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Rabb Rakha([[User:Hpt lucky|Lucky]] 17:45, 10 December 2008 (UTC))
Rabb Rakha([[User:Hpt lucky|Lucky]] 17:45, 10 December 2008 (UTC))
== Vaheguru ==
Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Ke Fateh!!
Veer Jee, thank you for your warm welcome. Certainly not deserved for the simple act of changing steel to iron haha. I'm just hoping to keep an eye on the Wiki so that nothing anti-Gurmat gets edited and put on to give people the visitors an incorrect impression of Sikhism. I hopefully won't be doing much (what do I know anyway).
Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Ke Fateh!

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kiv Khalsa hoEeAY? Hukm rzaEe cllxa!

Please don't change work of other users

Khalsa Hari Singh ji, WaKaFa!

take life as it comes & never get entangled...

  1. Thanks. No words to thank u for the feed back. Kindly help me further to the pages implied by u & the links to contributors. We will resove between ourselves. It is a blessing in disguise where in i will be able to communicate with those who share association with me on individual pages.
  • From my side i will be trying to link up with them. I only wish they, rather than troubling you, had saught my explanation directly through talk pages. I will get in touch with the other contributors and keep you informed about the progress on the undo process.

Baba nam dan m^gda.....

Seeking Facts

Sir Kindly permit me to seek as to is it.....

  • ... Explicitly for me, thus implicitly branding me a habitual offender(i was blocked) ....if so, I beg pardon with the assurance that i will earn your better acceptability in future. I am myself a typo & mechanical fellow, no way can improve something written by scholars. or...
  • .. is Khalsa policy ....permit me to seek redressal from 5 Amrit Vela Dhare Sikhs managing SikhiWiki. This will be 2nd, my being blocked is pending.
  • ...Wiki Policy beg padon for not really caring the formal part of work, I look forward to your guidance....on my side i will read through the formal rules to do better in future or
  • ...None of these ??

regards & Satgurbani Ftyh!

Khalsa Col Rajender Singh

Dad's: birTe na jaEy jn ke ardas

Khalsa je Gur Fatyh!!!

Beg pardon for a delayed response. It was concerning to know about him. Do keep us informed. We the Khalsa whole heartedly pray for his health & well being. I do not know in what way, please do let us know if we we could be of any help in any way any where.

How old is He? Problem? Response of the medical set up? (Sir pardon me for this. Here in India things are bad, to begin with in Delhi itself, not to talk about remote areas. I am sure medical people are caring & kind there). Want to know more about him!

Gur Fatyh!!!

--Kha Col Rajender Singh(rtd 01Apr08), 8 October 2008 (UTC)

Sunny Deol Singh talk page

Rajender Begs Pardon

hau apradhi....

Man yog Kha(Mr TRUTH) Hari Singh ji WaKaFa!!!

amal gulyla kood da ditta dyvn har.....

1. i am Kha(1(TRUTH) without attributes) Rajender Singh, Mutia's (Kha Amita Singh's father). Changes in Kha Suny Deol Singh ji's Talk Page done by me was an inadvertant ommission by me. i beg unconditional pardon from Man yog Kha(Mr TRUTH) Suny Deol ji, Man yog Kha Hari Singh ji & Khalsa(Universal Sikh Society).

2. i beg further pardon for a delayed reply. aakhn aukha sacha nau. I got involved with not very comfortable pers here & some how could not make it. Beg pardon for this 2nd inadvertant ommission for reasons NOT beyond my control. The root of the problem is that I need to do better & become better Sikh. by practicing nothing NAAM DAAN ISHNAAN.

3. 1(TRUTH) willing , 1 (Rajender Singh) 'Was, Had Been, Am Here & Now' at This Moment & will for ever stay with No One but Mr TRUTHs.

Rajender is Thynkful

4. Sir Thanks for honouring this nacheez. Man Yog Hari Singh ji created a ful pyg & saved the mess created by me. sir the page is at yor disposl. I will be creating a comprehesiv indyx for all mutia pages & clearing up the mess.

Gur Fatyh!!!!

--One 01:31, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

Sikh activist

SSA, Veerji, I was just reading a story on a Sikh activist who participated in a hate campaign with the BNP on a CD, willingly or unwillingly I do not know. But as I was adding the name Rajinder Singh, a Midlands-based Sikh activist I got a page on Sant Rajinder Singh b. 1946. I doubt that this is the same person. Having so many people with the same last name can cause confusion. So i decided not to add the page.

I just thought that speaking out about those who incite divisiveness is as important as citing the good work of those who fight it.

I would have not heard of the BNP, the Ashes trophy, or a Sikh who (Monty Panesar) is famed both for his athleticism and his comic antics, except for your continued postings. Hearing that Sikhs did not take offence at his fans donning fake beards and turbans was a relief--I guess it all depends on 'where one is coming from'. As we say in the country, "are ye fer us or agin us".

Cricket knowledge here in the US is about as rare as that of Kabadi. My knowledge of both is via Bollywood. The Sikhs portrayed in both movies were noble characters--Lagaan for the knowledge on cricket - i forget the movie's name for Kabadi. Just the other day Jarnail, aka user paapi, returned with a page on a new movie "Ocean Of Pearls" about a Sikh who trims his kesh. Looking at the photos of the actors in Mumbai (SikhNet News [1] )only the director was in Turban. I thought wow how sad that a Keshdhari could never play the lead part, as by doing so he would be breaking (an oath?). Just a few days later someone here or on sikhnet wrote to complain about non-Sikhs always getting the Sikh roles. Looks like things are changing; opening the topic up for conversation is, perhaps, the first step! regards Allenwalla 19:56, 20 June 2008

the Sikh mentioned

SSA, thanks for getting back, Sikh activist was what the article called the gentleman in the story on the right wing British party which used to attack Jews and has lately allowed a Jewish member in the group. They now are attacking Muslim immigrants and the man mentioned was participating in the CD they distributed, not in Sikh Activism per Khalistan.

I read of this political party which i had never heard of, in BS's comment on Sarika Singh and the Kara issue. For a Sikh (who that party will still not allow as a member - they now state that they see the Sikh contributions in England as being positive) to participate in a hate campaign against anyone especially with the history of the Komagata maru incident just seemed a little odd.

Also caught your comment on the Ranjit Singh photo in the recent changes files. My hope is that the people who have posted the photo in several Gurdwaras will look at the page and see the later picture with modern ammo belts (clip cases, ect.) and the robust Afgani Sardar who was thought to be S. Hari Singh Nalwa with a grey beard rethink having the photos in the Gurdwaras.

I have greatly admired the General for years--to think that the brother of the man who had lead the attack that resulted in his death was being touted as Maharaja Ranjit Singh and some unknown Afgani was being labeled as the Sikh General just seemed wrong. But truth is a funny thing, people believe what they believe. thanks richard

May I listen(Explore) to CD

0. True Name of a Sikh being Khalsa One of the attribute of Khalsa is

  • SHe is Friend of even foes.

As it stands now & for times to come this Rajender will remain friend of that Rajenender. Hm nhee chngy...... HSe may decide otherwise

1. Sir, Hukm No 8 through 11 expect a Khalsa (TRUE Sikh.) to listen to believers & non believers with equal & unbiased attention and then decide whether the speaker passes the litmus test of Sikhi (Nank gaia japyy jaey....).

