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TOC1-99M ???

Maan yog Hari Singh ji

tere bharosy piaary myyn laad ladiaa..... jo mangyy thakur apny ty soi soi dyvyy.....

-- Your Own Mutia.

Hpt Message

Sir now tell me this oh mera kee kee bigaad sakdey han. Mere father nu is sab baarey pata nahin tae eh ek bacchey dee jaan laingae. Kadee case nahin pea eh lok future kharaab karan gae. IT Means sikhism reasource mera future kharab kar sakdaa waa. My confidence is totally down down and down. I Also apolozise for same but i dont know wat happen to mr. nihang. they dont give me any warning and directly giving dhamkeee. Eh sikhism hai ok ok .............please tell me oh mere ton kee laingae........lucky

Sir Know from where this copyright actions came. my friend harry(user:paapi). I think my friend user:paapi already alert u about copyrighting before. and Sir wat about my other efforts in that articles. Had you revised the aricles??. i think you all get scared and attempted the deletion of articles wth out revising any of the articles only some articles are copied from sarabloh. and who is this teja singh whose site is nothing in this site world. and he is not encourging sikhism in his site everything is akaali there. they just fixed pics in articles which dont have any resembles to any particular article. they have written copyright on gurus pics as we know gurus are not copyrighted. gurbani is not copyrighted and sikhism is not copyrighted at all. i placed the articles here because the google spiders catches this site more frequently. well if you are thinking of deleting me froom sikhiwiki then pls alert me before and who is gurjot singh to tell me all this by e mail. i want you to email me if there is any kind of complaint, request or order 4 me. and who is this akali teja singh is he teja singh samundri?? well i feel this is an sikh encyclopedia and there should not be any restrictions for any article and pic related to sikhs(unvulgar). well i dont know wat the hell happens to sarabloh.

Sir it means other articles are also there i havent read any copyright from other sites i just read the topic related to sikhism and i just display that here. well they are not allowed to del image edited by me through photoshop that image are my copyrighted. i waaana contact sarabloh can you please give me their email id's. i also read your response too sarabhloh and you had written rite to them.

Sarabloh after my exams got over i will copy your articles and write it in my own wordings and remeber those articles will be only copyrighted to sikhiwiki lets see wat will u do then. lae aaoo jinnae wakeel lai kae aanae ok ............................ Lucky user - hptlucky

Sri Akaal Ji Sahai

I have requested that these pages infringing copyright should be removed from your website. I have left messages on the SikhiWiki helpdesk (c/o Gurujot Singh) and emailed Gurujot Singh directly. As yet I have not received a reply, nor seen any positive action from SikhiWiki in removing these pages.

If they are not removed, they are in violation of copyright as stated on - as such you are liable according to Copyright laws of both the USA and International Law (ie, covering Uk and Europe). Please remove these pages. if they are not, I have been advised by my lawyers and the laywers of interested parties (the Akali Nihangs, Udasis, SewaPanthis and Nirmalas on who's behalf has been produced) to inform you that we can begin legal proceedings against SikhiWiki and its owners.

Also, Nihang Niddar Singh, Jathedar of Budha Dal UK, and Parmjit Singh (author of Warrior Saints who's work is also on have been informed regarding this issue. I am obliged to inform you that Parmjit Singh may wish to pursue this matter separately himself in conjuntion with Amandeep Singh Madra (co-author).

I do not wish to make this a legal matter, but if my hand is forced, inevitably this will lead to an ugly future. If I do not hear from you by the end of today, I will have to consult with my lawyers. They have already received copies of the pages from your website that have infringed copyright.

Kindest Regards

Nihang Teja Singh

Other Comments

♣ oh bada mainu copy paster kehnda see. hoonn aap kee kardaa peaa haee?? onu main competition layee uksaya and result is here(laugh!). Actually he is a kid, tae bachean nu competition daa shonk hundaa (laugh!)

♣ Hor kiven chall reha, sukh hai? and when are you coming here in india.

♣ Gurmat Life Kiven Chaldee.of course kaim hee chaldee hou.

Sorry mere paper 30th march ton han tae 8th tak chalne han, is ton baad main proper tareekae naal aap jee de sewawan ch haazir hovangaa

Chalo sir aap gurmat to prerit hovo tae dujean nu wee prero. Happy life, and hbd to sikhiwiki again.................................................lucky

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22 Aug 06...Sir,Your Mutia begs pardon ( not from lord TRUTH) for having gone in
hibernation, it is some story, I for sure will be sharing with you. Have no
words for thanks to fatherly figure Hari Singh ji, my FFG , who spotted
me when I was shying & trying to sneak in back home. Sir, permit me to promise SikhiWiki ( honorable Hari Singh ji ) that I
won't do (if only Lord TRUTH stays on my right side) it again.

25 Aug 06Sir WJKWJF!It was wonderful speaking to you over the phone & I have no words to thank you for all your help & kindness. I'm now eagerly looking forward to the pleasure of meeting you in person. I repeat again, my sincere apologies for lagging behind in my duty to Lord Truth & to the Portal that is serving Truth & Humanity - SikhiWiki. I hope to get back in form soon as my father, who was out of town briefly, will be back soon. I shall certainly let you know about the postal rates & the 'Vaaran' in a day or two.

