side and get on with your preparation.

Also note this from SikhiWiki:Copyright violation - "While copyright law makes it technically illegal to reproduce almost any new creative work (other than under fair use) without permission, if the work is unregistered and has no real commercial value, it gets very little protection. The author in this case can sue for an injunction against the publication, actual damages from a violation, and possibly court costs. Actual damages means actual money potentially lost by the author due to publication, plus any money gained by the defendant. But if a work has no commercial value, such as a typical E-mail message or conversational USENET posting, the actual damages will be zero. Only the most vindictive (and rich) author would sue when no damages are possible, and the courts don't look kindly on vindictive plaintiffs, unless the defendants are even more vindictive."

It is unfortunate that we could not check this with Google and hence we are at this stage. When do your exams end? Thanks, Hari Singh 10:11, 4 April 2007 (EDT)

Aap di message

Lucky ji, Waheguru ji da khalsa, Waheguru ji de fateh. App ji dhe message milee, phar saree samaj nehee paee. Did not understand all of it. Competition da mehnu pata lag gaya – ta meh figures calculate kar raaha ha. I will get the figures in the next few days. 2 March tak figures were:

All results are to the +/- 100??.

I give you new figures soon, Hari Singh 08:50, 30 April 2007 (EDT)

Your message

Lucky ji, Thanks for your message - please let me know if the site is featured in any magazine - please send me a scan of the article - if it comes.

Google - when I did a Google search, there was no supplement page? Can you please explain, what you mean please?

one word for Kara Parshad is "daag".

I hope this help, das Hari Singh 11:46, 4 May 2007 (EDT)

Gurdwara Nanaklama Sahib

Lucky, Sat Siri Akal,

Haal chaal bahraa thek ha - Maharaj dee bakshi hae. Tusee sunavoo - Life kasaa chaal rahee? Exams kaam jabe hoe rahee hah? Gurdwaray da article bhahot beautiful nikleea - Its amazing ka Maharaj keenea different different aalakya-ch gaya. Mah discussion page tak comments nahe paya - but it is a nice Gurdwara - malik naa chai-ha ta one day we will have darshan of this beautiful shrine.

Lucky ji, jarah site the kaam hae, aaha, Guru da kaam hah. I don't worry about it because aaya Guru dee bakshi nal hee hoonda hah. You know when the site started, there were only a few people - sometime it was just the two of us contributing - But I have never worried about it. What is required is an impact on people of the Guru's message - not just the volume of articles. So 7-8 users is a big increase and remember that the site only started in 2005. Don't get disheartened - in 2 years we have grown tremendously and we are well known to the Sikh community. Soon we will be known to the whole world. Maharaj baksish karan-ga. I think the important thing is that some day we get over 1000 hits - in the early days it was just 400 a day. So fikar karaan dee loor nahe - we just have to ask for Guru's guidance so that we can bring interesting articles about Sikhi to the readers.

Ehaa chan-gee gal hah, kaa you are thinking for new ideas - One of these will hit the jackpot and it will become very popular - like the Blog page - it is used by 1000's to find new Sikhi contacts; also the name database, etc. we need to improve many things and they will slowly come. But everyday, we add more to the site. I'm thinking of putting all of SGGS on the site with various translations - So we have many ideas and slowly these will reap fruit.

Quiz, SMA, Shabad zone, etc - aaha appa sabh hoolee hoolee karan-gae - Hoor vee new ideas laaona - aapa aaha site nu vadea Guru ji da Gul-das-ta -beautiful flowers da bana dahna. Oho kandah nay "Sahaj paka so meetah hova" that which ripen slowly becomes sweet! Baas, ekhee gaal eath laguu hondeea.

I don't think flash files will work. we can test one if you have a small file. Upload a small file and we will try!

Haa, baati dah anand karaj, waheguru de kirpa da naal, September deh wich paka hoga. India avan da sama neekal jaa raAh hah - I think time is moving too fast. Paar, maree niece da anand karj december-wich hah in Punjab - near Ludihana - oodo mu-lakaat hova-gee. I hope you will be available then. world famous ragi ji noo bantee kar raha to do the laava - let's see what happens!