2. If He is a TRUE Sikh. my life for him jo deesyy gursikhda niv niv laga pau jeo if NOT We Mr TRUTHs have standing & rigid order DO not associate with Fake Ones

2. where is the CD ?? What does it say?? How to reach That Kha Rajender Singh Nank vadda aakhiyy apyy janyy aap . Can some TRUE Sikh. help this nacheez.

Regards !! --One 05:26, 23 August 2008 (UTC)


History Gurdwara Toka Sahib

Gurdwara Toka Sahib info provided over website is wrong. (Lucky 13:07, 29 June 2008 (UTC))

    • First the persons who stole gurus animals were Gujjars not Rangarhs and second the animals were horses not camels. My Granddad was president f gurdwara he know whole history i think people which came further to my granddad do gabhla in history. the Tap asthaan is given that is not actually tap asthaan. Guru Jee might did tap there but that place is kangha sahib and that shaheedi place of two soldeirs i think there is gabhlaa too. I think i have to visit gurdwara sahib again when i was 6th from bachpan to 6th class i visited this shrine after i came to mohali i never visited it again bec very few times i went to my village 5 - 6 time till know. i think i have to enquire again. What happened to the history know one more thing is coming in my mind that the old well and Neem tree and bamboos are saved or not these three were historical too. (Lucky 18:20, 29 June 2008 (UTC))
    • I had asked My Grand Dad and My Faternal Uncle and his wife they told me the same which i told you and someone has misguided that persons. Actually i have the picture of historical board at toka sahib which now i am uploading but just it is given that when guru jee arrived there etc but not told about the story. Well its difficult for me to visit this place as my village and gurdwara is 70 KM from here and i need time for that. i wrote the comment on amritworld too you can check out there, but no response had been made. and i think the bhai who told amritworld team, the history of gurdwara has misguided them. I confirmed all history from my granddad and faternal uncle and father too. (Lucky 05:08, 30 June 2008 (UTC))
See the pic what a great pic at gurdwara shahidan ladhewal
    • Guru Gobind Singh's horses were stolen so thats why whole happened. Maalik Hamesha apnee cheez pashaan lainda. This changed to camel by new presidents or that bhai which told them history. I born in 80's and till 97 i stood near toka sahib. Before 80's till 97 the animals which stolen were horses, but after 97 it changed to camels, after 2020 they will change them to elephants gifted by mehdini parkash. Tuhanu imey nahin lagda jimey history naal eh ajj diyan jathedaariyan khed rahiyan nae. When i entered gurdwara main tohar naal janda see hunn ajeeb lag reha. I will ask and tell them that those were horses not camels.
      One more thing. See this article Guru Nanak in Uganda, I know you must have contacts in africa as uncle kehar singh jee told me that they were in kenya, nairobi etc. I want you do do one thing please find out the place or tell someone to find if you are busy some afrikan you must knoe someone and bring snaps and detail info of that place. Try it God bless you sat shri akaal(Lucky 18:18, 30 June 2008 (UTC))

No Sir i have done nothing

  • I want to thank to all sources from where i get the info and put on this website.
  • I want to thank my freind Jarnail Singh who helped me a lot to collect sikhi info.
  • thanks to my father due to the facility provided by him(internet), i am able to surf your website and update it accordingly.
  • I want to thank you the camera send by you for sake of sikhism so that i can continue clicking the photograph and upload it on net, the confidence you gave me and giving now too.

Eh sabh wekh kae eh feel hunda kee main taan kujh kita he nahin jo kita tusan sabh nae kita. Nalae haley kehra job finish hoyi hai. haley bohot kujh peya hai. Hoshiarpur ch sikhi dae bohot kendar hann haley updations hoshiarpur de payi hai haley sara india baaki hai.

Well ajj main hoshiarpur challeya 15 minute tak niklan lageyaaa. If god helps today i will able to capture the wonderful shrine at Bajwara where Mata Sunder kaur the wife of guru gobind singh je were born. Baaki Rabb jimey chahey. Ajj pooree traat sutta nahin bus ch jaakey sonda. Challo take care sat shri akaal to all. Howz your father know. Ya next time zaroor milangae. (Lucky 23:38, 7 July 2008 (UTC))

Asking for your point of view

SSA, Hari ji, Sometimes I wonder why so many people in India, even scholars, want to give everything away to other cultures. Using PIE which always requires the preface of an asterisk (*) to indicate that it is only a western imagined word or language by those who cannot believe that India was possibly the source or mother language of Latin, Greek and even Arabic or at least a major portion of them all amazes me.

How long before the asterisk dissapears?

Here the word Khalsa is atributted to Islam and its invasions. To me it is clearly derived from a Sanskrit source which traveled to the middle east long ago before the sojourns in the cave at Mt. Hira.

And then yesterday having just passed the beautiful Bay area Gurdwara mentioned in a story last night (time constraints precluded my usual visit) on main page, of the commonality of Sikhism and (in this case) Judiasm. I tune into sikhiwiki to find this bit by someone who, I hope, misunderstands what Sikhism is about.

Khalsa / discussion

Sikhism is not yet another faith added to the sickening list of countless existing the World over. It is the only faith which is absolutely White, the only color of TRUTHfullness which encompasses all others. It is a Faith which has only one Sin…

I see that something even worse was removed, was this considered ..up to the new standards?

It sounds like Selafist dogma, something that Mullah Omar would surely agree with, only he would think that all other religions were sickening and only his was Pure and absolutely white.

My first thought was to delete it, but since i am trying to limit my contributions to improving clarity only, i will leave that to those of you who do not believe that your religion is the only non sickening religion or the only clean one that should encompass all others.

The undecipherable phrase that followed precluded my knowing the one sin that he/she thinks Sikhi has?

I am asking for some guidance here, or have I mis understood the Gurus teachings.

On a personal note

I, like Lucky ji, am wondering how your father's health is going, i had asked for some correction in my last question where I attempted to use Punjabi. Maybe you are too busy or would rather we not ask about a private family matter here.

Last nite I also read of another Sikh who was arrested for carrying a Kirpan into a court. That his turban was knocked off is very upsetting to me, but I have to wonder about his good faith in saying only that he was carrying a religious article. Wouldn't he know that the metal detectors and the signs which say that no weapons are allowed alert him to the fact that a Kirpan is not just a religious symbol, but a weapon as well? Even my dull practise Katana could stab a person to death. Was he baiting the law in this case?

Is it that hard to say, "I have an object associated with my religion in my pocket, which my religion states I must always wear. The object is a Kirpan which you might call a knife. It is 6" long, the blade is dulled." The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 gives me the right to wear it.

Seems that using the argument that a Kirpan is dull is spurious, my ice pick with a completely rounded tip would still kill someone. How dull can you make the tip of a knife?

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act gives Rastafarians the right to carry and smoke marijuana, but I doubt that they could carry it into a court. Has anyone looked to see if the law allows Sikhs to carry their Kirpans into a court? Has a case test been put forth in this matter? If not, since Sikhs must appear in Court (jury duty) is this something that has been decided? The article had comments which alluded to carrying the Kirpan on aircraft--is this allowed?