Thank you once again for all your kindness sir. with your encouragement, my dream of visiting London does'nt seem so distant anymore.
May I request you to wish your daughter & son 'Hello' on my behalf.Regards--Mutia.
Sir, WaKaFa!* No words with this barking (TRUTH god's & Sikhiwiki's (Hari Singhji's own) Mutia to THANK Sikhiwiki for the association & and honor I had been relishing (bungling !). I had been hard pressed against time all this while since my MA got over.
Mutia for sure stand accountable to TRUTH-god for my inefficiency & follies. Could not climb beyond 3rd Step out of Life's 38. TRUTH god seems to have approved my Amrit Vela's work today.
4th step is, I think, the trigger, toughest & a 'Go/No Go' STANDARD of being a Sikh or otherwise.
Sir, Let the going get tough. TRUTH god as KHALSA, we Sikhs belong to, was, is & will beyond eternity, remain with us . Let it become known to the universe, in case any doubts be lingering in any pockets whatsoever.
Punjabi to English Hukamnamas Sir this Mutia on a wavering learning curve, at best is a Typo in English and can read, but not write Punjabi as yet. I draw my boastings of translating DARPAN to English from my Grandfather, Grandmother & Father. All being fans of nothing but Gurbani & that of DARPAN in particular. Mutia being a 'useless Englisised child' not withstanding, my love for GURMAT is TRUTH god's gift of family environment.
About three monts back Father got posted to some godforsaken & isolated place close to Hydrabaad . Mutia in the past was a lost case on net to begin with, now I am a lost case in the real world.

12 Oct 06TRUTH god Willing....I should be able to take stock of 'Sikhiwiki points' pending with me including Hukamnaamas. Will be back with you on this page tomorrow Amrit Vela .Gur Fateh !

Hi Amita, I have moved this section to talk page, I hope that is OK. Is the daily Hukamnama to your satisfaction or are there any pending issues here? --Hari Singh 09:00, 19 October 2006 (CDT)

20 Oct 06 Sir, theMove is wonderful here. Will SATGUR approve if we meet in SACH KHAND(Talk page)?. We will be closer to 'KHALSA - the TRUTH God'.

Satisfaction Only FALSEHOOD does not satisfy Mutia. HUKUMNAMA being TRUTH God's commandment, the satisfaction has to be that of 'KHALSA - the TRUTH God'.May we go close to him ?. 'TRUTH God' willing, HUMANITY will follow the TRUE PATH.
PendingSir, every thing seems to be pending (at least with Mutia. Will be back. Can we identify pending issues in a tabulated form? I know access & TRUTH God willing, should be able to keep a tab on things. Eg - We could have something like a Master Table called 'Issues' requiring approval from KHALSAS with coulmns like 'Issue ID, Issue, Issue date, Issue raised by...etc. We could perhaps also have a Progress Table recording progress as the time goes by in SikhiWiki's public domain. It should hopefully invite more active users SATGUR fateh !User: Mutia

02 Nov 06 Sir, Seek pardon for being absent from class. Need to make my PC to stay truthful to begin with. Plan (no good at it) to kick start my self. Satgur Fateh ! beeing with User:Mutia

14 Nov 06...Sir, WaKaFa! 'Important Links' is "TRUE IDEA", I understood it as Shareable & copied. Beg your ex post facto approval. I plan experimenting with it further. You do wonderful things and I am looking for some dictionary to give me better word for 'Thanks'.


  • Sikhiwiki editor need to handle individual characters.
  • Tab & white space are OK. I had been a lost case till you helped, thanks for the relief. plan to do better.
  • NoteSikhiwiki being is a Nirmol Gurmat Site may consider my note on Talk:SikhSatgur Fateh !User: Mutia

From Guglani

Guru Savare HARI SINGH JI, WJKKWJKF Flags Link from Gurdwara Map site is not opening the target site at all. Please provide necessary administative support to get problem resolved.--Guglani 06:43, 27 September 2006 (CDT) _______________________________________________________________________________________


Sir, Problem reported on 29 september on Gurdwara Map is still not resolved.Kindly get needful done.--Guglani 02:35, 30 October 2006 (MST) ________________________________________________________________________________________________

  • Sikh Girl Saved

Sir, It is rather my thanks for your approval to my pasting of news story about saving a girl by Bhai sahib ESher Singh ji director united sikh--Guglani 03:49, 11 November 2006 (MST) _____________________________________________________________________________________

  • Guru Nanak's Shrine in Baghdad

Gur Savare Jeo, WJKK WJKF i have put some comments on discussion page of article regarding map of shrine.Please take notice and correct me if I am wrong in deriving the result of 90 degree rotation.Also please gude me how a wikimapia image can be called or pasted on sikhiwiki site.I know only to paste it as a link to image as done on discussion page of the article.--Guglani 21:16, 4 December 2006 (MST)