"SAB KUSH APEY AAP" - I like that!. Aach, aap na khaal rakhna - family di sewa karne - Guru de yad rakni, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh Guru bhali karaa Hari Singh 11:23, 14 May 2007 (EDT)

Anti Sikhi

Anti-Sikhi da mat'labh - against Sikhi or non-Sikhi. I agree. Ja article sikhi dah khal-afa hae - ta I will put this template. But there are situations jeetha article may be borderline or may not be against Sikhi - then we should not use the template.

Mutiaa ji nahee samjan ga - phala ta tushee she nu he kharaha - How can it work.She will not understand- Mutia ji is like my daughter and like your sister - Oonanu - he nah khaoo - she khaoo. This is the problem with computers - pata-nehe laga da ka - who exactly are we talking to. Acting hoo rahee, ka nehee. So we just accept things and carry on. I have spoken to Amita ji on the phone and please believe me.

You try again otherwise I will write to her. I agree, this is an Encyclopaedia and we have Sikhi related articles which are not all completely agreeing with Gurmat. But we have to include many anti-sikh articles like Kuka Sikhi - so at least we know who we are talking about and the world can understand what they stand for - And why they call themselves Sikh - and this is not correct, etc, etc

Amita ji toh mafee mang-oo ta firah samjaoo. We will have Gurmat articles, Sikhi articles and also a few anti-sikhi articles because this site covers a very broad area. Let me know how you get on. Apaa ji de oho game - carrom - keeda chal rahee hae. Do you have time to play or still busy with exams? Trophy koyee win keetee? Also, Bibi (granmum) ji keve haan - I hope she is keeping well. Kind regards, speak soon. Hari Singh 12:57, 16 May 2007 (EDT)

Gurmukhi script

Guru Amar Das and King Akbar - maa aap ji da point note kaar leeya hah - and I will try and find this sakhi again and make the changes.

Regarding Gurmukhi script, we have discussed this before and due to the overlap with Punjabi Wikipedia, we cannot do it. If you want to put punjabi articles then please go here. We don't want overlap in coverage of material. Also they only have a small number of articles, so that Wiki needs to be built up. Hoor, once you allow Punjabi, then some users want Shahmukhi, then Hindi, etc - So due to these complications, asee aha database simplee rakha ha. Englisg as the main language. Also, it is the most common language of the w.w.w Hari Singh 19:04, 17 May 2007 (EDT)

Guru Nanak article

Please do not move the articles to Gurmukhi title names as this is not primarily a Punjabi Wiki - See my last message. Hari Singh 18:23, 19 May 2007 (EDT)

Koi tayaar hou

Bai society ch aggae tenu pata keho jehe bandey bharey han Naam guru tae rakhea tae singh 5jen weekaran de bharey han including u n me. Ithey bathere maunae sardar ghum rahey han toon hath dharam taan use karan ton rehaa.

Parson main arora saab da munda wekheaa waal kattae hoyae pagg bandey nahin patke banni rakhdey fir waal kata lainde bahana maardey yaar pagg taan banni nahin jaundi see. Bai aapan is kamm wastey bade shotey haan koi wadda saath daoo taanhi kamm hou hai o rabba.....user:paapi

Parchaar Procedure & Policy

" is not the proper method......"

  • I agree with you. I working on details be with me. I am structuring this text to work on the scheme (IT IS A TRUE SCHEME). if possible be on mobile with me on daily basis. You are in Chandhighar. Get linked with Joginder Singhji Editor of Spokesman & seek his advise & pass on to me in point form on Sikhiwiki so that Sikhiwiki users remain informed. Mutia does not have much of time to spare.. I will try & make up for that.
  • True prachar(controller of Communication net & policies) can be done only by GurMukhs & Amrit Dharies.
  • Creat an Organisation (It was is & will be there Khalsa
  • Become part of it
  • Identify hidden IDOLs of TRUTH (Sahaj Dharies)
  • Stay in communication, best is through SikhiWki for broad points.
  • Publish resources on Sikhiwiki so that others can join in
  • Make list of things to do the way hari singhji has done, I will do it for ourself
  • Create a field force supported by the communication Net regulated by Amrit Dharees & GurMukhs
  • Details on Telephone

wiil be with you

  • lucky jee main sir maar lia par tuhady naal mobile ty gall nahih ho saki. haydrabaad aty punjab vich halat khraab hon karky ho sakda hay. mainu call karoji ---Baljeet kaur

Prachaar Da Sacha Tareeka

This is the only True method of parchaar, nothing else will succeed

jehda is tareeky to alava hor koi tareeka dass dyvy myy oh di gulam.....

jis da sahib dadha hovy usnu maar na saky koy......