Rab Rakha, Allenwalla 06:01, 8 July 2008 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

First of all I have visited Janam Asthaan Mata Sunder kaur jee and this shrine is in very poor condition, i had ever thought. I am writing an article and submitting to loacal magazine and to colliation and panthic website. that Gurdwara is under Tarna Dal, the Nihang dal and they said in there website that construction is going on but it is wrong i found nothing there like construction or any bricks or construction material. I am submitting all pics to Sikhiwiki. Check it out Gurdwara Janam Asthaan Mata Sunder kaur. I want if you have any contact with sikh organization mention the same there too.

Well it feels good to know that father is better. 0.5% well drop makes ocean .5% makes your father 100% fit and fine. Sehaj fal mitha. I ardas before guru jee that your father' health will improve as fast as possible. Rabb mehar karey.

Yes I submitted the fees of semester third, and session will start on 15 or 30th nobuddy knows hahahaaha. i am doing MCA so in punjab Mohali will be IT center in future if this curropt politicians really want it to be, well jobs are there in Gurgaon and Noida, Banagalore, puney, Mumbai, Hyderabad. But today i have Seen smart work is much needed, than hard work.

My freind falls from roof(40 feet) and he was admitted in Fortis Hospital yester day still he is underobservation and will be under till 3 - 4 days. When i heard the news i was stunned . I went hospital today and his parents met me and told that his hip bone crushed, no senses in one leg, organs are what we say Dhass gayae hann. Kidney got affected, blod clotting in maximum parts and in poor condition. Noone is allowed to meet him. When he wakes up, he shouts like anything becomes violent and sedative is given evertime when he wakes up. Doctors from different departments are examining him. Well may god helps him and do ardas for Avneet he will be fine soon. Know what to say he is already the patient of Epilepsy moreover he have something like Oopari Kasar. Huh bad incident.

Vyah means marriage well, Jad lagega main is kaabil hovanga then i will think, tae ghato ghat 6 - 7 saal eh mainu nahin lagg sakda......LOL. I am not fit for marriage, for at least 5 - 6 years, Then Rabb Rakha hahahahahaha.

Rabb mehar karey tuhanu tae parvar nu chardi kala ch rakhey (Lucky 17:41, 9 July 2008 (UTC))

Thanks again Glad to hear of the improvement

SSA, Hari ji, one of the reasons I wanted to hear of your father's condition is that I thought i might make some difference as my troubles with my back or something might prove helpful.

One thing which is helping many people here is the new chiropratic tensioning units, where one is hooked into some machine which looks a bit like a medieval rack. Many people get nerves and bulging disks and the pain caused by them relieved. I am apparently missing to or several protruding bones which safely lock the units of the spine in place. So I was turned down as a candidate. Now if a chiropractor turns you away as a client then I feel he is really out to do no harm. Don't know if the machines have made it to England yet. Something you might look into. Regards, richard

I guess Sikhism is seen by many different people as different things, not uncommon in other religions as well. Was even surprised to see pictures with the faces of Guru Gobind Singh? yesterday with the faces painted out with the word Ik Onkar, clearly they had not listened to Guru ji's words. richard

did the people who objected to Guru Nanak's being the first to call for equality for women have anyone else to posit as the first to do so?

Sat Shri Akaal

How are you hope every thing wil be fine you n your fam.

  • An Article Did you know... helps you to write facts on base page. the facts which looks seems to outstanding will be updated here by all members.
  • Another Proposed feature picture will help you for new pictures proposed by various users like i a have aboundant pictures on sikhi which can be eaily shared and can be part of picture feature.

Rabb Rakha (Lucky 20:18, 13 July 2008 (UTC))

Sir one question

Should female allowed to be a part of Panj Pyara during amrit sanchaar? Please send me reply and logical i want to discuss this with you. (Lucky 21:02, 14 July 2008 (UTC))

Bhai Hazara Singh is listed in the page Saka Tarn Taran

SSA, Hari ji, came back to one of my old notes asking for help, Bhai Hazara Singh is listed as being the first of 2 martyrs at Tarn Taran Saka. On a page to him he is listed as dying at Saka Nanaka. Can you help?

Also surprised to find that like in Catholicism women are not really equal, if it is that they cannot be part of Pahul ceremony and the Panj Pyares--saw Lucky ji's question. I had not thought of this before, but every page always says where there are 5 good men or words to that effect. Das Allenwalla 02:38, 15 July 2008 (UTC)

Sikhiwiki Channel On Youtube

I am starting with Sikhiwiki channel on youtube website. heres the link -> Youtube Sikhwiki. This is a channel where you can upload videos related to sikhi. If there any channel exist then tell?? and ya its password is ************** LOL will send you on your email id. The image will be displayed between 48 hours. if any changes you want to do then tell, will do that. Thanks (Lucky 13:45, 17 July 2008 (UTC))

How are you ?

Sir ji,

ਵਹਿਗ੝ਰੂ ਜੀ ਕਾ ਖਾਲਸਾ ਵਹਿਗ੝ਰੂ ਜੀ ਕੀ ਫਤਿਹ,,,,,,,ਜੀ,

How are you and family and i think respected uncle ji now have recovered and well.

I could not continue on sikhiwiki as i was out of statoin,sorry for it.I will try to continue. Rest everything is fine. Thanks.

--user:sarbjeet_1313me 13:29, 19 July 2008 (UTC)

Check It

http://www.sikhiwiki.com/index.php/Category:Articles_under_Deletion Please delete the article and categores undr it leaving the template.(Lucky 12:00, 23 July 2008 (UTC))

A Complaint

I have seen that many people do not support sikhiwiki because its made by a 3HO follower. An Alternative is made called Sikhipedia. The people say that if they write something against 3HO then they delete it instantly. They think 3HO a cult and you know every cult have something that opposes sikhism. 3HO hae many facts which opposes sikhism or not in favour. they are not actually sikhs they have mixture of religons like Dera Radhaswami or Saccha sauda. But they are doing well for preaching sikhi. I appreciate this.

I have talked with some people they said that if they write an artciel which contains anti - 3HO content which including anti sikh practises and anti sikh thinkings, that article or content deleted without consent not a single person but many person complaint me the same. well i said them to bring some reliable references for your support and they have the reliable references but this website will not accept them. Gurmustak singh ji or any other 3HOiyaa will delete it.

So i want you to tell what to say these persons why sikhiwiki is not allowing such article which are in support of sikhism but facts are against 3HO. Many users are banned from website to as many told me.

Those people had talked with gurmustak singh and they told me that gurmustak singh reply to those notes which are in favour of 3HO but never reply to those notes which are not in favour but are favour in sikhism. (Lucky 14:17, 23 July 2008 (UTC))

same complaint that was made a few months ago

I saw this same complaint almost word for word several months ago. i have spent almost a year contributing to work on this site, almost daily i check the recent changes. I have yet to see anyone making a comment or complaint concerning 3HO. I had come across the 3HO article once not knowing anything about the organization. I see that the article which i now can't find by typing 3HO has been greatly reduced and is almost impossible to find. From what i have learned about the organization since one could only be upset that the Sikhs who were introduced to Sikhi by Harbajan Singh are very through in their practise of Sikhism. Bani, Bana et al. On this site no one promotes anything other than Shikhism.

the last time these people, those complaining about 3HO, said this i asked for anyone to show any such article or edits which had been removed. nothing in response. Allenwalla 02:40, 27 July 2008 (UTC)


SSA Hari Singh ji. Nice to hear from someone else who is also based in Ilford!