  • Damges to Shrine site in Iraq war during 2003

Thanks for pasting the wikimapia image on site.Satellite image appears to confirm damges to shrine site.In subsequent rebuild of site there appears to be no effort for restoration of such a heritge value site.Although world heritage status might not have been accorded to site,but it is very well a sikh heriatge site with well documented evidences.Some sikh institutions should make all out efforts to get site restored from damges of war crime.For this help of President of America should also be sought.Editors of sikhiwiki and administrtors of sikhnet can play a vital role to make public and some institutions who are effective ,aware about this.--Guglani 21:21, 10 December 2006 (MST)

Thanks for the information regarding this site. I will pass the matter to the Gurumustuk Singh at Sikhnet when he returns from his holidays. I think he will know how to take this matter further. I am sure that if the building has sustained war damage then that should be fixed urgently. --Hari Singh 05:52, 11 December 2006 (MST)


Changes on Hpt lucky user page

Please see that chnges on user page of Hpt Lucky from date 8.01.07 is from authentic source.I have got concern because it looked to me an abnormal change.If my cocern is genuine it should be brought to notice of Hpt Lucky by suitable means.--Guglani 04:53, 8 January 2007 (MST)

  • About S. Hari Singh Nalwa telling beeds Image

Gur Savare Hari Singh Ji, WJKK WJKF Below please find my reply to a question raised by another fellow user regarding authenticity of an Image.Does sikhiwiki policy allow an user to tag any article as authentic or unauthentic.I have undone tag put by respectable user on Sardar Hari Singh Nalua image.I request editors of sikhiwiki to look into policy aspect of such changes. you may please also comment on aspects raised by honourable sh Aulakh ji.--Guglani 05:39, 7 February 2007 (MST) Quote "Gur savare Aulakh Ji, I appreciate your concern regarding authenticity of an image about any famous sikh personality.The image in question is from Lahore Museum courtsery F.Azizuddin and is very well placed on sikh-heriatge U.k site as well. You can read more from the source site as per link given under:

Hope this satisfies your query. In fact we are used to looking at one side of the picture that Sardar Hari singh Nalwa was a great warrior.We forget that ( Warrior-Saint charachter which sikhi very much preaches) warrior saint characters are a living legend in sikhism.In fact this picture has left a deep impression in my mind that all bravery of Sardar hari singh Nalwa ji and baba dip singh ji shahid ji was result of deep mediatation and simran which they used to practice. --Guglani 05:02, 7 February 2007 (MST)"Unquote

About beads and sikhism?

Maanyog hari singh ji, A contoversy is being raised by sikhiwikian sh aulakh regarding telling beads.Image of Sardar Nalua with one hand on beads and on the other side wearing a full length sword even while in deep meditation posture reflects his warrior -saint personality .Before one proclaims that telling beads is forbidden in sikhism ,one one will have to produce lots of evidence for denouncing this practice and simultaneously defame many religious saints which have carried sikhi forward.Please comment whether this point is worth any debate, if so please give your view point from the sikh rehat maryada point.--Guglani 20:53, 8 February 2007 (MST)


Maanyog hari singh ji, WJKK,WJKF. May like to read more at link below--Guglani 05:14, 23 February 2007 (MST)

Sikhiwiki is 2 years old

Maanyog hari singh ji, WJKK,WJKF we have almost missed the event tha Sikhiwiki is 2 years old.Today sikhiwiki has entered in 3rd year .I wish with blessings of Almighty there shall be infinite returns of the day.Please convey my heartiest of thanks to organizers and starters of sikhiwiki.Let sikhiwiki progress leaps and bounds in terms of hits ,pages and users growth.--Guglani 22:42, 23 February 2007 (MST)

  • About Saka Nankana Sahib article

Maanyog hari singh ji,wjkk wjkf!Please merge both articles of Saka nankana sahib and saka nakana as per convenience.--Guglani 21:57, 27 February 2007 (MST)

  • About Place of Hukamnama at Main page

Maanyog hari singh ji.wjkk!wjkf!I think right column top above news stories was better place of Hukamnama on Main page .Although i understand at early hour of day it looked as if date is bit old (that of previous day) in some countries because of time difference and availabilty of day's Hukamnama from Sh darbar sahib, still i think it behoves well,having decided to place hukamnama on site ,if we reserve place for Hukamnama in a column at top and then do not disturb place reserved for it.It is a humble opinion ,otherwise,it is editor's privelege for deciding layout of main page.Also i hope you have noticed my another mail about .--Guglani 01:34, 9 March 2007 (MST)

  • Simultaneous display of line by line panjabi and english translation Of SGGS;offline availability of programme

Guru savare hari singh Ji, WjkK! WJKF!

What you have described I have that programme already on my CD from sikhitothe max. But what i am further interested is to have along with line by line english translation i should have panjabi(Gurmukhi) translation while gurmukhi original tuk(line) and transliteration is aleready there.It is possible to have this on internet from http://www.searchgurbani.comsite by choice of certain preferences.But i donot know a palce where I can download this programme from on PC.I hope someone can develop this if this has alredy not been developed.An example of displayobtained as mailed page from site is given in my second forwarded mail on this.I hope i am able to make clear what i desire to have.In down loaded programme it should be possible to search any tuk or page showing two translations together. Chardi kala!--Guglani 23:02, 9 March 2007 (MST)

Headline text

Italic text

Thanks for welcome

Hari Singh ji,

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh,

Thanks for the welcome message. I look ahead to positive learning and contribution.