Prachaar vasty 'dadhy sahib' nu naal lyy ky hor kisy da nahin Dadhy sahib da he prachar 'dadhy sahib'(khalkat / Humanity dy vich karna hay.

required .....for prachaar



Message jyhda listeners nu dyna hai

Message has to be

Sikh. Pchano jee

ik ik navy paisy de ginti sab kardy han par naam japan waly Sikhan de izat karijee

  • Naam japan waly Sikhan de ginti [[ਮੂਰਤਿ...IDOLs of TRUTH(GOD)

|eythy karojii]]

  • Gajj ky Sach Bolo ji
  • GurBani nu Chhad ky kisy kolo daro na jee
  • luky na raho jee
  • darshan dyvo jee
  • Nirvyyr bano jee (ih sirf SatGurBani Bhasha sun ky bol ky aty likh ky he bania ja sakda hay hor koi tareeka nahin hay
  • vaad vivvad kisy naal na karo ji
  • Sach nu pachhano ji
  • Sirf GurBani he Sach hay
  • jyhdy kamm na kary bina chalda hovy na karojee

...... above is Gurbani language written in Punjabi. Mainu ummed hay SikhiWiki Khalsy pujabi dy direct font ythy dy ky Khalsy de mada karangy jee WaKaFa --Baljeet Kaur 21 May 07 PS: mutia ny myry kamm nu edit karan da jimma lyy lia hai.

Any other method will brand the prachhar as that of a Dera


Khalsa ji - pairie taa Guru dah painanh chee-dah ha. He is the only one who can lead us forward. Anyway, Prashaad dee english hae "blessing". Japji sahib oonda - aajunee sah-bhang - gur prashaad JAP. Aatha "Gur prashaad" means "Guru dee mahar-dha naal jaap" jah "with Guru's kirpa or "blessing" or "grace" or even "mercy" recite. This is my humble understanding. das, Hari Singh 07:37, 22 May 2007 (EDT)

Single word then "Prashaad" = "Blessing" , Hari Singh 07:55, 22 May 2007 (EDT)
See article Kara parshad Hari Singh 08:32, 22 May 2007 (EDT)

aa gaya

imey karr aj sarey sikh sects de editing kar wehla hee baithaa. koi na sarabloh ton material chakk onu edit kar dae thoda bohota photos mainu bhej sarabhloh ton oh main edit kar dawoon.user:thegreateditor

Sawere uthna - Sikhaa layee chan-ga maan-ee-ya jaan-daa hae!!

For a Sikh, it's good to be up early!! Sawere uthga taa Guru dee-aa khush-eea laavo. Das naa Mutia ji noo email phajjee hae, tae lets see what reply we get.I am sure we all get busy at times - I hope that is what it is.

Nihang ji dee maa-vee eenn-ter-zar kaar raa-hah. Hoo sak-da haa kay oovee bohot busy hoo-naa. lol! Kan-dah nA ka "Khalee pahn-day, bhotee aa-vaaz kaar-dah haan" empty vessel make a lot of noise - May be this can also be true. Vaasa, aaha vee kaan-day haan kay india-wich wakeel bohot time laan-daa-naa!!! khee'al rrakh naa - raab dee yyaad rrakh nee. das Hari Singh 14:30, 28 May 2007 (EDT)

Haa, aaHa-vee hoe sakda hae - kay SikhiWiki fassh-jaavaa. Paar sachee gaal tuhanoo enee khO-rhee tah KaH-tee kheOO laag raahee hah! You know how slow things are in India. Paar malik de kirpa naal, saab theek hoowa-gaa. Aap ji noo fikar kaaran dee khohee loorh nehee. ithey aa-na baand nee-kara-na - Eeh Guru dee sewa hae - taa eess naal bakshish meel-aa gee. Stay in chardikala- malik kirpa kaar-an-gay. das, Hari Singh 05:54, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