Sat Shri Akaal Sir

How are you? Howz life going wat about the family. Well Sewa mathi pai gayi hai but koi na jad aticles ya images miley taan zor pai jaoo. My freind jarnail singh these days in Bathinda district and clicked fotos of various gurdwaras, will submit you soon. Hoshiarpur ch ohee internet de problem koi connection nahin tae cyber cafe vee banda kini der baithey, wireless connection dee speed nahin gharey connection milda nahin. Life is tough here. Hor sunao kimey aa life. (Lucky 06:48, 3 August 2008 (UTC))

Sat Shri akaal

Plans are to study, i think i will get com[partment in a subject(Rabb Na Karey), so i have to prepare this year subjects in advance so if that uncertainity arises i will able to handle it baki rabb mehar karey. Punjab ch theek hai haal chaal.

Aap Jee de website nae mainu oh gurdware dikha tae(Darshan Kara tae) jo kadi sochey nahin sann. Jarnail Singh nu ve shonk pai gaya oh bathinda dae gurdwareyan dae darshan kar aaya ohdiyan photos kujh dina tak pesh karan gaa. nalae tuhada camera bohot helpful reha. Hunn apan itihasak gurdware hoshiarpur tae documentry banauni aa. Main soch reha video vee naal naal banayi javey tae sikhiwiki acopunt youtue tae post kiti javey. Is waar plan aa Bhai Manj Gurdwara tae hor gurdwareyan dae darshan karan da vekhdey haan safal hundey haan baki rabb mehar karey.

Baaki main Itihaasak gurdwara website naal ve tie up kita hai. Ohna nu keha hai kee sikhiwiki wastey main tuhadee koi ve foto chak sakda oh mann gayae in return aap jee dae camera dwara khichian fotoan ohna nu bohot pasand aayian tae ohna nae apni website da ang banaiyan. Hunn aap jee nu milangae, haftey baad because in 15 minutes i am leaving to hoshiarpur so i thought to say you sat shri akaal.

Changa. (Lucky 06:34, 4 August 2008 (UTC))

Thanks re Guru Tegh Bahadur

SSA, Thanks for the kind comments on the recent additions to the article and your following edits, though few i think they matched my intent and added to the piece.

Checking on other - Attacks on Harmandar Saheb- i was surprised to find that this page was now first on google.

I was not able to get on the net yesterday (upgrading to Leopard 10.5)

was able to read the piece and surprised to see it on the front page, but as i could only acess the net by iphone (for the first time i could see the Gurmukhi as it appears not just question marks, as the phone apparently supports the Gurmukhi script) the parts that allow me to log on did not appear so i did not get the message til to day.

Today i have done much the same with the page - Harmandar Saheb. I do as you say like to make the articles relevant to other pages, other religions and if possible events of today.

But i have a point of confusion-- in the following lines:

This moment is presumably intended to recreate the daily routine followed during the time of the Gurus: the arrival of the SGGS at the Harimandir Sahib from the Akal Takhat, the praises sung in his honour by court poets and others, and his first discourse of the day in the shrine.

Should this not be the arrival of the Human Guru and his first discourse? As i thought that the SGGS was only completed by Guru Gobind Singh and it was only by his order that the SGGS is now the earthly Guru for the Sikhs.Allenwalla 21:59, 4 August 2008 (UTC)

Thanks again and please let me no if i am off here. made no changes as i am unsure. Raab Rakha, richard

Sir new map

SSA, Hari ji, please check out new map of Harmandar Sahib, may need to change Saheb to Sahib.

I wanted to do this for awhile as the existig map was hard to read numbers and captions & very unaccurate. Did not correct to romboid shape, though. richard

other map group used the title Golden Temple, as well

also research tells me there is a shrine to Guru Gobind Singh near the Akal Takht, but i can find no ref on any map.

Golden temple

Thanks for changing the name back, i saw that someone had added that the name was not to be used anymore-seemed terribly stupid move to me as the whole world uses the name . I had been puzzeled when the Golden temple page dissapeared. Glad to hear it was a political party and not binding on anyone.

The Thara Sahib has always been on the map was just spelled with 2 a's to give the long sound, changed it to match page. richard

would have added the Ramagarhria Bunga but was unsure of its location.

City map

You can't imagine how i have looked for the pdf. (thanks) file/would have been so much easier. late will make corrections yet to do- later. Used Illustrator CS

London tod singh

Sardarji, Hari ji, again thanks for the pdf. no trouble for me . it is the typical cartographers map for any city in the world, taken or traced from a quality aerial photograph. My town has people who do the same.

I had added London Tod Singh to the page after his name, don't know how it became just London Tod Singh sans his real name. Is tod a Punjabi word, the article says he used the name meaning the 'destroyer of London. As todd means death in German that was facinating to me.

My highschool teacher of literature had a fav poem, Crossing the Bar by the famous scottish poet. Its about dying, she could not explain - the bar- other than saying it was a referance to a sand dune--she guessed! So, like the close word tod, i was surprised to see on the main page article the celebration of BARSI for Bhagat Puran Singh.

Added amended map, item 14 drawn a little big, also surprised to see the page on the thara since an old map i have indicates a shrine to GGS10 near there also. Let me know if you see any other typos-added several mentions of Sikhiwiki in background, as well as to my user name per your suggestion. will improve it later as time permits. they say that the best way to learn something is to teach, well drawing a map is pretty good as well, if i ever am lucky enough to get to Amritsar, i should have no problem getting around.

also added map as a page, would like to see you, Lucky , Sarbjeet or someone who knows how to do the 'gallery of photo thing add photo gallery below the map with names linking to each article on the numbered locations. thanks

Added a release statement

Hope that the release i added is sufficient meant for anyone to be able to use map. as i know that anyone can just block out the Sikhiwiki or user referance added that it is to be used as is. Preferably not for money or profit, can't imagine how one could do that anyway. richard

Sat Shri Akaal

Studies are good result or previous year awaited. Bathinda de foto i got all.
Video camera is inside the cam you provided no need of any video camera. but camera does not capture the sound so i know the tricks to do that so no tension of video camera.

Ya i will make all those template which shows all menu of gurdwaras but for that i have to go home and i will go tomarrow there. Jarnail brought the historcal book from every gurdwara where location is given there. will add some in future.

http://www.itihaasakgurudwaras.com/ eh website hai is ch main ehna nu updation de dinda haan and they said that they have no problem if there fotos are reused for spreadig sikhism even he added the website in his links to. The owner seems to me a good person. Panchkulae wall taan gerha lagna nahin jae lagna hoya maihn tuhanu zaroor dassungaa. (Lucky 09:27, 7 August 2008 (UTC))

Yes another new map

SSA, Hari ji, i have added the new map please check out and see if you agree its an improvement. Again if you will look for any mistakes and let me know. I hope people will just be able to print a map when planning to go there.

I drew a khanda for my idea of a compass and crossed it with another, the curve of a Kirpan didn't work. I placed them over the water tower (on map) and after that, trying to find out what out what the shoe and luggage ghars were, I saw a picture of the 2 Nishan Sahibs with the X and the circle in the middle. They worked as miri/piri, but wrong swords, I had not seen the flagpoles then. Just wanted to allow people who relate to the compass to see which way north and south are.