Chardi Kala, A. S. Aulakh 15:36, 1 February 2007 (MST)

Contact Info

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki fateh Hari Singh ji,

I need to get in touch with you regarding something, would you mind giving me your email address so that I can email to you directly?

Many thanks, A. S. Aulakh Talk 19:17, 2 February 2007 (MST)

Hari Singh ji, Did my email reach you? A. S. Aulakh Talk 20:41, 4 February 2007 (MST)


I hope you will be able to make good articles on sikhism there. Tell your friends about it please. Thanks. --Sir James Paul 10:54, 3 February 2007 (MST)

Special Thanks

Hello Mr. Hari Singh, Good Evening i first want to say special thanks to you that you have provided a great platform to know sikhism. This is Lovely site i have ever seen on sikhism where i can get not only info. on sikhism but i ccan put information on it. This is better then any sikh forum where we can discuss on any article too. The tracking and updating today i did, i enjoyed a lot. My itution says that this site will go to great heights and i want to congratulate u and best of luck for future. Sikhi WiKi is the Real Encyclopedia.



Can you Send me list of main contributers. i get some contributers like guglani, aulakh, yourself etc. well this is because i am writing article on your site to publish it somewhere in magazine i.e lobana sewak so please give me what you want to display in this article.


Thanks for list

Thanks for submitting the list. Well i am not from the list of these main contributers i have just joined just now well i will try to achieve that position.


sorry to say

Well i want to find some negative pts of site which i have ever seen, please note them and make the site far better, bec ninda un kee kijiae....jehra samjh sake and dont get angry.............

Duplicacy, Not proper redirections, Searching is not quite affective, mostly articles are not wikified, less catagorized, No punjabi Fonts (Huge Blow for site)(Hw to write in gurmukhi), user:mutia you must view his pages, written gurbani...but i want that words in punjabi [personal comments deleted]

Are you a paid worker?? are you guys earning through sikhiwiki or you are giving daan to users??

shaayad Today i am going to harimandir sahib ok bye


hptlucky copy paster

Well i think you are impressed with articles of another user i want to say that the user is just a copy paster nothing else he copies from one site and paste here. The copyrited material is also on this site this user will make a great panga for this site. i think you must delete the user. Or you guys are just here for articles??????? and {personal reference removed.....} ... articles from,, etc. etc. & etc., ... man he is picking up copyrited material and once any user(it may be me) complaint abt this to other sites. then you know wat will happen. So ask him not to do that he he do that continously then you know wat to do.

As user of this site i just want to alert you all from this user

Nishkaam Sewa???

Well my luck is not good i cant visit harimandir sahib.

Well can you give me gurumastuk singh's id i waana ask that what the hell is user contributions doing here as this must be social website. as you told me nishkaam sewa, only users can do that. After watching this carefully i fing what the hell mostly sikhism websites are doing and gmustak singh had done the same. Well dont get angry


You are right

You know when Guru Nanak ji wrote Gurbani, he did not copyright the Bani

Am not Asking about Gurbani, POsts i.e historical material, and histories koi wee create kar sakdaa hai. MAny gurus Sakhis are considered wrong. these are not sakhis. Sakhi means sakshi and like sakhi bhai bala who is sakshi of events but tthere is not any other sakshi so History is some different . can be copywrited but gurus bani not view how much gurbani he had written.........Well i am not his enemy i am just talking about copyrited material, Even some photographs on which the other sites have their stamp is edited and posted by him. i donot have any problem. I am just saying this for this site.

why you said of Gurumastak singh i am just asking of Financial contributions not gurumustak singh........Because i think the contributions page are created by him........well i dont know why mine is blasting well leave all that lets come to our work i am stopping ma bitching.

Dont get angry

Well oh taan mainu pata see ah hee jawaab aaunae main unj hee tuanoo uljhaa rehaa,

Radhasoamis had made their sacred text book from gurbani what do u think about that?? uljh naa jaayo bindaas ho kae answer davo user:paapi - the great Sinner

I think hptlucky boora man gaya aaya hee nahin oda koi contact number hai?? i waana talk with him

Well Hari singh aiven hee dhakka naal article chukna pastenaa mainu odd jeha lagdaa. Well copyrite wali gal kaim kahee see is layee main nahin bolda. ecrl wala article kaim see. tell me the concepts which are unknown and which we should cover in this site. Sikhism site te pnjab de players wagers, singers etc. hows that looking mainu ajeeb jeha lagdaa....dances of punjab on sikhism site well main wee us article ch hissa lea but it feels quite ajeeb.... user:paapi - the great Sinner

Hey harry Singh

Hey hari singh this is not cool at all see the article

Anti-Sikh Darshan Dham

or satguru darshan dham

I have added information about it and some blady nihang had changed whole information tell him he should made another article and also tell him that every sect and cult here specify are antisikhs ok he had killed whole the information provided here.

its not cool at all mainu gussa chad rehaa hai and i can destroy anything so pls rollback that article and keep the present article providing it a new topic english kamzoor e maaf jkarna pls but thats not cool at all