Please do not move pages to their Gurmukhi name

Lucky ji, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

Thank you for your continued great work. However, one thing concerns me - I have noticed that you had moved the Guru Gobind Singh page. I will be most grateful if you do not move the pages to their Gurmukhi name. As this is an English based site, all the indexing is checked by their English names. Also search engines result will suffer if we are not properly titled. The move redirected, the harder to find the page. No one has a Gurmukhi keyboard so the page would only be found by its redirect - that to me seems like a waste and it will lead to double redirects. Your cooperation will be much appreciated. das, Hari Singh 05:41, 9 July 2007 (EDT)

  • Luckyji we Must bow before commandments of TRUTH(god), brought out by Maan yog Hari Singji. I am for shedding the punjabi script for ever. TRUE Sikhs look up & do not live in past. Sikhi is slave to no language, no tradition , no custom let us all be with nothing but TRUE Sikhi
  • For Manyog Hari Singh ji & all Hm Log
    • I need feed back, moral support & more joining stadradising the english script as junction of all languages. Seek ideas & minds moe the marrier
  • dear lucky i am looking for more of your poems...will you ..? User: Mutia

Please, No need to apologise - Lucky ji

Lucky ji

I should say sorry to you as well, in that case - but I hope you understand about Punjabi titles. Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. All good things are due to Waheguru's baksish - As a sinner, I can only make mistakes but our great Guru's is our shield and our guide. You are still a contributor and whenever you have time please add a little to the site.

About the closing down of a site - this is only possible by using the law - so only the court can order the closing of a website. And normally, there would be a hearing where the webmaster would attend and then the two sides would put there points and the court would decide. In urgent cases where there is an abuse of the internet like porn; violence; gross copyright violation (eg: copying Microsoft website so people think they are visiting Microsoft), etc, then the service provider can switch off the site. Otherwise, no one else can shut down a site.

I don't believe that Sikhism website would object to sharing information to promote Sikhi. If your are in doubt, we should write to them. If you want to use material from another Sikhi site, I can write for you, if you wish. Please let me know. Most other Sikhi websites will agree, but we should ask them formally if you are thinking of using a lot of material. Plus at the bottom acknowledge that site and create a link to the site. That way it helps SikhiWiki and the other site as users will switch from one Sikhi Site to another - This will make both sites appear more popular on the Google search engine. The more we interlink our Sikhi sites the better will be the results on search engines.

I hope this answers your question. Look after yourself. das, Hari Singh 10:18, 10 July 2007 (EDT)

Hor beerae

Kiven chal reha admission hoyi kae nahin. Yaar us gal nu dafa kar honn. Fone usney karaya thaa main okha ho gaya koi kudi thee main keh taa mud fone kitta taan fir kara davoon. Bas hon maar goli us masley nu us nu yaad kar present kharaab nahin kitta jaa sakda kyonk kae best future acheive karnaa hai asan. chal contact ch rahin sikhiwiki dae through. Maujan maar main shuru kardaa kamm. NAle hari singh jee maafian mangan dahey hann ke chakkar.user:paapi

Beautiful pictures

Lucky ji,

Beautiful photos and wonderful graphics - paar "Image shooted by" - aaha sahee angrazee nahee - you should just say - "Image by Harpreet Singh" or "photo shot by Harpreet Singh" or "Image designed by Harpreet Singh", etc. Apart from that - Well done and Keep up this great work - You should take up graphic design - Marvellous imagery and very pleasing to the eye.

Aaha site is not going to shut down - thanks to the Guru - it will go from strength to strength.

It is my wish that there be blessing for everyone - May all be in Chardikala, Das, Hari Singh 19:45, 10 July 2007 (EDT)

Gurmukhi Text

Lucky Ji,

Thanks for message. The Gurmukhi text on the Bhatt Jalap article is showing correctly on my computer - So this text is fine. I think you need to "activate unicode facility" on your computer. Unicode is the new way of displaying characters in different languages. please check at: Help:Contents#Typing_in_Punjabi_and_Gurmukhi and then follow the instructions to "enable unicode language" on your computer. Try it - see how it goes. If you have a problem - send me another message. Good luck.