I am not sure one can see the label Steps of God at the back of the Temple. regards Richard

If you think this better we can change other or use both as people desire.

Uparli de reply taan aaye nahin

Sat Shri akaal munda haftey wastey gharey wapas aa gaya jarnail singh nae sareyan pics detiyan check User:Hpt lucky/Image Gallery17. i send you the hone number of jarnail singh he is always active with me in collecting sikhi related info.

and please write english articles reading all notice boards. please (Lucky 05:55, 9 August 2008 (UTC))


Sir ji,


Pl understand wat i want to say , i m saying pl dont call sikhs wid unshorn hair as Orthodox.There goes a wrong signal that cutsurds are modern and sikhs wid unshorn hair are orthodox.



suggestion for main page

Sat Shri Akal, Hari ji, i have another suggestion for the front Amrita Sher-Gil.

Was at my brain surgeon's office yesterday, took the new mac book, a hoot to log on an edit while i had to wait 2 hrs (better than reading mags.). The good news - no brain or spinal surgery. the troubling news - 30 to 40 white spts in brain, ouch!, talk of a spinal tap now. By the way how's your father.

Their is very little on the net about the Harmandar Sahib. Seems the pages at Sikhiwiki are now the best, most comprehensive. There is one old 4 or 5 paragraph thing (poorly written) which every one has just copied over. (type in Mamtee) and you will see. Why are they called mamtees / like a chatri? Is the pavillion near Baba Deep Singh memorial one of the womens areas? where is the third?

Apparently i have mis-understood where the Seesh Mahal is in the Temple--nothing clearly defines this on the web. Another staircase besides the Har-i-Pauri is mentioned. I can't see one in any photos. Is it inside - where, i wish someone, it doesn't have to be great could draw me a floor plan of each floor. I see that the massive row of arches that support the causeway and temple must be 12ft or more high, nothing records the depth of the Sarovar, but i see many steps at rear during kar sewa. Are there barrel vaults or can one walk through them to other side when drained. Hope to do elevations, ect. any help appreciated.

changes to your photo


Sir, i always get a little dizzy when vertical things in a photo are not vertical-nausiating like being on a plane. was this your flight?

Thanks for adding this picture. helps get the big picture. I did 2 things- rotated so towers of Bungas are verticle and centered the spot so that the SGGS and the Harmandir are in exact center of photo/ had also to crop a bit as borders were very tilted, one has to wonder over the jet's engine for a few seconds longer. for your use no change needed.

Have you any other shots or ones you know of. richard i have checked most on net.

Sarovar at left and Jallianwalabagh could use identification for those of us who have never been there. The rest are pretty well described in article above.


My question was, could one walk through under the causeway when drained. The text you sent is pretty much the only facts i can find. other than recent plans for air conditioning and boring of holes required. Was surprised to see in one photo that there must be gold surfaced, on the exterior, shutters wich close the windows at night. Their is only a mention to the front door of Guru Nanak Dev with GUr Gobind Singh on the "Blue" horse above, but no pictures.

Am told the white spots can indicate M.S., but the Spinal tap will tell.

enjoying your article on the first Sikh regiment. Good disclaimer, to stop my/others premature changes.

Harangue has a nasty conotation in my mind.


  • harangue -. A long pompous speech, especially one delivered before a gathering. A speech or piece of writing characterized by strong feeling.
  • a loud bombastic declamation expressed with strong emotion.

original meaning:

  • harangue at Dictionary.com

c.1450, Scottish arang (in Eng. from c.1600), from M.Fr. harangue, from It. aringo "public square, platform," from Goth. *hriggs (pronounced "hrings"), from P.Gmc. *ring "circular gathering." The first -a- inserted to ease Romance pronunciation of Gmc. hr- (cf. hamper (n.)).

May be the perfect word, if he had to round people up in the village squares (Chowks?) and challenge their manhood or warrior's skills. If that's the case sounds like he had a dangerous task at which he was successful.


SSA, Hari ji, a friend had told me about the Sikh Review. Last night I had asked for a free copy at the address they give. The article added tonight has many sentences that don't compute or complete the thought they started out with. I don't understand the computational stuff. Is this something the writer is developing? Have you seen this before. I read hoping to see some insight, but changed one or two sentences that said nothing.

Also India and its religions have been popular in the west for the part that is beyond fleshly desires, was a surprise to me to see the writer associating the Indian mind with fleshly desires. Thought to get in touch with the author, was pleased to see a whole issue of the review at the end of the link. thanks richard

Sat Shri Akaal

How are you and your family, your father sahib. rabb mehar karey khushian bakhshey chardi kala ch rakhey.

uploaded two gurdwaras, kindly write its infor from notice board i will rite the basic info which i know. Visited village kangmayi where gurdwaras of Bhai Manjh. Jarnail take me to those villages, know he is taking interest in these works as side activity. Sorry for so long break which i took due to studies. Will try to upload more and more info.

Regards (Lucky 17:37, 22 August 2008 (UTC))


Hari ji, in working on a page labeled Lions - now Lions, hunting and the Sikhs, I noticed that the talk page has nothing to do with the topic of the page and is for some other page. I am puzzeled how that could happen. See - Talk:Lions, hunting and the Sikhs.

Since the page as i found it was just a mention that two Gurus had killed lions - proving they were powerful. i have added- expanding it to Sikhs and hunting and why.

Since only Guru Hargobind and Guru Gobind Singh were mentioned, with only one line on Guru Gobind Singh. I hope that someone can add a little as to how and why the lion ended up as part of the Battle of Bangani (sp).

Since both, are the Guru's associated with warfare seemed that hunting and its love, especially by men who did not eat any or much meat, had a much more revelant reason than just going out to kill something. There's the story of Guru GS killing a rabbit in a battle and being called to task by his Sikhs for killing an innocent animal (to release someone, Guru Nanak had promised to release in his 10th reincarnation that page said) - releasing him from his ? lakh joon jivas. So hunting served more than just sport, think the page could be expanded added stub to that effect. Allenwalla 17:39, 23 August 2008 (UTC)

Just thought it better to tell then where the- more- was taking them

Sorry if that didn't work better Allenwalla 19:58, 25 August 2008 (UTC)


Could you check out the article on Bhagat Singh's statue and edit out anything that might offend.

Please check on that

       i thought i had read this, maybe i am incorrect, will check, removing 'til i verify, my mind may have played a trick on me. I do remember reading that he had a religious  revival

. So i think that if i was wrong, it was the way he was headed and the turban is certainly not out of place.

As to the picture, i believe this is the actual photo

I have seen a painting of this, but i think the one added to the page is the real deal, painters would have a hard time duplicating such an old photo with real looking fading and would as painters tend to do try to improve the image. Hope fully if i was in error on the Pahul, only 10 or 12 people looked at the page at the time. Seems illogical now that i think about it that five Piares would have been allowed into prison by the English who were rather down on Bhagat. But then the other Sikhs were allowed to dig a long tunnel out of a prison, but that was well after the british had left.