Similarly radhasoami topic als changed what the hell is this if users waana do like this with these sects and cults articles then its best to remove all articles on sects and cults. as none is associated with khalsa sikhism

What the f*** is this ..........akali singh is destroying whole articles Nihang nu pata nahin kee khij macchi aa oye guru nae khalse banae see nihang nahin onu samjhao. pls mere dilon gaalan nikal reheeaan

With anger user:paapi

oh sir eh kee ho rehaa oaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa main pagal ho jaopongaa :(( Mere articles :((:((:((:((:((:(((:((:(:((:((:((:((:((

Yaaron ode ch is dham de beijiti kar dinde tusee taan article chinn binn kar taa

Ya i am calm know

Sir actually article contains brief information that what actually It we write an article on aurangjeb ok i think know you understand what i waana say. Aurangjeb bura banda see but pehlan aapan us dee introduction dinde haan like mughal samrat Aurangjeb.

Us ton baad us diyan kartootan dasde haan. Am i rite??? So khalsa jee khoon naa kholo Intro baad raj kae beijiti karaan gae bai eh log khalse aggae kuj wee nahin. i just waana say that but akaali jee taan gussa hee mann gaye and because of that main kuch abusive wee likh taa(But that was not for akaali). Sir gussae ch control kho baitheaa. Gurmukh ton manmukh ho gaya.

Main just ehee chahundaa haan oh cheez galat hai sikhi naal judee hai so pehlan eh das do oh cheez kee hai fir us te comments davo eh nahin kae sidha hee uda davo te reason do sant maharaj dharam das likhyaa hai. Well kise nu kee pata laggae bai eh even kyon kehan dahe nae. I just waana say that user:paapi

What is??

How to contact gurmustak singh any contact number or address??

Is really he a christian turned sikh ??

Are you a gursikh...i.e khalsa?? I mean are you a amritdhari?? Any pictorial of yours ??

GUrMustak (What Does name suggest) The mind of guru am i write??

Have you taken any othe naam like 3ho, radhsoami, namdhari etc. etc or you are a true khalsa only???

pls tell me answers??

What happen??

You had written so rudly i mean you got angry with my questions i think i was just asking questions normally. Because i waana meet mr. gurmustak singh tell me if he have any trip to india. Bec. i think he only answers his main mens and i know you are one of them. Gurmustak singh seems me to a great human being. Its cool to hear that you ara a proper khalsa. Well i had read that his parents are christian - jew turned sikh am i rite?? Thanks for providing me his email id. I will try try to contact him.

Paapi noo maarde ho, tan vee paap mahabali hai.


i am sorry

sorry for giving you much tension. Well lets move to our work user:paapi

thats great

normally sites delete this type of controvrsial articles. as these are also part of our knowledge but sir that note above the article is wonderfully done that this is for information purposes. that is the symbol of good administrator great user:paapi

A Suggestion

I waana suggest you to start a new category called sikh wallpapers in which we can place wallpapers of sikhism contains gurmukhis scripts etc.. and place it on index page.

Well i have made and editted some wallpapers which i waana submit to you. but it should placed in wallpapers section. so i want your opinion well i think my suggestion is not uncool. well think on it and contact me as soon as possible.


Gurudwara Fategarh Sahib & Gurudwara Fatehgarh Sahib Know You can understand what i waana say. Gurdwaras, Gurdwara in detail, Visiting a Gurdwara

I am thinking of making a duplicate sikhiwiki i.e hahahahahaha


Hello Hari Singh, I had chatted with lucky on yahoo. He is fukraa he is saying that Jinnae article main payee nae uthey tak ponch kae dikhaa.

So let me know how many article i contribute and how many he did. Please this is competition between me and lucky and acc. to lucky he is busy in papers so i waant to achieve that position.

So dont stop us. Paapi Will win know(in contributions of articles). pls pls support me.

Your bro/friend/son/dog etc paapi [user:paapi] Dangerous time


lucky bohot ghatiagallan kardaa ae. talk wid him on yahoo but dont tell him our identity. tetsee onu sir te chadaa rakheaa. Main odee fook tarrdaa hunae.

Thanks if you cancount the articls submitted by himmere ghato ghat 5 taan hongae and lucky must have 100 - 150. Lets see mera net kharab hai so it takes time. well wjkk wjkf [[user:paapi]


Happy birthday to sikhiwiki, & congrats t o hari singh - the administrator, may sikhi wiki will get the highest promotions in furthur life, and the sucessfull site covering every aspect of sikhism and parts related to sikhism. I wish sikhiwiki the best of luck for great future.

tav charnana man rahy hamara, sukhe baso mera parivara, pooran hoye hamari aasa, jo bar chahon sau tum tae paaon

waheguru jee ka khalsa, waheguru je ke fateh user:paapi

man gae mainu sir

paapi nu jinna marzee maro, taanvee paap mahabalee hai

Main jad controversial article likhe taan sarean nae gaah paa taa. Hoon recent changes ch bluestar woodhouse etc. hee nazar aa rehaa hai. main taan gurbaani bhalda pea see. user:paapi

oh sir

Sir please count kar kae dass davo taan kee thoda dheela hojaan ode barabar ponch gea :-?? Main Fukree taan maar sakaangaa(Ego),

You are slow in counting(anger)