Yes, regarding the second point, I thought I had replied to your message about MANU JYOTI & HARRY HARMAN. Sorry I may not have saved it before I closed the tabs. Lucky ji, as this is not strictly to do with Sikhism, I suggest that you create the article under your user page ie: User:Hpt_lucky/MANU JYOTI & HARRY HARMAN and then we can decide if it can be moved to the main domain otherwise at least you have it in the user domain. The user domain can be used for these types of user experiments while the main domain is strictly for articles on Sikhi. I am sorry this may not be a very satisfactory reply for your needs but I hope you understand that if we allow articles of such personal nature then we will lose focus with this project.

If your article has a Sikhi angle, then we can move it to the main domain. I hope you will have the strength and wisdom to accept this restriction without any ill feeling. In fact, getting to know you for the last 6 months or so, I am sure you have this boldness and courage. Waheguru baksish karan. das, Hari Singh 09:12, 14 July 2007 (EDT)

Congratulations - SikhiWiki passes the 3000 articles mark!

Dear dedicated contributor, Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

You will happy to know and to celebrate this important milestone in SikhiWiki history. With thanks to all contributors like you, today we have passed the 3000 article mark.

I would like to thank you and all the other dedicated contributors who have made a Nishkam commitment to the Guru's cause and helped Sikhism by contributing to build this wonderful and useful database of the Guru's message to the world.

Please feel proud that in this period of Kaljug, you have had the blessing of the Guru to carry out this difficult but important task despite all the hurdles and pain.

Thank you for all your efforts and for staying focused on this highly honourable and righteous assignment against the normal worldly trend. You have chosen to spend time in the service of the Guru and may the Guru continue to bless you and may all your dreams and aspirations come true; May Waheguru continue to shelter you and cast His forgiving hand upon your head. Thank you again. das, Hari Singh 07:28, 30 July 2007 (EDT)

Improvements to SikhiWiki

Please see my reply and put your suggestion here: SikhiWiki talk:Improvements, das Hari Singh 18:15, 15 August 2007 (EDT)

Dadi ji laaya ardas

Lucky ji

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I am sad to learn about Dadi ji. Waheguru pass ardas haa kay Waheguru kirpa karan, Dadi ji ku dayha aarog-ta bakh-shan tay Dadi ji-day seer-tay mahar-bhar-eeha haath rakan- blessing karan ka uusea nu pain tooh bacha-vaan. I will do Chaoupai sahib dey paath for her. Waheguru bakshish karan ga. I hope she does not suffer and may she get better soon. das, Hari Singh 10:02, 19 August 2007 (EDT)

Ardas Daadi ji lai

Lucky ji,Guru Fateh, sikhiwiki de sabh users di taraf to Ardas karde ha Daadi ji jaldi hi tandurast ho jaan.user:sarbjeet_1313me 19 Aug 2007

Lucky ji Wa KaFa! Mataji dee khaber sun ky ohna dee tandrusti dee sachii ardaas SatGurBani bhasha vich he ho sakdi hyy. Aaao ral ky ardaas kariyy....

  • Jo mangyy thakur apnyy ty soi soi dyyvyy.....tera bhyt kisyy na paeeyaa
  • Babba oh na mangiyy fir Mangan jaiyy.....
  • Bin bolian sab kujh janda kis aggy keechyy ardaas jeeo.....
  • tera bhana meetha lagyy naam pdarath nanak mangyy.

aaoo sary ral ky Satgur kolon....

    • koi TRUE IDEA, jyhda mata ji dee hor byhtar treatment aty dykh bhal vall dee sydh dyvy, Mangiyy...
    • ikk da bhana manan, da bal mangiyy...
    • 1 naal ikk mikk hoky sachaaee de takat mangeeyy
    • 1 kolon kaam, krodh, lobh, moh & ahynkaar to Shhutkara mangeeyy.

Hau Kurbany Jau!!!

Please Help!!...

in.....organising & formatting this page which is an an extention of Hm Log. All I am capable off is messing up things.

  • Icon on your profile is just class. I am sold for it
  • No words to Thank you for cleanig up things
  • Feel free to edit anything any where. Give me your plan as to how would you like to organise the pages of TRUE Sikhi..

Stay in touch!! Gur fatyh!!!..... ----Mutia 21:56, 20 August 2007 (EDT)

PS:My father who is retiring in March next year is planning to set up some sort of 'Technical Business'. How about helping him also. He is fan of your poetry & Khalsai Spirit.