Just found the real photo from which the one Lucky added was taken, it has been colorized in places, but it looks real to me and i am suposed to be an expert in this area it is located at [2] loaded on webshots by one hardeep1981. check it out.

asking for guidance, mischief afoot?

removed the text, i added here, that was added to each Bagats page, looking at it seemed offensive to me after putting it here to alert you. thanks for the attention with a few edits as I and several others can do this was about to dissappear. thanks , richard

Legend of Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji Today

Today, Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji is starting to come out. Thanks to sants like 108 Sant baba bhagwan dass ji, 108 Sant baba ram anand ji and more the truth is starting to come out.

Last thing is, if Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaj Ji or any of the other guru ji's people like you call bhagats then I hope that you my freind, burn in hell.

Found the story i had read

The story I had read was in the Weekly Panthic, Bhagat Singh had asked to be allowed to be baptised, but the british refused. It was Bhai Randhir Singh who visited with him in prison and is said to have help him return to Sikhi.

Bhagat singh old less clean photo.jpg

Did you get to see the picture which was colored with an airbrush or hand tinted link in 2nd previous post--it is very clear, and all shadows work together.? (ABOVE) I also found another bad copy of the same photo, which appeared in some English newspaper or magazine. The caption is interesting. It says he is being interrogated in jail, yet he has a big smile and is very relaxed with the Sikh in white with a long white beard. Was that the appearance of a police inquisitor in 1927, wouldn't a policeman have a uniform? I wonder myself if this was Bhai Randhir Singh visiting him or perhaps his father--someone should know. Did you get to see offensive additions to Bhagat pages, as well? Allenwalla 02:22, 30 August 2008 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

Eh sabh kee aa??? User:Chaingang47 Naam da saksh saari sikhwiki de aisie de taisie fer reha hai, tell him GUru Granth Sahib nae ohna nu Bhagat keha hai and we have to walk with guru granth sahib so donot touch the articles. if he want to create create the seprate. (Lucky 05:31, 30 August 2008 (UTC))

Thanks, please re read article

SSA, Hari ji, I had sent a note on finding the article, re Amrit. Bhagat Singh had asked according to Panthic weekly to take Amrit, but the British refused, have added that info to article. Please look again at the rewritten paragraph. There is a second photo (from same photo) on your page with the caption that is a little off as i explain my reason for thinking so.

And yes its sad that chaingang just decided to pillage pages instead of arguing on the talk pages. If he took the time to look or search the word guru he could easily find the explanation for Gu and ru. I was surprised to find it already on sikhiwiki when i first looked here as i thought no one else was aware of the basis. His guru is not dissparaged and is accorded inclusion in the Graanth. He could always start a Ravidasiwiki if he wanted and call him Guru. regards , richard.

thanks was an honor

Waking up and seeing the map on the front page was a pleasant surprise, thanks for the honor. i should probably send a newer version with the sikiwiki after my name a little lighter as all the sikhiwiki.coms which are in the background of the map are very, very subtle.One has to look hard to notice them, at least on my moniter.

One God

SSA, Hari ji, I came across a page using random search. when I later tried typing One God in the search box-nothing comes up. I have put a space in front (as one has to do to find the page on Yogi Bajan. U & lc 2 spaces and 1,2,3 at end - nothing finds the page. Do you know what is going on here. Allenwalla 04:55, 8 September 2008 (UTC)

Re One God

Hari ji, thanks for looking into the page, reading your note this am, i rekeyed - One God - again i got the messages no matching page, ect. So I clicked on the One God you can start a page and voila the page opened.

Our little iMac was getting a little behind the times (8 or 9 yrs. old). Ann had found a go around on the net to install panther (current apple system) as its hertz. rate was suposedly too slow. we got a mac book last month and I was surprized to find that it allowed me to read the Gurmukhi without getting a special font. It also underlines any typos - miss keyed or miss spelled as well as all the names and terms from India. I looked last night to find the Gurmukhi font in the system folder to transfer to the old computer as well as searching to find what bit of programming was underlining the typos, etc.

No Gurmukhi font to be found only Chinese and Japanese. As i doubt that God is doing some special miracle just for me on this one computer (revealing words when their is no font) maybe you or SingKalsi ji who says he just graduated with a computer degree can let me know if you know how this is happening? I don't know if either of you are MAC users. Regards richard

Check out the New Google Earth version

Hari ji thanks for the info still trying to get the font to work. Please see the panoramic photo of the Harmandar and the Sarovar, ect. If you have not already seen this. Gigapan Photos amazing


SSA, Hari ji , I have made some changes to the page on Bhaghat Ravidas. Basically i just replaced the repeated Bhagat title in almost every sentence with Ravidas. I found that there were several references to him already as a Guru, but not as a Sikh one (the Maharani, etc.) He was no doubt a great man and being included in the Granth is an example of the great esteem that Guru Arjan Dev held for him. Kindly look the article over to see if I have done or added, altered anything to cause ill will. Please revert if need be.

I saw recently that some company has used an image of one of the Sikh Gurus in their advertising, with no idea that it would be offensive to anyone, they didn't have any idea it depicted anyone. They quickly removed the image and apologized. Yesterday i came across a Hindu group who were taking great exception to the movie Guru Pitka, which i have not seen and don't know if he pretends to be a Hindu. I guess, like beauty, offense is in the eye of the beholder and hopefully i have not offended with the changes to the page. Thanks Allenwalla 05:54, 11 September 2008 (UTC)

Sat Shri akaal

How are you sir Howz life going long time to be on sikhiwiki. Time henahin lagda

I got a letter from Mutia jee he wrote:
Maan Yog Khalsa Hari Singh ji Waheguru ji ka Khalsa Waheguru ji ki Fteh !!

          • Hau Apradhe guneh gar. Hun.bemukh mnda

I WILL Obey Thy Orders ( ****Hukam razaee challna ate challanga.)

        • Beg unconditional pardon for inadvertent omission. In future this

kookar will flawlessly Obey Thy Commandments. Bksh liho!!!! Gur Fateh

kookar User:One with every one & daas

Eh aap jee da apna maslaa hai so aap dohein janey suljha leyo. Tusee sunao kee chalda ajj kal. Uncle jee hori theek hann. India gerha kad lagnaa. Sorry sikhiwiki tae aun da time bilkul nahin milda but kadi kadi aa kae recent changes chek kar jaana haan. Rabb Rakha tae oh message jo main arain sikhs tae chaddeya see oh non sikh related content udaan nu keha see mainu lageya jimey article mulla related aa (Lucky 19:08, 28 September 2008 (UTC))

Please check if appropiate

SSA, Hari ji did a page tonight on India outlawing smoking in public. Please check to see that i haven't done any thing offensive

page: India takes the advice of Guru Gobind Singh. thanks richard

Do Sikhs soldiers wear Khol as Salman seems to be sporting a lot in the photo?

looking above (at Lucky ji's ques) as best i can read i think Lucky ji is saying something about the Arain page being non Sikh related. I had asked him if he had objections which semed strange since he had posted the page. I may be miss reading. Sikhs are mentioned in the page and there being recruited inn the British Indian forces really helped create the gap which the Arain as scheduled farmers helped to fill as Sikhs went off to fight around India, Afganistan, ect.