I will not leave this site untill u tell me(Attachment)

i want shabashi(Greed)

Shayaad kudiyaan wee fasaa lavaan.hahahahah (Kaam)

Paapi nu jinna marzee tadpaoo tanvee sallaa paap mahabali hai


oh ma god

Is this articles entries or all entries(including user talk or some changes) pls clear that

YOur entries 9350 i should competate you why m i compitating with lucky. well let me finish that target. and tell me lucky aaundaa asite te kehnda se mere paper nae

Hari, Amita & Lucky

Know you will find

Paapi, Hari and amitha thgis is ma challenge comeon bruaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh

Jatt bigad gea, jatt bhusad gea


A lot of settings are neede

Sir your site needs a lot of setting including categorization, redirection, spellings etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc etc.........

Well i will do this work to increase ma entries(toung!) but after my exams sala lucky mainu ethey laa kae apa pardaa peaa lagdaa. Main wee exams de laan. But main entries update karroongaa ose waang nahin. te haan meri entries das deo please. user:paapi

apnee site bachaa laoo sir

save ur site from two blady users who wrote dirty lines n wordings in ramsar, punjab n delhi.

I want you to restrict these kinds of user i am rolbacking some articles. Sir eh gore taan gand paa dengae.

Funny moment for me

I told you before about copyrite and what did u tell me that i will handle the problem well see all articles of user:hptlucky.

Meri naa manno hoon karna pea na delete bruahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ha ha ha.


蚟 Thanks for saying welcome.

蚟 Sir may i know that how much space server have for storing the whole data. How many pages a person can create(Unlimited or not).

蚟 What is policies for loading an image? What about copyright actions? THe Great Editor

✝ Khalsa dae janam din dee lakh lakh wadhaii..............THE GREAT EDITOR

Sat Shri Akaal

I Have Read About wikipedia in its article after reading that i want to ask some questions abt sikhiwiki.

1). From where it is operated.

2). Who is under this project can you name all of them?

3). How many articles do you have on your site (+images)?

4). What do u mean by sikhiwiki??

5). How many members it have and who are the main contributers among them (Regarding mobney and articles both)??( I Know its also non profit organization but i waana know)

6). What is rank of sikhiwiki in sikhism websitea(I know its popular as scanned by google spider in 1st page)?

And some thing about you also(its diffi for me to make paragraph of ur huge description.

I am asking this questions because here there is a magazine on sikhism i want to give these details over their to make this site more popular. Please maan yog hari singh ji submit these details in proper format so i can give it over there and they will definately print it out.

Khalse dae janam divas di ik waar fir wadhayi Waheguru jee ka khalsa waheguru je ke fateh

The Great Editor

Thanks for givin me info

Thanks sir for giving me such info. Well wat are daily visits to your sites. and you are saying that you have 1500 something articles but i feel you must have more then that. I also have scan pages of sikh magazine i will display some of them here afterwards. can you please describe yourself in short para and also Mutiya, hptlucky, guglani and pappi these seems me to moderators of your site as there name is mostly in maximum articles. i think have read there list somewhere else.You must have details of your users. Well i got many good articles from your site and this is more knowledge full platform.

This reduces the visitings of different sites for different article as this is the good resource for all. I think one day this will be only the site of sikhism resource and this will reach at great heights. Best of luck to sikhiwiki team.



I have made a zone known as sms zone in which various users can put quotes on sikhism, punjab, personalities etc. I feel need of this zone as for our youth and i think you will not mind it. I want you to make a template in which you write to not to put or misuse this zone i.e warnings and instructions. as i am new to wikipedia and i dont know so much coding sorry for any mistake. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ke faeh

As my engliah is not good i want you to please rectify the article Gurudwara Sher Shikar. I have punjabi version of this article. sorry for mistakes

Oh that is lines said by guru jee, as we know that kal yaman was a rakhshis(deamon) who attacked on krishan in hindu mythology. guru jee sas same word to a lion " aie kal yaman too pehlan waar kar, kidrey teri man de iccha na reh jaave" means Oh Kal Yaman(Dedicated to lion) you attck on me first, Kidre teri mann de ichha poore na hove means not to die keeping a wish of attacking on me. so know u must got rough idea from ma rough english. watch Machkund to know about kal yaman or kal yavan

Hello Hari Singh Ji

Can u do one thing in my favour can u send me all the articles which was deleted bec of sarabloh i will edit them in my style and make the pics if any and write sikhiwiki copyrite on it which can fully permitted to display on other ma email id [email protected] user:paapi

Well Mr. Hari SIngh its just really amazing because maximum article i have checked not related with sarabhloh copyright do u know that sarabhloh articles are taken from a book not written by nihang teja singh but somebuddy else. i dont know if they breached the copyright of that book i dont waana comment on that. I have checked only some articles are related to sarabhloh and i waana add max. articles are from sikhnet and some hindu sites too. Lucky salaa chaloo aa koi site nahin chaddi sare passey hath mardaaa. So sarabhloh copyright must be acted on on Sanatan Singh Sabhais, Sachkhand Nanak Dhaam, Samparda Bhindra, Sat kartaria, Ram Raiyas or 1 - 2 articles more but let me check these articles once again. i will change them in such a way.............