Bhagta kee Chaal Niralee.

Khalsa jee!!....Jo deesyy gursikhda niv niv laga pau jeeo!!!

  • jy raaj karaee ta kia vadiaaee......
  • jy bheekh m.gaee ta kia ghat jaee.......
  • bahuta nahi bolna....

mohy na jan tyra..--Mutia 13:25, 21 August 2007 (EDT)

Kacha Mutia aty Pakki Bani

"u wrote Bhagta kee hyy Chaal Niralee & the real is Bhagta kee Chaal Niralee. hyy is not there say sorry to god Caur jee.........MUTIA"

  • hau apraadhi gunyh gaar hau bymukh manda.....Simer Mureeda Dhadia SatGur Bakhshinda
  • rwiK lyhu hm qy ibgrI ]Pardon me o!SatGur!sary jhaan deea juttia bhion lyy ta ghat hongian ........856-12,iblwvlu, Bgq kbIr jI


PS: myri ma ny kyyh tidta hy....

..."bchy koi gall nahi , bass tutlana chhad dy"...

...koi farak nahi pyyda mavan ta kyyhndea he hyyhndeean han....myynu sudharna myra nahi ma da kamm hyy....Ma fateh

Ma da totla--Mutia 09:25, 23 August 2007 (EDT) ---

Hello Sarab & Lucky


"Mainu eh sun kae bohot wadiyaa lagea kae J & K dae sikhs nae sihi swaroop pooree taranh apnaeaa hai.Good going keep it up.

  • Jo des" Gur Sikhwa niv niv laga pau jeo...
  • Lkky aty Srb je......Hau kurban" jau tuhad' hau kurban" jau.

"Punjab dae sikh mundae bhaiyae bann gaye hann waal kat maare jedey pagg bandey hann ohna dee daari katee hundee, Maunae pagg bandy hann. i have to write it."

  • Akhn jor chup" nhe jor,..gajj ky akho joro jor....Akho Akho Akho hor,...
  • Akha jeeva visryy mr jao...Akhn aukha saca nau.

...............Hau kurban" jau tuhad' hau kurban" jau.

"Meri bhuaa da munda waal katti baitha tae nashey pattey karda. Mere sahmney jatt rehndae, sarey daari katti baithey hann."

  • MiTq neve nanka gun cngiaia nu vrto bhi.u ky, jy ymla hovy j~tt
  • sb kuJ akho ni.u ky, qa he niklx v~tt...papwia pchhaw qer sacva sinn k', f'r bolxg' G~tt

...............Hau kurban" jau tuhad' hau kurban" jau.

"Mainu wekh kai baba keh kae hasdey hann . Main ehee kehnda haan gato ghat mera roop apnae dharam pita guru gobind naal mildaa tuada dharam pita kehra.??"

  • nindo nindo, mo ko logo nindo...ninda jn ko Kre piare..ninda bap ninda m"hqare.
  • ninda hoy qa b"kunT jai"... nam pdarQ mnhi bsai" .
  • rid" sudh jy ninda hoi... hmr' kpv' nindk dhoi .
  • ninda kr" su hmra meq...nindk mahi hmra ceq .
  • nindk so jo ninda hor"...hmra jevn nindk lor".
  • ninda hmra pr'm piar...ninda hmra kr' udhar .
  • jn siKn kau ninda sar...nindk dubx oh uqrx par .

...............Hau kurban" jau tuhad' hau kurban" jau.

"Siraf tann naal nahin mann naal wee guru waley hona paindaa. eh guru da sikh bol reha hai mera is dubdee jandi sikhi nu wekh kae bolan lai bohot kuj pea, .rabb rakha........ Paapi"

  • app' ptte klm aap uppr l'kh ve qu...m" nhe h" likhia likhan wala qu
  • pV aKr e'ho buJi"m=rkh" nal na luJi"
  • ...............Hau kurban" jau tuhad' hau kurban" jau.

Sat q'SatGur Fateh ! Do mukh' q' Mnmukh' jr'!

jo bol' gjj k'!!...shhk' oh rjj k'!!...gur nu mil' oh bhjj k'!!

Mutia 23:57, 25 August 2007 (EDT)