a brief explanation

Khol seems to have been the original word for alcohol

in punjab khol is called sirma or surma

Thanks, khol is the eyeliner product that was once used by men and women in old India. Nauch girls like in Dev Das (the movie) would line their eyes with the stuff. Muslim men also commonly used it up through the 30 and 40s of the last centuries. The Muslim Doctor (Dr. Aziz) in the movie "A passage to India" who was accused of attempting to rape the British girl Adela Quested. If you haven't seen the movie it's a good Merchant and Ivory film. Years later on his houseboat, I had always assumed on Lake Dal, but in the Kingdom of Mau (a real place in India) the Doctor, now the doctor to the local Maharaja, is dressing in his best clothes and painting his eyes with Khol. The ancient Egyptians also are always shown with the same sort of stuff around their eyes. Perhaps Salman Khan is using it as stage makeup to make his eyes show better.

below from wikipedia

Kohl is a mixture of soot and other ingredients used predominantly by Middle Eastern, North African, Sub-Saharan African, and South Asian women, and to a lesser extent men, to darken the eyelids. Kohl from Arabic is also sometimes spelled kol, kehal (in the Arab world, or kohal, and is known as surma or kajal in South Asia. In many parts of West Africa, it is known as koli.

Source of the word alcohol

It is the etymon of "alcohol." Andalusi Arabic kuḥul meant the antimonium or galena used as a cosmetic. It was alcohol in the Medioeval Castilian language In the 16thc entury it passed to French alcool and the Low Latin of chemists. Paracelsus took it as "an essence obtained by crushing, sublimation or distillation. In 1612 it already meant "wine spirit". With the new meaning, it came back to Spanish and other European languages. , quoted in alcohol, Diccionario crítico etimológico castellano e hispánico, volume I, Joan Corominas, José A. Pascual, Editorial Gredos, 1987, ISBN 84-249-1361-2.</ref>

Kohl has been worn traditionally as far back as the Bronze Age (3500 B.C. onward). Kohl was originally used as protection against eye ailments. Darkening around the eyelids also provided relief from the glare of the sun. Mothers would also apply kohl to their infants' eyes soon after birth. Some did this to "strengthen the child's eyes," and others believed it could prevent the child from being cursed by an "evil eye".

sirma or surma

in Punjabi, kajal (Devanagari: काजल, kĝjal) in Hindi and Urdu,

In India, it is used by women as a type of eyeliner that is put around the edge of the eyes. Even now in southern rural India, especially in Kerala, women of the household prepare the kajal. This home-made kajal is used even for infants. Local tradition considers it to be a very good coolant for the eyes and believes that it "protects the eyesight and vision".[citation needed]

In Punjabi Culture, sirma or surma is a traditional ceremonial dye, which predominantly men of the Punjab wear around their eyes on special social or religious occasions. It is usually applied by the wife or the mother of the male.

Some women also add a dot of kajal on the left side of the foreheads of babies and children, to protect them from 'buri nazar'. 'Buri nazar' literally means 'bad glance' and is comparable to the 'evil eye', although it can be interpreted as ill-wishes of people or even lustful eyes, in the sense of men ogling women. It is also applied at the nape of a baby or child's neck so that it is not visible; at the same time it protects the child from the evil eye.

Since I had only known the name as Khol (apparently the Arabic or Muslim name as sold in India, I looked it up on wikipedia. My question was if Sikhs had in the past used it. One learns a lot each morning. The above is from wikipedia. Seems to have been a custom to use it against the evil eye. Since Sikhs were supposed to give up believing in superstitions I don't know if they would have used it.

I will erase this entry in a couple of days or you can after reading it as I don't know if it has much relevance to Sikhi. I had just noted that Salmon Khan had a good bit on in the 'Heroes' picture. thanks richard

football and baseball players have started using it across their cheeks I guess to stop reflections.

Sorry to Hear of your Father's illness

SSA, Praying for your Father and you all. My WaheGuru's blessing comfort you all, in this difficult time. Rab Rakha. Richard and Ann

Sir ji,


Everything is in the hands of Almighty Waheguru.keep informing the latest development. user:sarbjeet_1313me

Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waheguru Waeguru Wahguru Waheguru Kirpa Karan, mehar bhareya hath rakhan, Sarbat Da bhala hove. karan karavan Apey Aap, manas kae kuch nahin haath Take care. (Lucky 15:08, 8 October 2008 (UTC))


SSA, Hari ji, it was good to see the change to the front page. That meant that at least you had been able to get away from the hospital. Still when you feel like sharing, please let us know of any change with your father, as he is up against that change that we all are most in awe of. richard

waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru waheguru . Waheguru kirpa karn, chardi kala rakhan mehar bhareya hath rakhan. (Lucky 18:36, 10 October 2008 (UTC))

St Shri Akaal Sir jee

How are you? Howz your father? Hope everything!! is fine. Howz life going?? You changed the website name to Mahankosh.org, it looks really great. (Lucky 13:47, 17 October 2008 (UTC))

WaheGuru, God bless

SSA, I was just drawn to set down at the computer and see if Lucky ji had responded to a post an hour or two ago. Suddenly the message popped up with the news of the loss of your father. So sorry to hear for having watched my father who was kept on life suppport for three days after a stroke and having to make the decision to turn the machines off--too much damage the Doctors said he could never recover, I know or at least am familiar with how you all must be filling. As you have spoken so lovingly of your dad and the care he lavished on all I know that he was well loved and you all will miss him sorely. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you all. If you would sometime please, probably sounds like and odd request, but as you have my e-mail please let me know your father's name.

Kindest regards, Richard and Ann


No doubt its a sad news but according to the will of Waheguru we all are in a queue.The departure of Uncle a big loss to ur family,in this crucial juncture we only can pray to waheguru for the noble soul and may waheguru give strength to ur whole family to overcome this loss. user:sarbjeet_1313me

Again thanks,

My little gizmo on the computer, called a wijit (free sharewear) shows me the sun has just been 'reborn' this morning and is now reaching Nova Scotia. Friday nite and last night allowed me no sleep, just once again sat here and added a note from the Bhatt Vahi Talauda to the page on Guru Tegh Bahadur. I saved and there popped your note, very indicative of just how well your father and your adherence to and deeper understanding of Sikhi have gifted you with adab and the gift that Sikhi, as the Guru teaches those who listen well, is to the world.

Thanks again for taking a little of your time in sharing a little of your dad with Ann and I. Best wishes and may each passing day grow easier and lighten your hearts. regards Ann & Richard

Its Sad news

Main taan just sikhiwiki ch recent changes tae click kita and i found the message on recent changes, i was shocked, firr mann ch aya jo bhavey kartar, Karan Karawan apae aap Manas kae kuch nahin haath.

I am sorry mainu sachi nahin pata is situation tae kee kahee da hunda hai, but i can say jo hoya bura hoya, wadeyan da saya sirr ton uthna, imey jaapda hai sadi rooh, sadi sanskriti, sadey sanskaran da guru sharirik roop chadd kae sadey ton door jaa reha hai But Yaadan sadey dil ch wasdiyan rehangiyan, oh sanskar bhavikh de peerhi nu parfulit karangae.

Mainu sachi nahin pata kimey react karan, its shocking news, Bas apna tae apnae family da khyaal rakhna. baaki rabb de raza ch sabh hunda hai, Ithey aa kae bandey dae hath kharhey ho jandey hann. baaki maut tae kisey da bass nahin kad aunie aa eh bee kisey nu koi pata nahin.