The wordings also find not in sarabhloh but in some books from n some others sites too, similarly here magzines came where the artciles are dislayed. But yaar rabbi articles nu copyright well leave that so nobuddy can say that the articles are copied from where or where not. Lucky naal gal hoyee and he scared of visiting this site and odhe ghar dean nae site visit karan ton mana kar ditta hai and ajj jaa keh onu kehnaa bai daran dee lod nahin max. prob is solved tae jo reh gaya oh aapan haigae jae.

Tae sikhiwiki tae aa tae compitition jaari rahogaa. Waisey mere articles kinnae ho gaye lucky ton taan jeada he ho gaye honey. paper mukkey aan main wehla lattan mardaa sochea kyon na unglan chala dayiyey
. Hor sir kee haal chall ae. Tusee thode dhillae lag rahe ho no reply wat happen main kee paap kar taa. mere ton kyon naraaz jae.

Same problem again

Sir the problem of my english arises again here article = Gurudwara Puda Sahib please correct all english here and i have to add more info but i want you to correct the given info. I have info abt some more gurudwaras but you know ma english sorry for that. so pls bhul chuk maaf sarbat dae kaaraj raas sai mail pyaarae jinna milyaan rabbda naa chit aawae naanak naam chardee kala tere bhane sarbat da bhala..................THE GREAT EDITOR

Funny moment happens at lucky's home

Teja singh nihang di gal jad lucky dae dadi jee nu pata laggi taan. Lucky Dae dadi jee us noo kehndae, "Nihanga naal panga naa layin, Barshaa khuboo dengae". Hahahahaha thats funny moment for me and moreover lucky had not told all this to his dad and his whole family know abt that. Main odhe dadi nu kehaa " Bibi tuanu wekh kae oh nas jaangae" and she replied " ahhho hdardey kisey ton kisey da leehaj nahin kardey". Lucky horan nae IT wakeelan tae or pata nee kinna kinna naal consult kitta wa tae dasda pea see kae "copyright da koi case odhey tae nahin ban sakdaa". Hor sunao theek thaak chaldaa sabb.

Ik gal hor dasso sir jee punjabi wich jekar tuadee site tae likhnaa hovey taan kimey likhiyae..user:paapi 11:16 date = 26/kuj e/

SSA sir

Waheguru ji ka khalsa n waheguru ji ke fateh, Sir sorry main hajri a bhar sakea, site ch khasi tabdili a gaye han paapi nae kallae nae he competition fightout kitta hai kehndaa se mere 1000 - 1500 ho ge honi main keha main nae mahinae lagga reha mere innae nahin hoye. Main ik cheez padi idher kidher kae tusee questions da ik part shuru karnaa ae. is there any progree is hat User:Hpt lucky

i waana say

sir sikhism is vast sikhism dae hale articles mukkae ahin tae ithey max. users hinduism pichey pai gaye.Mutiaa ini sikhism barey likhdaa but bhagwad geeta m confused by it oh hai kae koi hor and other articles i am saying this because oh kehndae san kae hinduism naal aapan kee lainaa but sudden.......... i was amazed panja sahib article nahin see. well i want u to update abt pakistani gurudwaras wat in ma hand m doin but now i have to sleep and future entrance de tayaari karnee hai and yes Cobra article ch guru nanak dev jee de sakhi paa deoo. 1947 nu wee upgrade kar davo. ok Tae competition ch articles da rough idea dedo...........Mera, Lucky, Mutia, guglani, tudaaa, ek editor jeha e koi odha i need it sir good bye.....user:paapi

Thanks sir

for giving that * but main * r u. n thanks for giving that stats lucky bruahhhhhh picche chad taa mera next aim hai mutia user.............chalo bai ona naal mera comp shuru....

user Playthetruth nae ashish khan bhadur khan baare ditta jida na sikhism na punjb naa puraane punjab ya pak naal koi connection.

citation keaa cheez e citation needed user:paapi

Counting your contributions

I have been asked to create a list of contributions by users. As I cannot find an automation utility to do this, I have devised a manual method. You can help me with this exercise by counting your own contributions.