Take care. Waheguru Mehar karey. Sarbar dae kaaraj raas hon.
Sat Shri Akaal (Lucky 16:49, 21 October 2008 (UTC))

Wondering how your family is doing

Sat Siri Akaal, Just saw you were once again posting some photos, wondered how all you were and wanted to say that I hope you all can enjoy Hola Mohalla and Bandi Chhorh Divas. I was just looking at the events going on at Nanded and had one question -- the video of the Nagara is labled Nagada being played - does the pronounciation of letter (R) come out sounding like a (D) in Punjabi? Allenwalla 01:19, 31 October 2008 (UTC)

The Annexation of the Punjab and ...

Please see the page 6 in the book The Annexation of the Punjaub and the Maharajah Dulcep Singh By Evans Bell


This is the first page I have seen which states that the Sikh Kingdom was indeed stolen from Duleep Singh, i came across this editing a page on Dulcep Singh who (this may be a mis spelled Duleep or a ref to his son Victor Dulcep Singh who according to the page had a Hindu purohit?

Thought you might be interested. Allenwalla 04:34, 1 November 2008 (UTC)

Yesterday at Yuba city

SSA, Hari ji, just noticed yesterday's events at Yuba City. Here is a site with a few videos - might be a good news item [3] . Yuba city is around 50 miles from Sacramento and about 30 miles from the little town my wife grew up in, we always try to visit the Gurdwara on our visits, the town is also very interesting as well. The heat (it often gets to 110° or more in the summer) and the many stores filled with goods from Punjab makes it a little like being in India (a little), of course that is only in my imagination.

Tomorrow has the promise of big changes in the US and I am sure the outcome of the election is being watched closely around the world as well. Regards Allenwalla 04:29, 4 November 2008 (UTC)

A second story [4]


another question

SSA, Hari ji, the page for Sikh history October uses this line - 1708 Guru Gobind Singh appointed Baba Gurbaksh Singh (Banda Bahadur) as the Jathedar of the Panth - this appelation also appears on the page on the Mata Tripta ji foundation with them making a movie on Gurbaksh Singh (Banda Bahadur)- I added the parenthesis in this page around Banda . I thought Banda was separate from Gurbaksh? Can you clear me on this. Allenwalla 14:14, 6 November 2008 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal

Happy Gurpurab Sir How are you? Howz Family?

Sorry cant devout much time on sikhiwiki due to exams pressure. Rabb Rakha (Lucky 06:31, 13 November 2008 (UTC))


Jambo Sana

Sat Sri Akal Ji,

How have you been. I went to Kenya this fall to my Brothers wedding. Tried getting many updates. Will have them up as soon as I can paji. Hope everything else is good with you. Rab Rakha.

PS: Also Paji, I got a great picture for the Picture of the week feature if you want to use it. Caption can be: "Conclusion of Nishan Sahib sewa at Siri Guru Singh Sabha Mombasa. Part of the 300 Saal Guru Deh Nal Gurta Gaadi Celebrations in Kenya."

I will upload it now. File name is: "DSC02914.JPG" Feel free to use it if you'd like. Thank you


The wedding was in Nakuru. I got pics from there as well. But our baraat went from Mombasa to Nakuru. It was hectic but fun nonetheless.

As far as I know, there is no known written history of SGSS Mombasa. My mamaji is the Pardan now and they are working on compiling this history now. I will update as soon as I have something. Hope all is well. Did u see the new Nishan Sahib at South C, It is so tall. You can see it all the way from Mombasa Road now. Its a great site to see.

Kindly Block

Sir ji,


Kindly block user:Sonic and revert changes. Myself,out of station, using mobile device, cant edit bigger pages.



Question, this line seems to speak inequality

Just reading page - Sikh

page 1384 - "Humility is the word, forgiveness is the virtue, and sweet speech is the magic mantra. Wear these three robes, O sister, and you will captivate your Husband (Lord)". What about the husband? someone has left out the word Lord as is given in other translations. Why would a woman have to do somrthing not required of husbands. I know in Hinduism that the Husband was the Lord or the wife's God or Earthly Lord, how did this get into the Granth? Can you help here?

I see no stranger, I see no enemy

[Based on Bisar gaee sabh taat paraaee by Guru Arjan Dev Ji]
I see no stranger, I see no enemy;
Wherever I look, God is all I see.
I don't think of Us and Them,
No one do I hate or condemn,
I see God's image - each one a friend.
Of any religion, caste or race,
All I see is God's shining face -
His smiling face, His gracious face.
Accept as beautiful all His design,
I learnt this truth in Sangat divine.
One Word resounds in me and you -
Waheguru ... Waheguru ...
In him, in her, in me and you -
Waheguru ... Waheguru ...
Beholding in every being His light,
I bloom like a flower in joy and delight.

Raab Rakah, Allenwalla 03:48, 7 December 2008 (UTC)

Sat Shri Akaal Sir Ji

Hor Sunao Ki Haal CHaal ne Tuhadey, Ghar de sarey Kiddan? Sikhiwiki te aye bohot chir ho gya, aj mauka milya te hatho jan nahi ditta. Kurukshetra Latest trip laya te uthey gurdham cover kitey.

Ik Kurukshetra Shehar ch hi tusi vekho 6 Pavitter gur asthan hann, Pehli Patshahi, Teeji Patshahi, Chevin, Satvin, Athmi, Naumi atey dasvin patshahi sareyan ne apney charan laga ke is asthaan nu pavitter kita hai. Eh sehar mainly hinduan karkey janeya janda hai, Mahabharta di ladai ithey hoyi, But sikh history de pehloo eh sehar apney vich sameti baitheyaa hai. Main aap hairaan hoya te darshan karan da anand manyaa. Utho diyan pics aap di sewa ch hazar hann.

Rabb vajon shayad december end ch mera Golden Temple gerha lagega. Tusi jo keha se 5 Sarover saab d snaps bare, oh hale v yaad hai. Rabb himmat dave will bring pics of those five sarovers soon.

Itihaasakgurdwaras.com website de admin ji naal changi jaan pehchaan ho gayi hai, bohot he changey te uch soch valey vyakti hann oh. Ohna ne eh berha chakya hai ki Jiney Duniya bhar ch Itihaasak gurdware hann, ohna asthaan te aap ja key aap ohna de snaps khich ke aap apni website te update karnge. Website check kareyo, ohna naal gall kar ke wekhyo, you will like him.

Hor sunao life kimey chaldi, Sikhiwiki te ajj kall ke chal reha nama? thorhi intro davo. Sikhiwiki ch ke updations hoyian, ke sochya website de future bare?

Rabb Rakha(Lucky 17:45, 10 December 2008 (UTC))


Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Ke Fateh!!

Veer Jee, thank you for your warm welcome. Certainly not deserved for the simple act of changing steel to iron haha. I'm just hoping to keep an eye on the Wiki so that nothing anti-Gurmat gets edited and put on to give people the visitors an incorrect impression of Sikhism. I hopefully won't be doing much (what do I know anyway).

Vaheguru Jee Ka Khalsa Vaheguru Jee Ke Fateh!