  1. A list of regular users can be found here. This has the totals to 2 March 2007. So you will only need to count from today (3 August) to 2 March 2007. The method is only accurate to about +/-100 items.
    1. I will tell you how I have done this exercise before: In the past, I have gone to the user - ie: User:Paapi.
    2. Once you have the User page, then clicked on the "User Contributions" link on the bottom left panel.
    3. This gives the default contributions made by the user as per your default preference.
    4. By clicking on 500 - I get the last 500 items contributed by this user. I then check the bottom of the page to see if I have reached the date 2 March 2007. If not, I make a note of the date range and this number - ie 500.
    5. I then click on "older 500" option; this gives me the previous 500 items - again I make a note of the dates & count until I get past the date 2 March 2007 - each time I press older 500, I make a note of the date range and running total.
    6. The last bit is getting exactly to this date and I have to count these items manually. But, as each screen displays about 30 items, I have counted the number of screen to the last date when we did this exercise - which was 2 March 2007. This number that we get up to 2 March 2007 is added to the previous total to produce the total contributions.
  2. Example / Detailed Procedure: I will go through this process for user Paapi - So, i would have a tally like this for Paapi. Once you get his user page -
    1. Press 500 gives all items from 3 Aug at top to 26 June at bottom of page - 500 items; make a note of this number!
    2. As 2 March has not been reached at the bottom, I press older 500 - this gives items from 26 June to 8 June - subtotal is now gone up to 1000; 500 from (1) above plus another 500
    3. As date 2 March still not reached so press older 500; this gives items from 8 June to 11 May; Still have not got to 2 March - subtotal is now 1500;
    4. Date 2 March not reached so press older 500; this gives items from 11 May to 30 April; Still have not got to 2 March - subtotal 2000;
    5. Date 2 March not reached so press older 500; this gives items from 30 April to 22 March; Nearly there but still have not got to 2 March - subtotal is now 2500;
    6. Pressing "older 500" - Bingo! We get past 2 March to 28 February - so we have reached and gone past the date 2 March. So now we count from the top until we get to 2 March; So counting from the 30 April to 2 March gives about 430 (I actually counted from bottom 28 Feb to 2 March which came to 70 & took this away from 500) subtotal 2500+430=2930;
    7. So the note I make is:
      1. 3 Aug to 26 June - 500 items
      2. 26 June to 8 June - 500
      3. 8 June to 11 May - 500
      4. 11 May to 30 April - 500
      5. 30 April to 22 March - 500
      6. 22 March to 28 February - 22 March to 2 March - 430
      7. Subtotal of above is: 2500+430=2930
    8. From my User talk page, Paapi's old total is 770 so his new total is 2930+770 = 3700
  3. If you can help to work out your contributions, that will be great.

(This section was moved by Hari Singh from User page to User talk page on 24-Jan-2012 - Original date for this section is believed to be - March 2007)

Sir WaKaFa! & Beg Pardon..

....for not being able to live up to my TRUTHies & hiding again (Sir Who can hide better, me or Pappi ?. I have never lost any HIDE & SEEK game except for this one with him. Who is this. Truthful, BOLD, FRANK, HARD HITTING, MERCIFUL, SKILLED & hidden SAINT--SOLDIER & ? Only thing is that he is a Khalsa--SAINT? My sweet hello, & WaKaFa to him!)

Sir I am real hard pressed. All that not withstanding let me run after Mutias hope they behave better this time, Reason-I never did. Promise to do better for sure.

Without beating around.., let me look for some words to than.... you (there are none!) for helping me clear the mess created by TRUTH god. I am at it.

ManMukhs this side of the word for sure need "ONA TROTH gYd" sort of expressions..& no way they like the words even like TRUTH, TRUE, TRUTHFULLNESS. They understand better if yelled at. There is an interesting proverb in Punjabi "jyhja muh ohjee chpyd".(The slap must be compatible to the face receiving it.....makes sense :-) Neecha andar neech jaat neechi hu ati neech......

GurBani does not permit messages to ManMukhs, but I have my own prolems I have yet to learn any thing other than Barking. I dog after all! beg padon Sir.

Need guidance from Man Yog Hari Singh ji. Gur Fateh !!--Mutia 22:10, 3 May 2007 (EDT)

PS: My Signatures refuse to take me to ME

MR Hario Singh jee

Amar Singh Chamkila pls use your template info biography and tell me is that working properly......user:paapi


Your website is considered as resourceful in article related to labana sikhs. I showed many of ma freinds and other and they find it the best and told me this is first site even or .org or wikipedia donot have that brief info. i donot told them who updates these articles well in a weekly magazine if i got contact with auperii saab i will give an article from your site and tell them abt your site. and why google is showing your pages as supplements. and can u tell me a single word for Kara Parshad please......Lucky

Reply to yu

Sir a single word for Kara prashad which is given in gurudwaras....What is DAAAg is it an english term. Well no need to write"more info at wikipedia", On wikkipedia i am going to write more info at sikhiwiki...Well if the magazine publushed article then i will definately send you a copy of that.............. Lucky

Watch the article

Bhai Jasbir Singh please watch the article here i made a table type to display the inp. ffacts about particular personality. But you know that this occupies lot of space and i dunno know expert html and the same ques asked by paapi and m asking again a template info biography is not working properly so pls Editor cant edit if he dunno have proper material available so pls wat ch the article and .......................THE GREAT EDITOR

==Sir please make the template rite know. Editor edit karan wastey betaab hai. ya i know abt space. wikipedia tae main labdaa shayad koi scheme he mil jaawey. Eh mutia banda kee eh mutia 1, 2 , 3 apnae pichey sangat layee hoyi hai. Gurbani da gyaan taan hai but apnae sewak banadaa ask him to make KHALSA 1 KHALSA 2 KHALSA 3 ............the great editor and checkout the article Bhai Jasbir Singh./ i am able to make that template but not able to align it in proper right position


I am sorry I did not understand it was only meant for issues related to Sikhism. I will take care of the issue from now on. Anyway, thanks a lot that you did not delete the articles (biography) on Ustad Aashish Khan and Ustad Bahadur Khan. They are indeed eminent people and artistes of national excellence. Thank you. Best regards, User:playthetruth